The River Wife

Ç The River Wife ✓ Heather Rose - The River Wife, The River Wife This is the story of a river and the making of water and the nature of love Some would say that any story of water is always a story of magic and others would say any story of love was the same The R
  • Title: The River Wife
  • Author: Heather Rose
  • ISBN: 9781741757422
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover

Ç The River Wife ✓ Heather Rose, The River Wife, Heather Rose, The River Wife This is the story of a river and the making of water and the nature of love Some would say that any story of water is always a story of magic and others would say any story of love was the same The River Wife is a simple and subtle story of love The river wife part human part fish has a duty to tend the river but instead falls in love with a man The age old rhythmsThis is the sto Ç The River Wife ✓ Heather Rose - The River Wife, The River Wife This is the story of a river and the making of water and the nature of love Some would say that any story of water is always a story of magic and others would say any story of love was the same The R
  • Ç The River Wife ✓ Heather Rose
    269 Heather Rose
The River Wife

About Author

  1. Heather Rose is the author of five novels with a further two due for publication in 2016 Heather writes for both adults and children Her adult novels include The River Wife The Butterfly Man.Heather writes the acclaimed Tuesday McGillycuddy series for children under the pen name Angelica Banks with award winning author Danielle Wood.Heather s first novel White Heart was published in 1999 It was followed by The Butterfly Man in 2005 a story based on the disappearance of Lord Lucan in 1974 It was longlisted for the IMPAC Awards in Ireland, shortlisted for the Nita B Kibble Award and won the 2006 Davitt Award for the Crime Fiction Novel of the Year written by an Australian woman.In 2007 Heather received the Eleanor Dark Fellowship and an Arts Tasmania Wilderness Residency for her novel The River Wife The River Wife was published in 2009.In 2010 Heather began collaborating with Danielle Wood and the Tuesday McGillycuddy series for primary age readers was born.The series begins with Finding Serendipity published in Australia, Germany and the USA in 2013 14 The sequel A Week Without Tuesday has been published internationally in 2014 2015 and the third book in the series Blueberry Pancakes Forever will be published in 2016 17.In 2016 Heather s next novel The Museum of Modern Love will be published by Allen Unwin It is based on the life and work of the artist Marina Abramovic.Heather s work has appeared in journals and anthologies including Dirty Words A Literary Dictionary of Sex Terms edited by Ellen Sussman Bloomsbury, USA , Some Girls Do edited by Jacinta Tynan Allen Unwin and Mosaic edited by Ros Bradley ABC Books Her stories and reviews been published in various editions of Island magazine.

One thought on “The River Wife

  1. This is a little gem of a book is tiny and pretty, to hold it in your hands is like holding a gem, to read its wordsevery sentence is a jewel It is like nothing else on the Australian literary landscapebut feel free to correct me if I am wrong I would love to know if there are others in Australia writing like this Heather Rose s talent is simply remarkable.

  2. Definitely a 5 out of 5 A combination of Magic Realism and new fairytale This is a naive read with deep insight It asks the reader to be other than a rational adult but to step out in a world between dream and reality It maps a path of life, the ebb and flow of season and daily events, and the need to know who we are and where we come from.

  3. The river wife is a woman by day and a fish by night She has a duty to tend the river When she falls in love a man named Wilson James, the balance of nature is upset and she must do what she can to save the one she loves.The title, cover and blurb lured me in with promises of gentle magic But then I read the first sentence As the sun crests the dark line of the land, I wake and step from the river, and that in itself is what is called magic d had to put the book down It was a bit too intense for [...]

  4. A young girl grows up in the forest, all alone but for her father, who is always at her side When she was quite young her mother left her, why she did not know As a woman her husband leaves her, again she can not say why The only thing she is sure of is the river and her duty to it For she is not of our world, she is a river wife.By day she walks the earth as a woman, weaving the stories of the river, by night she sheds her human skin for scales, swimming the rivers with only the moon for compan [...]

  5. Heather Rose has a special place in my heart She brings the gentle spirit of Tasmania alive in such an unpretentious way, and the way she writes is so refreshing I agree with another reviewer that this book was definitely stronger in the second half when the relationship between the river wife and Wilson James deepens and she truly realises what she is prepared to sacrifice for him A few critics have made comparisons to indigenous Dreamtime storytelling, and I think it has roots here it pays hom [...]

  6. I recently read The Museum of Love which I loved, so had high hopes for this However, this is nothing like Rose s latest novel this one is best described as magical realism which is a genre that I dislike The writing itself maybe beautiful but the storyline left me cold.

  7. A story is always in the listening Sweet Quirky Beautifully descriptive A little story, full of it s own little stories, about love and loss, and life, told in a wonderfully expressive, somewhat unexpected voice One of those great, effortless, lovely reads that find a way into your heart and leave a mark that will be felt for years to come.

  8. I bought this second hand because I loved the bright cover, knowing nothing about the book Then I realised the author was Tasmanian and I was about to travel to Tassie for a long weekend, so took it with me This book is very poetic, but that s really not my thing I m certain some people would really love it, and it s very well written I know it s purely personal taste, and the author certainly has talent It s just not my style I was thankful that it was a very short book and only took about 2 ho [...]

  9. i d like to give this an extra half star somewhere between i liked it and i really liked it stronger in the second half than in the first, beautifully sad at the end, it still strayed sometimes into twee, lists that went on a little too long it felt somehow like something unfinished i found the illustration intrusive, coming as it did, seemingly at random i want to like it than i do i like it less than i feel i ought.

  10. I bought this book while in Tasmania for a school camp, found it in a small book store in the middle of nowhere and somehow feel in love with it straight away, but it wasn t as good as what i hoped for or expected It wasn t something that made me turn pages, but still was overall interesting to read

  11. This story reads like poetry and is a really beautiful tale It reminds me a bit of Eowyn Ivey s The Snow Child, which similarly blends the magical with realism, and also Mr Wigg, by Inga Simpson I admire the braveness of the writing in all three of these it s a tricky thing to successfully suspend the reader s imagination when a novel is not grounded in conventional literary ideas.

  12. Beautifully crafted Although a little confusing in the first few pages, the novel flows like the river it embraces The imagery and language are both soft and reminiscent of a time long gone A wonderful fable for adults.

  13. A spell binding story, wonderfully crafted It s probably not everyone s cup of tea, being an unusual and original mythical story but I found it beautiful entrancing The descriptions are so evocative of Tasmania s Lake St Claire area with a dash of added extra magic.

  14. This is a mystical but beautifully written novel about love, life, and nature At first I thought it was rather strange, but then I found myself wrapped up in the exquisitely lyrical language, and was then quite absorbed Gorgeous.

  15. Depressing, dark, hard hard life But it was one of those books that you just had to finish Hard but grateful for life.

  16. I found this book by chance in the library and I loved its design and summary, but it was not simple to read because it is very poetical and mystical for me.

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