☆ Looker Ò Laura Sims - Looker, Looker A dazzling razor sharp debut novel about a woman whose obsession with the beautiful actress on her block drives her to the edge I ve never crossed their little fenced in garden of course I stand
  • Title: Looker
  • Author: Laura Sims
  • ISBN: 1501199110
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Looker Ò Laura Sims, Looker, Laura Sims, Looker A dazzling razor sharp debut novel about a woman whose obsession with the beautiful actress on her block drives her to the edge I ve never crossed their little fenced in garden of course I stand on the sidewalk in front of the fern and ivy filled planter that hangs from the fence placed there as a sort of screen I m sure and have a direct line of view into the kitchen A dazzling ☆ Looker Ò Laura Sims - Looker, Looker A dazzling razor sharp debut novel about a woman whose obsession with the beautiful actress on her block drives her to the edge I ve never crossed their little fenced in garden of course I stand

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  • ☆ Looker Ò Laura Sims
    429 Laura Sims

About Author

  1. Laura Sims is the author of LOOKER, a debut novel, forthcoming from Scribner in January 2019 She has also published four books of poetry, including Staying Alive, and is the editor of Fare Forward Letters from David Markson She lives outside of New York City with her family.

One thought on “Looker

  1. This book is being marketed all wrong by saying that this is a mystery or thriller It is neither one of those and if that is what you re expecting then you will be disappointed This is a character study of a woman that is slowly losing her grip on reality Our unnamed narrator has recently separated from her husband after several years and attempts at having children They endured rounds and rounds of IVF that nearly depleted their savings While she yearns for the children she will never have This [...]

  2. 3.5 stars I m grateful they ve never thought to install blinds That s how confident they are No one would dare stand in front of our house and watch us, they think And they re probably right, except for me.Laura Sims Looker is a story about obsession, about how easy it can be to transfix on something when everything else isn t going your way The unnamed narrator has had a tough time lately her marriage has ended, partially because of her fertility problems, and her job as a lectu [...]

  3. This is yet another book that will suffer in the ratings for no other reason than it doesn t fit into any genre.There really needs to be a category for deep, dark psychological studies devoted to primarily one character If a reader chose this book based on that description and because they enjoy those types of stories, then this book would easily have a 4 average rating Instead it has been billed as a psychological domestic thriller leaving fans of thrillers disappointed I, however, love the Thi [...]

  4. Looker by Laura Sims is a thriller that is narrated by an unknown woman with stalkerish tendencies The book is written in the style of YOU by Caroline Kepnes in which the reader is getting the story through the thoughts and interactions of the main character but it didn t take long to distinguish itself from reminding me of that book.The main character in Looker is a female going through divorce from her husband and becomes obsessed with a neighbor who is a famous actress As our character spie L [...]

  5. What the fuck did I just read This book is marketed as a main character becoming obsessed with the actress who lives on her street, but after reading it that s not really what this book is about I m actually left wondering what the point of this novel is exactly It s an incredibly boring story that doesn t ever really go anywhere By the end I was confused like how was that the end That is what the story was building towards What a let down.I don t know what it is with these thrille [...]

  6. At only 180 pages Looker by Laura Sims packs quite the punch and has the elements here to make this a pleasing dark and unsettling story It has those intriguing unsettling elements of jealousy, obsession and resentment Laura Sims takes us into the mind of our unnamed narrator as we watch her obsessions with a neighbor start to push her over the edge Laura Sims does a good job balancing the dark thoughts with some wit and humour, allowing me to feel some sympathy here for our main character.La At [...]

  7. A woman is obsessed with a neighbor The obsessed woman s life is slowly unraveling, and the neighbor is a beautiful actress who appears to have the perfect life.This novel is narrated by an unnamed woman who is going through a divorce, infertility, and a failing career While struggling with various areas of her life, she becomes entranced with her neighbor s perfect life As the narrator s life continues to unravel, she becomes and obsessed with her neighbor.A dark tale of one woman A woman is ob [...]

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