Absolution Best Download || [Jennifer Laurens] - Absolution, Absolution Zoe s secret is out And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul Her brother Luke knows her secret that she sees both good and evil spirits Her boyfriend knows At least Matthias is her guar
  • Title: Absolution
  • Author: Jennifer Laurens
  • ISBN: 9781933963822
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback

Absolution Best Download || [Jennifer Laurens], Absolution, Jennifer Laurens, Absolution Zoe s secret is out And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul Her brother Luke knows her secret that she sees both good and evil spirits Her boyfriend knows At least Matthias is her guardian angel again But now Hell s most ruthless leader will stop at nothing to have her soul Albert Matthias father is relentless in his hunger for Zoe He wants to deZoe s secret is out And Absolution Best Download || [Jennifer Laurens] - Absolution, Absolution Zoe s secret is out And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul Her brother Luke knows her secret that she sees both good and evil spirits Her boyfriend knows At least Matthias is her guar
  • Absolution Best Download || [Jennifer Laurens]
    131 Jennifer Laurens

About Author

  1. Jennifer, aka JM Warwick aka Katherine Warwick was born and raised in Southern California and her hometown of Palos Verdes Estates flavors her books A Season of Eden and An Open Vein She doesn t limit herself to writing one genre, and was the first to author four romance novels centered around the popular sport of ballroom dancing.She has YA novels published under her YA romance name of Jennifer Laurens Falling for Romeo, Magic Hands, Nailed and the Heavenly series Heavenly 2009 Penitence 2010 and Absolution 2010 A Season of Eden 2011 and Overprotected 2011 Grace Doll 2012.An Open Vein is under her JM Warwick pen name Jennifer lives in Utah and has 6 children, one of whom has autism Jennifer finds it interesting that An Open Vein has 354 ratings and yet less than 100 people have read that particular book She knows this because she s an indie author and knows how many copies have actually sold And the book is out of print She doesn t put much stock in reviews in fact she never reads them.

One thought on “Absolution

  1. Third instalment of the Heavenly Series, Absolution was everything you could have asked for in the last book in the series Jennifer wraps up the series with an ending that is heartfelt, filling and completely satisfying Absolution is the perfect end to a fantastic trilogy.Zoe still fights Albert for her soulHer brother knows her secert and her boyfriend to and Albert constantly challenges Zoes will to survive and protect the ones she loves without giving in, her will is challenged, her fight for [...]

  2. Slightly pissed about this book Heavenly and Penitence were great I loved them Absolution left me confused, which is not a good way to end a series I was annoyed that it seemed like there was still so much that needed explanation Matthias had very little appearances, Albert was too easily dismissed, Abria is left without a guardian, Zoe never chose between Weston and Matthias the only reason she was left with Weston was because Matthias chose to leave BUT is apparently waiting for her So where d [...]

  3. I have been putting off reading this book for quite some time If I love this series so much, why on EARTH would I put off buying and reading what could be the final book of the HEAVENLY series That is very simple I DO NOT WANT THIS SERIES TO EVER END Seriously I have fallen in love with this series Jennifer Laurens has created a story that seems so real to me Good VS Evil will always prevail in our world It is a universal symbol Jennifer has taken Good vs Evil to a whole new level The characters [...]

  4. Absolution Absolutely full of varieties Everything was so mixed up Human emotions crammed with heavenly light Imagine that.The book started where Penitence the second book left off There were a some things I didn t like about the book but there were also tons of things I loved about it.First off, the things I loved about it I liked how Zoe decided to fight off evil and protect her family against it.d in the end, she found herself being honest with them and shared what she saw and everything, and [...]

  5. Ok, where to start Let s start by saying wow What a concept great story, and I loved the characters But I have a lot of questions unanswered such as did I miss why Matthias was assigned to Abria in the first place What s up with the random changes, Luke was 2 younger in first book then in last book only a year And Abria is 5, yet they are always holding her like a toddler Maybe thats one source of their problemsjust sayin And Zoe was responsible for getting her off the bus, she only did that onc [...]

  6. I honestly don t know where to start with this one For some reason I always find it really difficult to write reviews for Jennifer s Heavenly series It made me think as to why I have such trouble expressing my opinion about these books If you have read my reviews of Heavenly and Penitence, you will see that this series has touched me on a very personal level and I think that is the reason I stumble when I am writing the reviews it makes me feel like I am exposing my soul so to speak I can relate [...]

  7. I have been pondering on what I could say for Absolution that I haven t already said about the other two books for a week now I have drawn the conclusion to keep it real and share how it has made me look differently on life For me this is so much than being a love story it is of a message on how you should treat others and live your life I feel like Jennifer Laurens sends a huge message to her readers and I hope everyone can take what I did from these three beautifully written books.Now with a [...]

  8. What a wonderful ending to a great trilogy I finished reading this book while on a quick road trip and I couldn t put it down My husband kept complaining because I was ignoring him, but I so completely engrossed in this book that I couldn t even respond much to him I was so in love with Mattias through the entire storyline, but by the middle of this book I was also rooting for Weston What a beautiful way to say goodbye and move on with one and yet be someday destined for the other I loved, loved [...]

  9. Jennifer Laurens wonderful descriptive style kept me engrossed once again As the final book in the Heavenly series, I thought it rounded out quite well I kept thinking how far the MC, Zoe had come since the opening of the first book The character development was great, not only in her but also in Weston they developed while still maintaining flaws I also loved the way the spiritual aspects were woven into the book showing spiritual truths through the story without being preachy.This whole series [...]

  10. I am going to start this review by saying WOW about the Cover The title of Absolution is so fitting for this third book in this epic paranormal fantasy The first book, HEAVENLY and the second book, PENITENCE where so amazing that again just like the end of the 1st to the beginning of the 2nd book I was so looking forward to this To read of my review Breath of Life

  11. It was ab so lute ly amazing The series is now one of my favorite series It is sort of sad, but the story line, writing all of it is awesome I wish I had a guardian angel like Zoe didbut we don t get to chose ours, which is still alright with me Definitely recommend this to anyone that loves books about angels and demons

  12. I wish I could give stars to this seriess sooo very good and of course I bawled like a little baby at the end but was also very happy with the ending Definitely going to look in to Mrs Laurens other reads

  13. What I don t understand why would you chose a guy who almost raped you over a heavenly being That s is all I m going to say about that

  14. I really liked the series as a whole The characters were likable and the ending was lovely.Definitely worth a read

  15. Anyone that knows me in the blogosphere knows that I am a HUGE fan of Jennifer Lauren s books and so to say I was eager to read Absolution, the final book in the Heavenly series, is an understatement at best I feel honoured to have read this before the publication date and guys, believe me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed Before I go any further, if you have NOT yet read Heavenly and the most awesome sequel ever Penitence then1 Where have you been 2 You are SERIOUSLY missing out [...]

  16. When I first started this series with Heavenly I fell in love with this series as much as Zoe fell in love with Matthias I waited and waited and read Penitence, then I waited and waited some and read Absolution The first thing I can say about Absolution is that I have never cried over a book a few days later just THINKING about the book, until I finished Absolution I can also say that the Heavenly series is the only one that I know EVERYONE I suggest it too will LOVE it the way I do I read this [...]

  17. Absolution is the third book in Jennifer Laurens Heavenly Series I ve been waiting anxiously to read this book and let me tell you I was not disappointed, it was everything I expected and .WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS, ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ ANY BOOK IN THE SERIES YET CAUTION Absolution takes place right after Brady s funeral Zoe is still being haunted by Albert and he is doing everything he can to ruin her life by attacking her family with his evil pressence The slightest argument [...]

  18. 4 out of 5 stars What a fine way to end a trilogy I was absolutely blown away byAbsolutionbyLaurens.Anyone who looks through my shelves, or even just glances at my profile can see I absolutelyloveangel books Something about a celestial being that has always been portrayed as Divine and Righteous, falling for a human, is just so magical and beautiful to me And written likeLaurensgraced us with, I could say the trilogy goes down as one of my favorites.Zoe s secret is revealed left and right in thi [...]

  19. Absolution is a traditional theological term for the forgiveness experienced in the Sacrament of Reconciliation This concept is found in the Catholic Church, as well as the Eastern Orthodox churches, the Anglican Communion, and Lutheranism Basically ABSOLUTION the book is everything it s wrapped up to be All the characters in this series, that seek redemption of any kind are on the road to it Weather they receive it, find their way to it, decide upon it, etc it s for each person entity It basica [...]

  20. This book left me with one emotion irritation Now don t get me wrong here I loved the first two books Heavenly and Penitence What happened with this one 1 First of all, Zoe make up your mind Zoe is apparently dating Weston, but is also still in love with Matthias The only reason shes with Weston is because Matthias told her to move on and live her life Okay, I understand But every time Weston was kissing her or they were having an intimate scene, Zoe was thinking of Matthias If you love Matthias [...]

  21. Have you ever had a piece of cake or your favorite pastry, sitting in front of you waiting to be devoured It looks so delicious and so satisfying that you almost don t want to eat it because then it will be gone So then you decide to eat it, but instead of shoveling it onto your mouth you take your time, savor each bite That s what reading this book was like for me I ll give you another example, since its the holidays I ll use Christmas When you re a kid, or at least it was always this way for m [...]

  22. I really love the Heavenly series by Jennifer, and this book did not let me down Absolution had everything that I hoped for and It is such a story of hope, repentance, forgiveness, and true love It not only demonstrates a familial love, working through troubles and coming out stronger, but what love in friendship should be like, as well as romantic love.Zoe has really matured and blossomed and she deals with everything that bombards her in such a loving and awesome way I really have grown to lo [...]

  23. I was so crazy about these books that I read all of them in 3 days I loved Matthias in the first 2 books and I really wanted them to find a way to be together but then something changed and I fell completely in love with Weston I wanted to grab Zoe by the shoulders and shake her and say how can you not see how amazing this guy is , he loves her so much, he s caring, he s awesome and he s real In the 3rd book I caught myself rolling my eyes at the Zoe Matthias scenes, I thought they dragged a lit [...]

  24. I m now a few chapters in It starts just where Penitence left off, on the day of Brady s funeral Zoe and Chase are on their way to Krissy s house, to talk to Krissy who seemed upset about something As you may recall from Penitence, Krissy s father appears to be one evil man, if judged by the many black spirits that constantly encircle his persona Krissy refuses to tell Zoe what is bothering her, but it I have a strong feeling her father has something to do with it.Meanwhile, the father of Matthi [...]

  25. Check out this review and here drunkenreads WHAT I THOUGHT MY REVIEW The title is very fitting compared to what happened in this book It was fast paced and the ending was heartfelt Zeo is battling against Albert, Matthias father who wants nothing than to claim Zoe s soul And to top it off, her stoner brother knows about her secret she can see good and evil spirits Her family, boyfriend, and best friend are in danger and Zoe is the only one who can save them from Albert Zoe s fight for survival [...]

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