Spain...A Culinary Road Trip

ñ Spain...A Culinary Road Trip ✓ Mario Batali Gwyneth Paltrow - Spain...A Culinary Road Trip, Spain A Culinary Road Trip From Mario Batali superstar chef and author of Molto Italiano and Italian Grill comes an eating tour throughout Spain with his friend Gwyneth Paltrow SpainA Culinary Road Trip is the companion book
  • Title: Spain...A Culinary Road Trip
  • Author: Mario Batali Gwyneth Paltrow
  • ISBN: 9780061560934
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover

ñ Spain...A Culinary Road Trip ✓ Mario Batali Gwyneth Paltrow, Spain...A Culinary Road Trip, Mario Batali Gwyneth Paltrow, Spain A Culinary Road Trip From Mario Batali superstar chef and author of Molto Italiano and Italian Grill comes an eating tour throughout Spain with his friend Gwyneth Paltrow SpainA Culinary Road Trip is the companion book to the prime time public television series SpainOn The Road Again The premise is simple Mario Batali and Mark Bittman are single minded food obsessed friends who areFrom ñ Spain...A Culinary Road Trip ✓ Mario Batali Gwyneth Paltrow - Spain...A Culinary Road Trip, Spain A Culinary Road Trip From Mario Batali superstar chef and author of Molto Italiano and Italian Grill comes an eating tour throughout Spain with his friend Gwyneth Paltrow SpainA Culinary Road Trip is the companion book
  • ñ Spain...A Culinary Road Trip ✓ Mario Batali Gwyneth Paltrow
    361 Mario Batali Gwyneth Paltrow
Spain...A Culinary Road Trip

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  1. Mario Batali is known to most people as both the star of the Food Network s Molto Mario and one of the Iron Chefs on Iron Chef America Winner of numerous awards for his restaurants, Mario himself is the recipient of the 2005 James Beard All Clad Outstanding Chef Award, the most prestigious cooking honor there is Mario is also a huge NASCAR fan Like many guys his age, Mario first discovered the thrill of stock car racing watching the ebullient Chris Economaki, in his Martian style headphones, reporting live from the pit area at Daytona Mario has been a active racing fan these last few years, hosting prerace dinners at the track for the drivers His restaurant Otto has become something of an unofficial hangout whenever NASCAR visits New York He also enjoys prowling the infield to check out what die hard racing fans like to cook on their grills, looking to pick up some down home grilling tips His next book, ITALIAN GRILLING, will be available from Ecco HarperCollins in May 2008.

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  1. This book made me hungry I ve never craved some of these ingredients, but most of these recipes just made my mouth water although not the organ meat onesck I have always had this horrible aversion to Spain I think acquired in my 5 years of high school Spanish This book did a brilliant job of showing beautiful sights and providing some background story on the different regions of SpainI think I m ready to go now

  2. In college, I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain It has always been my dream to travel there It is a gorgeous country with amazing food and wine The recipes in this book certainly take me back Highly recommend it.

  3. A fun book with beautiful photos of Spanish landscape and especially Spanish food Celebrity cook Mario Batali lived in Madrid as a teenager and has gathered a group Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Bittman and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols to travel the country, visiting each region and sampling its signature dishes I browsed this as I was watching the TV show.

  4. I can t afford the plane tickets, so I decided that this book would have to serve as my virtual trip to Spain Overall, the book was entertaining, though I think it works better as a coffee table book to browse through gradually than as a cover to cover read As another reader mentioned, the focus is not completely on food, despite the fact that Mario Batali is the author The recipes and restaurant descriptions are mixed in with snippets on architecture, wine, and Spanish history There is also som [...]

  5. I learned alot from the review by Ed Uyeshima and wish that I had read it before I read the book nicely done ANd I wish I was slow cooking the chicken that I have for dinner tonight in the slow roasted recipe manner on p 245o I think high heat roasting with the 40 cloves of garlic will also be good, this sounds less high key and I am home all day, not knowing that this was a book from a PBS series which travels, the thing I found most irritating about this cookbook was the chattiness in it which [...]

  6. I ve only been to Barcelona in Spain, and was very disappointed by the food I ate there This book made me want to book a trip to Spain immediately to remedy that I m a big fan of both Batali and Paltrow even though she s become a bit pretentious in recent years and enjoyed their anecdotes and snippets of conversation All in all, though, this book does not have a lot of what I would consider to be valuable content.Please note that this book is not a cookbook Firstly, there aren t a whole lot of r [...]

  7. I really enjoyed flipping through this book Part vacation story, part cookbook full of bright recipes, this was fun to read Mario Batali mixed this book up with great photography, some history, naturally great recipes, and a light sense of humor I really enjoyed this and could tell this was a personal book to Mario Batali as he talks about the great adventures he goes on with three good friends of his while they taste the cuisine around European countries I want to go to Spain Even now I though [...]

  8. This book makes a lot sense if you ve seen the PBS special to go along with it, you actually understand the little anecdotes about their trip As for being a true cookbook, it isn t Not unless you can get somewhat exotic ingredients flow into the middle of the U.S overnight.That in itself is really sad, because the pictures of the adventures as well as the dishes that are being made look awesome I guess this will have to be the next best thing to roaming through the hills of Catalonia myself

  9. Summer Passport stop 5 SPAIN When you think of Spain does your tummy start rumbling Well I know mine does This wonderful book with quench your culinary and cultural appetite Spain A Culinary Road Trip, follows foodies Mario Batali and Mark Bittman, as well as actors Gwyneth Paltrow and Claudia Bassols as they travel through Spain looking for the best of true Spanish regional cuisine, art, history, and culture.Full of gorgeous pictures and mouth watering recipes.

  10. If someone called me on this, I d have to delete this from my list of books read in 2009 I really didn t read it so much as browsed it Mario is apparently some sort of famous chef is he on tv, perhaps and Paltrow is along for the ride as photo candy And there are lots of photos And lots of recipes A quick little trip to Spain this summer, with lots of great food Free, via the public library.

  11. I had wanted to watch the show but had hoped that the cookbook could instead give me some recipes to re create at home I still haven t watched the series, but the book is good armchair traveling and makes me want to visit Spain However, Batali shouldn t have bothered including recipes as the tastes just won t be the same I believe outside of Spain because the ingredients are just too unobtainable I ll have to go to Spain to taste the Jamon or the fried sardines freshly caught.

  12. Part travelogue, part cookbook, and part TV show guide, this book is entertaining and informative even if you haven t seen the associated TV show as I haven t Beautiful photos of food, places and people in Spain as well as the celebrity hosts I just arrived back from my own tour of Spain, and enjoyed all of these traditional recipes, especially since they have adapted some of the ingredients for the North American market Can t wait to track down the show episodes

  13. Saw this mini series on PBS While preparing for our trip to Spain, I thought it would be nice to read this for restaurant recommendations and places to see The book was nice and fun to read, but it was very steeped in priviledge most of the restaurant recs are for expensive hard to get a reservation places and definitely a documentary of the show So, while I was entertained, I didn t really learn very much, except Spanish food names.

  14. Beautiful pics of food, people, and places Not a stand alone book but a complement to the TV series Going to buy this one Thoroughly enjoyed the DVD of the series Lots places to add to my list for trip of a lifetime to Spain Was there over 30 years ago, twice once with Franco and once after his death.

  15. I purchased the DVDs of the series along with the book While I loved the DVDs, the book feels like a light rehash and afterthought A few recipes, but no real meaningful content not included in the videos If you choose between the DVDs and book, definitely get the DVDs I d spend the book money on a quality Spanish cookbook instead of here.

  16. Incredible Love Batali, love Spanish cuisine and this reads like a cross between a cookbook, travel diary and culinary anthropology Fantastic writing, fantastic food, gorgeous photos Read it cover to cover like a novel Can t wait to get to Spain and get my hands dirty in the regional markets.

  17. This is a companion book to the PBS Series and it s pretty darn good Just flipping though the beautiful pages will have your mouth watering and have you yearning to visit Spain Spanish food is wonderful and this book introduces the reader to the best Spain has to offer However, I must confess I haven t yet tried any of the recipes I will and will update this review with results.

  18. Promotes Spanish tourism as much as cooking cross reference to Jose Andres show book Made in Spain Spanish Dishes for the American Kitchen Cut from similar cloth Part travelog, part boondoggle, part excuse to hang in Spain, small part food Both book and PBS series tease you visually wish they d spent time exploring and less time chatting.

  19. I don t usually read cookbooks page by page, but this is of a travel food book This is a good book for learning the regional variations in Spanish cuisine not every Spaniard eats paella If I didn t have the travel bug before, I definitely do now

  20. Spain, food, and Gwyneth Paltrow three subjects that I enjoy reading about, albeit for different reasons or occasions, but this book did very little for me I ll be seeking out the DVDs in hopes of a livelier version of this concept.

  21. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one for the photos as much as for the food Watching the program has been wonderful I love what little I ve seen firsthand of Spain and want to see , as many of you already know, so this is right up my alley.

  22. I ve been really loving the show, and this was a fantastic supplement Mark Bittman has a great passage where he talks about the 4 stages of becoming a cook the passage alone makes the book worth reading The recipes all sound amazing, but I m intimidated as hell to try them

  23. I read half of it with real pleasure, but then I just stopped and never felt an urge to go back to it It became repetitive I can see how it could be successful as a TV series, but for a book nah so, so.2.5 5

  24. Blah The foods of Spain are wonderful varied Enjoy the TV or video version The book is overpriced too hip for itself If you really want to read about Spanish food wine, get the Culineria edition about Spain THAT is excellent, interesting, and way authentic.

  25. not as many recipes as i thought there would be but i enjoyed flipping through the chapters on the various cities and remembering my time in espanay decide to purchase this one and try a few of the recipes to see if i can recreate some of my favorite dishes

  26. More of a book to look at then to read It provides some good information about Spanish culture, but doesn t really make it memorable The recipes are too fancy and not suitable for the home cook On a different note, the book is very well laid out and easy to read.

  27. As a vegetarian, obviously I m not gaga for barnacles, but it is interesting to discover the traditional foods and wine from each distinct region of Spain The book makes me want to rent a car and hit the road, stopping in each tiny town.

  28. I saw the show on PBS and wanted to have the book, since the food looked so good I was a tad disappointed in that it was of a coffee table book and less of a cookbook, and the recipes were a bit complicated and there were quite a few that I would never try or didn t sound appetizing.

  29. This is definitely of a coffee table book than a book of recipes or a book about Spain I thought it would offer some behind the scenes bits not seen in the PBS show Spain On the Road Again however, pretty much everything in the book is in the television show.

  30. Reading SpainA Culinary Road Trip made me feel like I went to Spain The pictures were beautiful The recipes something I could do at home The stories and anecdotes were fun and at times informative Now, if only if there was a button I could push to make the food appear on my plate.

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