Then She Was Gone

✓ Then She Was Gone ↠ Lisa Jewell - Then She Was Gone, Then She Was Gone Ten years after her teenage daughter disappears a woman crosses paths with a charming single father whose young child feels eerily familiar in this evocative suspenseful drama from New York Times b
  • Title: Then She Was Gone
  • Author: Lisa Jewell
  • ISBN: 9781501154645
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover

✓ Then She Was Gone ↠ Lisa Jewell, Then She Was Gone, Lisa Jewell, Then She Was Gone Ten years after her teenage daughter disappears a woman crosses paths with a charming single father whose young child feels eerily familiar in this evocative suspenseful drama from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jewell perfect for fans of Paula Hawkins and Liane Moriarty Ellie Mack was the perfect daughter She was fifteen the youngest of three She was belovedTen years ✓ Then She Was Gone ↠ Lisa Jewell - Then She Was Gone, Then She Was Gone Ten years after her teenage daughter disappears a woman crosses paths with a charming single father whose young child feels eerily familiar in this evocative suspenseful drama from New York Times b

  • ✓ Then She Was Gone ↠ Lisa Jewell
    469 Lisa Jewell
Then She Was Gone

About Author

  1. Lisa was born in London in 1968 Her mother was a secretary and her father was a textile agent and she was brought up in the northernmost reaches of London with her two younger sisters She was educated at a Catholic girls Grammar school in Finchley After leaving school at sixteen she spent two years at Barnet College doing an arts foundation course and then two years at Epsom School of Art Design studying Fashion Illustration and Communication.She worked for the fashion chain Warehouse for three years as a PR assistant and then for Thomas Pink, the Jermyn Street shirt company for four years as a receptionist and PA She started her first novel, Ralph s Party, for a bet in 1996 She finished it in 1997 and it was published by Penguin books in May 1998 It went on to become the best selling debut novel of that year.She has since written a further nine novels, as is currently at work on her eleventh.She now lives in an innermost part of north London with her husband Jascha, an IT consultant, her daughters, Amelie and Evie and her silver tabbies, Jack and Milly.Lisa s Facebook page facebook LisaJewelloff

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  1. Heart breaking, dark, disturbing, and fairly predictable As the story of Ellie s disappearance starts unfolding, it swiftly takes a sinister turn and it all goes downhill from there The plot is very well written and most of the characters are quite fascinating, unlikeable but fascinating I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of the story as the mystery was building up but quickly lost interest as the whole thing became rather predictable.The ending was incredibly touching, thus adding flavour to t [...]

  2. 4.5 starsEllie Mack was 15 years old when she went missing She was the youngest of three children who left the house one day to go to the library and never returned Her Mother, Laurel Mack, fell apart after her daughter s disappearance, as most parents would Her daughter s disappearance forever altered her life Her marriage fell apart, her other daughter, Hanna became distant and withdrawn from her Mother,her son moved away Throughout it all she never gave up hope on finding her daughter Was Ell [...]

  3. Over the past few years there seems to have been a huge saturation in the market of psychological mystery type thrillers Or maybe that s just me thinking this, simply because I ve bought or requested viaNetGalley, many books of this type Then She Was Gone, is another one to add to this genre.There s nothing much I can add really, the description is easily available to read The narrative goes back and forth between the present day and the past, and is told from the perspective of four different c [...]

  4. I loved this book I ve read other books by this author and really enjoyed them so I was pretty sure going in that I d like it This book is about Laurel Mack, who s daughter has been missing for years but has never been able to move forward in her life It s also about her family and what Ellie s disappearance has meant for them When Laurel meets Floyd she begins to fall in love with him Then she meets his daughter Poppy.This author just writes so well, I think Her characters are always so real th [...]

  5. Whoa This book may have started out a bit slow but like all good roller coasters of the psychological thriller variety, it sky rocketed me into a mysterious family drama that ended up giving me whiplash with as many surprising revelations it held around every twist and turn I hope with all my heart this situation is far fetched because I couldn t cope if I thought the main jaw drop of this book could actually happen Then She Was Gone is a crazy train of fairly unlikable characters in my opinion [...]

  6. As a big fan of Lisa Jewell, I was excited to hear about Then She Was Gone, which follows her turn to a rather darker spin she has been successfully using in her past few books The story follows Laurel Mack, though it is really told from multiple POVs of which I tend to be a big fan Her teenage daughter went missing ten years ago, and when she meets a man, Floyd, whose nine year old daughter is the image of Laurel s missing child, Ellie, and she understandably cannot let the mystery go Laurel is [...]

  7. Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell is a psychological thriller A young girl Ellie goes missing one day on her way to the library and her mother Laurel is frantic with worry.Ten years later Laurel who is no longer with her husband meets a man Floyd in a coffee shop and they strike up a friendship When Laurel meets Loyd s nine year old daughter she is taken aback at the strikingly resemblance she has to her missing daughter I really enjoyed this book, well worth a read.

  8. It s not very often that a book almost reduces me to tears but the ending of this heart strings pulling story was just so heart breakingly sad for a couple of reasons.Ten years ago Laurel s fifteen year old daughter Ellie went to the library to study and never came home,she just completely vanished without a trace.The rest of her family have moved on and are trying to repair their shattered lives but Laurel has never given up hope of finding her daughter.Then one day Laurel is swept off her feet [...]

  9. This author has yet to let me down This was a well executed mystery, told from multiple POV s and spanning many years from past to present Laurel s daughter Ellie goes missing at the young age of 15 Years later, Laurel meets what could be her daughter s clone in the form of her new boyfriends child, Poppy The similarities are uncanny, but Laurel can t help but be drawn to her daughter s mini me.The time she spends with Poppy, the Laurel can t help but revisit the past, and retrace the final st [...]

  10. Having read several of Lisa Jewell s previous novels I have come to expect an engaging and well written story that draws the reader in, flows effortlessly and features real characters with heart that hold a readers attention Unfortunately whilst I found Then She Was Gone easily readable I cannot say that much of what unravelled was either vastly original or well disguised In fact the synopsis for the novel and the first fifty pages together will be enough for most readers to fill in the blanks I [...]

  11. Laurel Mack s youngest daughter, 15 year old Ellie disappeared ten years ago Laurel knows her daughter was happy at home and school and would not have run away but can t give up hope of finding her alive Laurel s marriage since has fallen apart and she is not close to her other two adult children When police call to say that Ellie s remains and backpack have been found after all this time, Laurel feels that now she can move on When she meets a nice man called Floyd in a cafe she agrees to start [...]

  12. Another one of Lisa Jewell s books i have read and loved She smashes it again with this great psychological thriller Has many twists which may or may not be expected by the reader though i did click on to where the book was going though that still didn t take any value away from the story as there was still so many questions unanswered Felt a real affinity with the characters and a closeness to Laurel Mack, like she could be your own mum or an aunt Felt extremely sorry on her for the loss of her [...]

  13. Laurel s daughter Ellie goes missing at fifteen, but Laurel has never given up hoping that she will find her Laurel meets Floyd in a cafe, who ends up asking her out Floyd has a 9 year old daughter called Poppy Upon meeting Poppy, Laurel is surprised to see she is very similar to Ellie when she was young This becomes a constant reminder to Laurel that her daughter is gone.Then She Was Gone is told mainly from Laurel s point of view, but we also get glimpses into Ellie s life before she disappear [...]

  14. Then She Was Gone was a quality read as I ve come to expect from Lisa Jewell a beautifully twisted plot and entirely engaging characters with an emotional core that always leaves you slightly reelingIn this novel, a teenager goes missing her parents fall apart but eventually things move on Then a new man enters the picture with a daughter who looks incredibly like the missing girl and things are turned upside down.I like the way the author digs deep into the lives of her cast of characters, crea [...]

  15. This is my first read from this author, and I can safely say it will not be my last A story of a mother whose youngest daughter goes missing How her life and her families lives change afterward, and the man and his daughter who bring her back to life in a sense.I happened to really enjoy this story While things were unfolding pretty slowly, it still felt suspenseful to me I kept turning pages, because I wanted to know what would happen next This story is told in multiple different POV s I feel l [...]

  16. With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.I used to be a fan of Lisa Jewell years ago when she was a chick lit author As my tastes changed I stopped reading her books but that changed last year when I read The Girls in the Garden I am impressed that Lisa has moved so seamlessly into psychological thrillers.Then She Was Gone was chilling, I was absolutely hooked from the first page The book centres on Laurel Mack whose youngest daughter 15 y [...]

  17. If I were to sum this book up in one word, it would be predictable I knew from very early on what was going to happen and that really sucked the suspense out of the story for me And I can t attribute me predicting the way the plot would go to reading so many books in this genre, this plot was just super predictable, plain and simple As soon as certain characters were introduced, you just knew how they d factor in the story.As I continued reading, I hoped something would surprise me but no curve [...]

  18. One Thursday morning in May, 2005 fifteen year old Ellie Mack walked out her front door in north London on her way to the library The last sighting of Ellie was captured on CCTV on Stroud Green Road at ten forty three am Then she was gone An extensive search was launched including an appeal for any witnesses to come forward It s been ten years since Ellie disappeared and there have been no sightings No evidence of abduction Ellie Mack s whereabouts remain unknown After Ellie s disappearance her [...]

  19. FULL REVIEW WILL BE ON APRIL 19, 2018 THEN SHE WAS GONE had an undercurrent of doom and sinister things lurking The sinister thing seemed to be the tie to all of the heartache the characters were experiencing both present and pastEN SHE WAS GONE kept my interest, but I can t say it was a thriller until the past was coming into the picture and the book went back in time to tell us the story of how Ellie went missing It was of a study of personalities and families as well as lies If you enjoy a t [...]

  20. Excuse me while I go reach for the tissues I read Lisa Jewell s other family drama The House We Grew Up In a few years ago and was eager to read this one as well She did not disappoint I teared through this book so fast that at the end I was upset I finished Sometimes books drag on and on and you can t wait for them to endis was not the case with this one Laurel Mack is finally beginning to move on After the disappearance of her 15 year old daughter 10 years ago, she lost a lot She has met a ch [...]

  21. I love Lisa Jewell s books and am slowly making my way through her entire back catalogue and was delighted to be given an ARC of her latest book from the publishers and Netgalley so it jumped straight to the top of my toppling TBR pile This book focuses on missing teenager Ellie and her distraught mother Laurel One of this authors many talents is breathing life into her characters and making them so real that you can totally empathise and sympathise with both Ellie and Laurel throughout the stor [...]

  22. What begins as a story about the mother of a missing girl starting a new relationship as she comes terms with her grief morphs into a gripping, disturbing and utterly fascinating tale about what really happened to young Ellie Mack I ve been a Lisa Jewell fan for a long time and in this book, as in all her others, she deftly weaves a compelling plot with an emotional depth that leaves you gasping In Then She Was Gone she has created a book that is dark and claustrophobic but also heartfelt and mo [...]

  23. Emotional, dark, moderately paced, mysterious and slightly predictable As a huge fan of Lisa Jewell, I was delighted to get a copy of this book in advance Like cartwheels and Snoopy dance delighted I certainly wasn t disappointed and she is a go to auto buy author for me All the way through the first half of the book it was pretty glaringly obvious what was going to come I did think there were some plausibility issues scientifically speaking that may have been a little out there but really, in p [...]

  24. My heart has been battered, uplifted, and bashed about by this book I can t deny that the plot feels over dramatic at the end, but my heart is doing the rating And with every beat, it demands I click all the stars.

  25. Wow, what a brilliant story This book is full of twists and turns that will take your breath away Laurel is heartbroken when her 15 year daughter Ellie disappears but she slowly gets her life back on track When she meets Floyd she thinks she s found happiness again and when she meets his daughter, Poppy, she is taken aback by the likeness to her daughter She wonders if it s the grief affecting her perception but other family members notice the likeness too.There are secrets that several characte [...]

  26. Laurel Mack s daughter Ellie was on her way to the library ten years ago when she went missing The police believed she d run away, but there were no sightings and Laurel and her husband Paul disintegrated under the weight of not knowing what had happened to their precious youngest daughter, a girl who was just fifteen and about to sit her GCSE s With Ellie predicted high grades and no known problems at home she is remembered forever as a pretty teen by her parents and her older siblings Hanna an [...]

  27. I am a huge fan of Lisa Jewell and have read and loved every single one But this one wow, this one is my favourite so far It s probably her darkest book psychological thriller and quite scary at times Right from the beginning I was intrigued and desperate to know what had happened to fifteen year old Ellie Mack It s truly heart breaking in places I loved the characters of Ellie and Laurel and the theme of mothers and daughters that ran through this novel I cried at scenes where Laurel was talki [...]

  28. I m a huge fan of Lisa Jewell s writing, so Then She Was Gone was one of my most anticipated new releases for 2017 The story starts with Laurel s POV, and I immediately felt the easy familiarity with her that Jewell seems to achieve so effortlessly with her characters Laurel s grief and her efforts at trying to come to terms with her daughter s disappearance over ten years ago resonated with me and I felt a deep emotional connection with this character throughout the story I especially liked Lau [...]

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