Typhoon Best Download || [Charles Cumming] - Typhoon, Typhoon Skilled fictiontight and complex The New York Times Compelling Complex and satisfying Publisher s Weekly Hong Kong only a few short months of British rule remain before the territory returns to C
  • Title: Typhoon
  • Author: Charles Cumming
  • ISBN: 9780718147365
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover

Typhoon Best Download || [Charles Cumming], Typhoon, Charles Cumming, Typhoon Skilled fictiontight and complex The New York Times Compelling Complex and satisfying Publisher s Weekly Hong Kong only a few short months of British rule remain before the territory returns to Chinese rule It s a febrile place And in that claustrophobic environment of uncertainty and fear the spooks are hard at work jostling for positi Skilled fictiontight and complex The New York T Typhoon Best Download || [Charles Cumming] - Typhoon, Typhoon Skilled fictiontight and complex The New York Times Compelling Complex and satisfying Publisher s Weekly Hong Kong only a few short months of British rule remain before the territory returns to C
  • Typhoon Best Download || [Charles Cumming]
    358 Charles Cumming

About Author

  1. Charles Cumming is British writer of spy fiction His international bestselling thrillers including A Spy By Nature, The Spanish Game, Typhoon and The Trinity Six A former British Secret Service recruit, he is a contributing editor of The Week magazine and lives in Londonarlescumming

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  1. As Typhoon nears its conclusion, a supersize poster of David Beckham gazes down on the scene of Shanghai s media fuelled capitalism, with Chinese characteristics Charles Cumming is sometimes billed as John Le Carre s successor, though any posters in the latter s Cold War thrillers no doubt toe the party line and are torn by the wind funnelled down streets next to the Berlin Wall The dominant colour of the cityscapes in Le Carre is grey, whereas Hong Kong, Shanghai and even Beijing are full of br [...]

  2. I recently finished Typhoon I discovered Charles Cumming when I picked up his novel A Spy by Nature at my local library last year I had not heard of him, and when I began reading that novel, I experienced that unique reader s thrill that comes with coming across a writer with extraordinary talent in storytelling, whose style is exceptionally lucid and engaging, and to my mind, whose insights into the human condition are astonishingly insightful for one new to the genre Typhoon turned out to be f [...]

  3. The novel starts in the future with Joe Lennox a british spy asking one of his agents, the narrator, to write a story about the Typhoon operation.The novel then drops back to the past in Hong Kong, where it all began Joe Lennox is a NOC, an undercover agent for MI6, one of the British equivalent s for the CIA He is undercover in Hong KOng right before the turnover of that country from Great Britain to the Chinese Isabella, a beautiful reporter is his lover, but is unaware of his real career Mile [...]

  4. This story starts as the British are handing over Hong Kong to the Chinese A strange Chinese Wang swims to Hong Kong and manages to bluff his way to interogation rather than repatriation While the British agent is interogating him the Americans manage to spirit him away And so starts the life of the strange Typhoon conspiracy Told as a narrative of a novelist it follows the life of Joe Lennox into Hong Kong and back to the UK and then into China itself as a SIS operative always working undercove [...]

  5. It took me about two thirds of the book to really be intrigued by the story Partly, that s because I d recently read another novel Palace Council that s fairly heavy with historical detail Partly, that s because Cumming s narrative style is just different from other espionage authors.What I found somewhat tedious in the telling was the fact that so much of this novel is just matter of fact dialogue between the main characters Very little actual activity or action until near the end No doubt, tha [...]

  6. A great read But I am biased The book is set primarily in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and, so, knowing both of those cities well, I am biased Especially in Hong Kong, I remembered many of the locations in the book from when I lived there, and Cumming captured the atmosphere in both cities very nicely Even apart from by bias, the characters are interesting and you care about them, and the plot is intricate, unpredictable, and frighteningly plausible One need not know HK or Shanghai to enjoy this book [...]

  7. In my opinion, Charles Cumming is the natural successor to John le Carre And as wonderful as le Carre s books are, if you are either too young to remember, or lack awareness of, WWII or the Cold War, reading him has a rather untethering sensation Cumming s works take place in the latter part of the 20th and early 21st centuries and so if you have been paying attention at all the backdrops are familiar.Exactly the case of Typhoon, which begins with the transfer of Hong Kong to China in 1997 and c [...]

  8. Charles Cumming is touted as the new Lecarre, an odd description since we still have Lecarre but publicists are publicists This novel is set in China, largely post 9 11 and leading up to the 2008 Olympic Games and captures some of the essence of global attitudes A fast paced account of a too good to be true British agent and an oh so believable American one As far as spy stories go, this one works.

  9. a book with as many intriguing issues as you want to read Spy,China, HK handover, Xijiang indenpendance movement instigated by CIA, intermingled with Pakistan intelligence Life in modern shanghai,old bund, nightspot, French concession there s also a triangle love story, a young and flawed character moral questions are raised and conflicts between MI6 CIA showed Of the two parties of the book, I like the first one the most, it s intensive and character building real.

  10. So nice to return to a reliable author after experiencing two disappointing new books by other writers that received favorable reviews but were not to my liking Of special interest to me, having visited Hong Kong, was the account of the reversion to China Cumming consistently tells a good story and I always come away with a history lesson.

  11. An excellent spy novel with my hometown Shanghai as the backdrop I just love Charles Cumming s writing, cool and elegant, and like Le Carre s books, no unrealistic happy endings It also gave people a better understanding of the Uighur situation in China, a complicated subject matter that didn t grab much attention in the media Overall a very well researched and enjoyable read.

  12. Fully engaging spy thriller pairing a British spy and a journalist in a timely story about China s treatment of the Uighur population in western China The book has a pager turner cinematic quality that kept me flying through the book nonstop.

  13. Cumming writes well, tells a good story and gives the impression of having been there He takes his readers to the Far East in a convincing manner and gets inside his characters heads A fine piece of fiction that could have a lot of fact camouflaged inside it.

  14. Typhoon is an espionage thriller set mainly in pre handover Hong Kong and 2005 Shanghai If you can believe it, the Pentagon CIA areembroiled in a plot to both destabilize China prior to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and line the pockets of a corporation with oil money At the centre of this plot are the Uighurs of Xinjiang Their dislike of the Chinese government makes them the perfect ally to wreak havoc There s only one problem an SIS agent named Joe.What I likedCumming is a master at creating pe [...]

  15. I have not read Joseph Conrad s classic of the same name, so cannot guess if there are parallels Whether or not, though, CC s version is an excellent read.I was a little bogged down with the scholarly information that sets up the story, but I m glad I stuck it out The love triangle of Joe, Isabella, and Miles was a good thread throughout the espionage CC really knows his tradecraft and I love seeing his characters following each other, setting up a surveillance team weaving in and out of pedestr [...]

  16. Im no longer a big fan of spy novels, but I enjoy a break in my reading with one now and then The books of Charles Cumming looked interesting This was not John le Carr More a coming of age as a spy handler story.

  17. Tightly written believable spy novel Was reading a history of early Hong Kong at the same time which made the setting vivid for me A bit of America bashing but a good story nonetheless.

  18. This is a new author for me Having lived in Hong Kong and visited Shanghai, the setting was a lead character Thoroughly enjoyed the thriller.

  19. I thought Typhoon was an OK read, but not a great one nor the best by Cumming The first half of the story is set up in the last days of Hong Kong as a British colony and of the hand over to China positioning the story against the background of the last days of the British empire wrapped it in a mood of decadence, which I just loved Despite the two novels are light years apart, I could not help my mind to go back to the atmosphere of Le Carr s The Honourable Schoolboy, which also proposes a simil [...]

  20. I ve read a few Charles Cumming books some of them are in series, but this is a stand alone I think It is set in Hong Kong around the time of the handover to the Chinese Joe Lennox is an officer with MI6 who one night interviews a supposedly defecting Chinese professor he returns the next day to find no sign of the professor who has apparently been sent back to China at the intervention of the CIA Joe and the CIA officer in question Miles have a history Joe s girlfriend is unaware of what he doe [...]

  21. A page turning British spy thriller set in China.Story Joe Lennox is a young British Secret Service agent working in Hong Kong When he s not working, he spends time in restaurants and bars where secret agents from other countries hang out and conspire One morning a man named Wang Kaixuan turns up on a beach after having rafted illegally across the South China Sea He is put in a safe house and interviewed that night by Joe, who is astounded by the narrative Wang provides That same night after Joe [...]

  22. Joe Lennox seems to be the perfect spy Having graduated from Oxford with a first class degree in Mandarin in the mid 1990s he is, almost as a matter of course, recruited into MI6 Equally predictably, he finds himself posted to Hong Kong in the run up to the handover of the colony back to Chinese rule in 1997 All in all, his career seems to be developing entirely as he and MI6 might have planned.Shortly before the handover an aging Chinese man swims across the straits to land in Hong Kong He is f [...]

  23. 3 I picked out Charles Cumming s Typhoon , having recently enjoyed reading works of fiction where MI6 and the CIA play an integral part in the story I was also enticed by how the plot unfolds against the backdrop of a modern China, having myself lived in Beijing many years ago.Overall, I found Typhoon to be an enjoyable read The script has a good flow to it and is entertaining However it s not really the kind of book that you can dig your teeth into In fact at times it felt as though I were read [...]

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