[PDF] Download ↠ Breathless : by Jessica Warman - Breathless, Breathless When Katie Kitrell is shipped off to boarding school it doesn t take her long to become part of the It Crowd She s smart she s cute and she s a swimming prodigy who has a first class ticket to any
  • Title: Breathless
  • Author: Jessica Warman
  • ISBN: 9780802798497
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ↠ Breathless : by Jessica Warman, Breathless, Jessica Warman, Breathless When Katie Kitrell is shipped off to boarding school it doesn t take her long to become part of the It Crowd She s smart she s cute and she s a swimming prodigy who has a first class ticket to any Ivy League school of her choice But what her new friends roommate and boyfriend don t know is that Katie is swimming away from the secrets of her past and from the schizoWhen Katie Kitre [PDF] Download ↠ Breathless : by Jessica Warman - Breathless, Breathless When Katie Kitrell is shipped off to boarding school it doesn t take her long to become part of the It Crowd She s smart she s cute and she s a swimming prodigy who has a first class ticket to any
  • [PDF] Download ↠ Breathless : by Jessica Warman
    210 Jessica Warman

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  1. Jessica Warman is the author of Breathless, which received three starred reviews and was an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, and Where the Truth Lies The idea for Between came from an incident in her childhood, when a local boy went missing after a party on a yacht he was eventually found, alive.

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  1. Raw, realistic and subject matters out of the norm, from the jock christian boy refusing to have sex to the psychotically insane brother who kills cats without really thinking of the consequences Katie, the main character, is the flower that rose from the pot of dirt Her family, once poor, is now well off, she s good looking, good at swimming and destined for an Ivy league school Breathless doesnt have a central plot to summarize with, but if i had to, I d go with the fact that Katie gets sent t [...]

  2. This was an okay read, but it felt longer than what it was.It was slightly boring in the beginning, and was quite confusing throughout.The confusion was mainly due to the time changes One minute Katie would be in the boarding school, and the next she was back at home There wasn t any mention on how long had passed The only dates that were mentioned was Christmas and Halloween There was a few parts that focused on schizophrenia, but the majority of it was about Katie s life at boarding school.Th [...]

  3. 3 stars.This book was surprisingly good I m not really sure what I was expecting, but this book is a raw and real portrait of mental illness and how that affects a whole family It did not shy away from the consequences of the protagonist s brother s mental illness, which I appreciated In many contemporary YAs even adult books , authors shy away from exposing what real families go through when one of their own has a devastating mental illness As Katie is shipped off to a boarding school, she also [...]

  4. Throughout much of this book, I found myself to have mixed feelings about it At times, I was bored and other times I was interested and other times I just wanted to smack several of the characters but the last little bit of the book pulled everything together pretty nicely.Will s part in this story was certainly the most emotional the toll on his family because of his mental illness was hard to read, especially because of how young it all started for him Watching how innocent he was despite it a [...]

  5. I got this book from Thriftbooks when they gave me a discount code for my birthday, I was like hey they gave me a code I can t miss this opportunity and decided to buy 2 books one of them was this one I honestly wasn t expecting to like it or anything and I m pretty sure I wouldn t have started reading it but the books on my bookshelf kept falling down without this one so yeah I m not mean, I m honest Nobody is ever straightforward But sometimes people need to hear the truth Like I said, I didn [...]

  6. This was a realistic story overall, and a good portrayal of a dysfunctional family Katie s family is falling apart, especially her older brother Her dad is a psychiatrist who works all the time, and her mother is an alcoholic Her brother is diagnosed as schizophrenic, and as the story continues, his mental illness grows Her parents send her to boarding school as a result, where she begins as a sopho In order to fit in, she tells everyone at the school an untruth, and they conclude that her broth [...]

  7. Hopelessly boring, maybe I should just quit reading YA novel set in snobbish boarding schools

  8. I really enjoyed this book, it contains a various amount of elements such as tone, imagery and conflict internal and external I really liked how the author used different types of tones for certain characters in oder to identify them For example Katie s roommate Mazzie is very sarcastic, and because the other used that type of tone it was easy to imagine how Mazzie is or how she is talking Tone was also part of the imagery element that the author used, because with the tone of the character it w [...]

  9. Waffled between bored, interested, outraged, then back again Main character is screwed up because of her parent s poor parenting and her mental brother, but I had trouble sympathizing Once she got into the boarding school, I started becoming interested, until I got slapped in the face a couple of times by the author s ridiculous portrayal of virgin Christian guys Not to say that what was portrayed in the book couldn t be true.but I ve always found Christians to be either a lot subtle or a lot [...]

  10. This was such an uneven read for me I didn t care for any of the characters and over the course of the entire story, never found sympathy for any of them I thought that the time changes years were very sporadic and made the reading sloppy for me I felt like the book had a lot of build up for very little action, and what happens was just not exciting I think this might be a hard sell because it requires being okay with a lot of ambiguity the scenes and people keep changing and there is not really [...]

  11. Source Purchased on kindle from 15 year old Katie hasn t seen her brother Will in months, not since the beginning of his latest stint in a psych unit, but now that he s home, they re back to their old tricks namely sitting on the roof of their house smoking.Will has drug induced schizophrenia, and every so often he comes off his meds and ends up back on the psych ward, not that this stops his from smoking weed all the time.After Will attempts suicide, Katie s parents decide that they should get [...]

  12. Katie Kitrell s life is going down the tubes Her brother has finally done something so bad that not even Katie can escape from it The only thing her parents can think to do is to ship her off to some unheard of boarding school.Once there, things don t seem to bad Katie fits right in with the popular crowd and boy are there some cute guys there, especially Drew Everything seems just great for Katie and how can she possible ruin that by telling them about her brother So, she doesn t Instead Katie [...]

  13. Grade BChampion swimmer Katie is sent to boarding school after her older brother s latest schizophrenic episode For the first time she s popular and has a boyfriend, Drew, though she s closest to roommate Mazzie Katie first person narration seemed authentic and I could read for hours at a time without a break I like Jessica Warman s writing style She mixes great dialogue, description and plot and BREATHLESS has great voice Katie was perfectly imperfect, with a good heart but not always the best [...]

  14. This elegantly written story chronicles the high school years of Katie Kitrell, a swimming prodigy who is sent away to boarding school when her schizophrenic brother, Will, becomes violent At first she resents her parents, but soon she is relieved to be a part of a world that doesn t know about Will and his outbursts It s not long before she is telling people he is dead Shedding her past and embracing new friends, and even a new boyfriend, Katie finds herself keeping up in the competitive realit [...]

  15. In this story, a girl has a brother who is insane so her wealthy parents send her to a boarding school where she makes friends The book is not really that much about her brother It is about the girl growing up and finding her place in life One thing I think the author should have revealed Mazzie s big secret It is a book so it is supposed to be full of twists and turns and suprises I kept trying to guess what the big secret was and then I knew she was about to reveal it what a letdown.

  16. So at first I literally just pulled this book off the shelf at the library because I had nothing to read I had no idea how much I would love it As I was reading the book, i was so into it that without realizing it, I was comparing real people and events to those in the book I admit, Breathless did have its flaws, but I would still rate it five stars without a doubt.

  17. This book was kind of hard to comprehend in some spots, but otherwise it was very well written and the author did a very good job of picking and choosing what she all wanted to put in this book.

  18. Jessica Warman s Breathless is a book about a girl named Katie Kitrell She is an amazing swimmer, smart, pretty, and what every girl wants to be, but after her schizophrenic brother tries to kill himself, her parents send her off to boarding school where she tries to fit in with the other girls There are many things that I both loved and what I wasn t exactly a fan of Jessica Warman is a really good writer I read her book Between and she is really talented at using imagery to capture scenes She [...]

  19. This book took me a while to get into Some parts were very boring I enjoyed reading about the main character s experiences at her new school and how they clashed with her outside life Family issues made it difficult to try and make friends blend in Overall, it was an okay book.

  20. I almost added the similar appearing Lurlene McDaniel book to by mistake Wonh.What I liked most about this one was its upfront handling of feelings coming from a painful personal history, and how difficult it is to move on from Having pain in where you come from is treated here like it is its own conflict, as you try to move on with your life Katie s home life, and her bond with her mentally ill brother, is established in the beginning before she s sent to a boarding school, and we have a good s [...]

  21. To a certain extent, I honestly don t know how I feel about this book Part of me loved the brutal reality and honesty and part of me was just intensely overwhelmed because while I understood the actions of the characters, they were put in situations I found I had a difficult time empathizing with I would ask myself If this were me and my brother was criminally insane, what would I do What kind of strength or weakness would over take me if I had to face what Kaite had Most of the time, my mind ju [...]

  22. Prior to reading this book, let me just say that I did not know anything about it I hadn t heard about it from any of the many book blogs I frequent or the book vloggers that I watch I came upon it while scanning the YA section of my local library The cover was interesting and the synopsis seemed promising so I picked it up And let me say, I was definitely glad that I did.The story is about a girl named Katie Kitrell who, in the beginning, is trying to cope with a mentally unstable ill brother a [...]

  23. Breathless is the story of teenage Katie, a talented swimmer with the world at her feet, but she s hiding a dark secret and a painful past Her older brother, whom she loves than anything, is schizophrenic, and his disease is slowly consuming every inch of love and care he had for his family especially his little sister Katie discovers it s easier to lie about the past and pretend that everything is fine, her home life is normal, and there s no dark secrets hiding under her bed The problem is th [...]

  24. This story is about a girl named Katie Kitrell Katie lives with her family and her brother Will who is schizophrenic She had a good life when she was little until she was about nine years old, when her father got a new job Once he got a new job he never came home and Katie didn t get to see him at all, she started calling him The Ghost since she never saw him Katie had a tendency to not do what her parents say and actually do the opposite They never let her have any fun or do anything so she cau [...]

  25. I absolutly loved this book, from the first page to the last i started reading this book at eight pm, and i finished it at about 2 in the morning I loved how the author made sure there weren t any unnecessary characters everyone mentioned was there for a reason My favorite character was Drew Funny, beautiful Drew He made the book soo much better with those comments of his like in his car when he declared, Katie, I m ready for you to start giving me blow jobs or when Katie tried to reassure him t [...]

  26. 2.5 starsHonestly, I found this book a little dull Though the relationships were possibly the most interesting aspect Katie s brother, Will, was schizophrenic and the book expressed how hard it must be to keep a relationship with someone with a mental disability such as this Katie also had problems with her parents, referring to her father as the Ghost because he was never around that seemed a little silly to me especially since she never, in the narration, referred to him as Dad and only ever t [...]

  27. Jessica Warman s book is a great and easy read from the get go Katie Kitrell is a high school sopho who is sent to a boarding school to be separated from her unstable schizophrenic brother Will While at school, she immerses herself with her one true passion, swimming and makes a select new group of friends While trying to avoid her real reason for moving to the school, she lets it slip that her brother died Captured in her lie, she lives in fear that someone will find out and spread the truth Wh [...]

  28. This book didn t really do it for me It s about a teenage girl with a mentally ill brother who is shipped off to boarding school It is apparently very closely based on the author s own life I think the premise is good and the author does a great job of portraying the complexities and tension in the relationships of young girls I loved that Katie had her one thing swimming that she s really good at and uses it to assimilate I did feel like the brother s illness was tied to a specific event as in [...]

  29. I am almost glad I cannot remember who recommended this book to me, b c I would be questioning their judgment and taste right about now Seriously, this book is so dumb, you should barely waste your time reading this review, much less the book itself There is no discernable point, no plot, no rising action, no theme Just an amorphous semi autobiographical tale about a girl who has a dysfunctional childhood b c of a number of reasons including wimpy parents, but perhaps most saliently for purposes [...]

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