Tea and Madness

Tea and Madness Best Read || [C. Streetlights] - Tea and Madness, Tea and Madness And when it falls into silence again the void it echoes fills me wonder Wonder only because I no longer remember if this small entity isn t real or if it whispers the truth MoonlightC Streetlight s me
  • Title: Tea and Madness
  • Author: C. Streetlights
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Tea and Madness Best Read || [C. Streetlights], Tea and Madness, C. Streetlights, Tea and Madness And when it falls into silence again the void it echoes fills me wonder Wonder only because I no longer remember if this small entity isn t real or if it whispers the truth MoonlightC Streetlight s memoir Tea Madness is a collection of prose and poetry separated into the seasons of her life Each season is inspired by her experiences grieving a lost baby und And when it falls int Tea and Madness Best Read || [C. Streetlights] - Tea and Madness, Tea and Madness And when it falls into silence again the void it echoes fills me wonder Wonder only because I no longer remember if this small entity isn t real or if it whispers the truth MoonlightC Streetlight s me
  • Tea and Madness Best Read || [C. Streetlights]
    321 C. Streetlights
Tea and Madness

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  1. As a child, C Streetlights listened to birds pecking at her rooftop, but instead of fearing them, was convinced they would set her free and she d someday see the stars.Southern California sunshine never gave C Streetlights the blonde hair or blue eyes she needed to fit in with her high school s beach girls, her inability to smell like teen spirit kept her from the grunge movement, and she wasn t peppy enough to cheer She ebbed and flowed with the tide, not a misfit but not exactly fitting in, either.C Streetlights grew up, as people do, earned a few degrees and became a teacher She spent her days discussing topics like essay writing, Romeo and Juliet, the difference between a paragraph and a sentence, and for God s sake, please stop eating the glue sticks.She has met many fools, but admires Don Quixote most because he taught her that it didn t matter that the dragon turned out to be a windmill What mattered was that he chose to fight the dragon in the first place.C Streetlights now lives in the mountains with a husband, two miracle children, and a dog who eats Kleenex She retired from teaching so she can raise her children to pick up their underwear from the bathroom floor, to write, and to slay windmills and dragons She is happy to report that she can finally see the stars.

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  1. I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, so I could give an honest review.If there were 10 stars I would give them all to rate this beautiful little book C Streetlights memoir instruction manual on the ins and outs of tea is one of the most heartfelt and haunting reads I ve encountered in a long time.First, about the tea The warmth and comfort of a good cup of tea is discussed, and this leads the author to educate the reader in the basics of tea types of tea, [...]

  2. Firstly this has to be one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen which is what drew me to the book and then the book title Tea and Madness reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and I was intrigued As I started reading, it became a memoir which kept me wanting to read , it became a tale of madness with sadness and grief Tea and Madness is a collection of events and seasons in the author s life She has written the book in poetry verse to capture the imagery of the events from the grieving of [...]

  3. Tea and Madness is a lovely and touching book about a woman s triumph over trials both physical and emotional For those who have experienced profound loss or grief, this book will be a comfort to you For those struggling past abuse, C Streetlights illuminates the topic with clarity, exposing the ugliness of abusers and the healing nature of letting go Both poetry and memoir, this book has a musical quality, some of the lines need to be read and re read, a five star experience in a handful of ful [...]

  4. Tea Madness is a combination of poetry and prose that takes the reader into the deepest emotions of the author which are separated compartmentalised as the four seasons I was impressed by the simple quotes she used in the beginning which was then followed by Genesis Streetlights is honest about her lost baby and this made me cry The loss she felt is a heavyweight for the reader throughout the book It s not all sad but still the thought of losing a child seems unbearable Despite the madness the a [...]

  5. Poignant, evocative and emotional This book was beautiful and I enjoyed it immensely Tea and Madness is a memoir a poignant collection of short stories and poetry by the amazing C Streetlights It s a journey through life, abuse, pain, healing and learning It s beautiful and I thought the tidbits about different teas and tea services and the like at the end was a lot of fun, a wonderful addition to the book I thoroughly enjoyed this volume and will definitely be looking for from this author.

  6. The best writings come when you need them the most Tea and Madness is a collection of essays about the seasons, and about the writer s observances of life My favorite essay is when she describes being sent to her room as punishment for not performing at a school event, and then finding a way to turn her punishment into a pleasure She also takes the time to describe the different types of tea rituals which makes me wish that we had those customs observed in the United States and how to perfect on [...]

  7. Beautifully Wrought ProseC Streetlights Tea and Madness is brilliantly crafted writing I shy away from psychological memoirs when reading for pleasure, for I spend so much time with mental health advocacy and caring for myself, my family and my aging parents that I m simply spent But these words are well worth reading, for they are beautiful I appreciate Streetlights collection of prose and poetry as art stunning, moving, awe inspiring art whether or not the content draws from her life experienc [...]

  8. This book was very well written Though it alluded to hardship and brokenness, it still had an air of light and hope about it I do wish wish some experiences were shared in detail I didn t feel completely pulled into the book Nevertheless, it was a beautiful read of a woman who suffered much loss and still came out a conqueror Though I cannot relate to her loss, I could at some points the depth of her pain and how she was able to regain herself after several seasons passed I read this book almos [...]

  9. Tea and Madness was recommended to me by a friend What a find This book is very unique and much different than books I usually read I was immediately captured by the format of small chapters of intriguing prose telling layered, and although different, related stories from the author s life It s difficult for me to read about serious subjects of abuse or rape, but sometimes the best reads are the hard reads At about midpoint through the book, I found myself reading slower, as I do with books I lo [...]

  10. My rating would be even than 5 star if it could be possible to give I really enjoyed reading this little book, beautifully written I read some of the lines times as they have a musical quality that I so appreciated and it really lightened my heart.

  11. Highly recommend Beautifully written The reader takes a hard journey with the author you feel her pain and sorrow, but also her triumph and hope Much respect to the author for baring her soul so completely.

  12. What drew me to this book was the title.It did not disappoint If you like madness clustered into a book, this is for you.

  13. From the moment I read the description of this book, it spoke to me I felt a kindred connection with the poet Although my own pain and suffering has been different, still her eloquence describing her experience resonates I still think of her and this book whenever I see tulips, for instance And I love that she included the sections on tea It is a neat juxtaposition The whole experience of reading this work is completely satisfying It pulls at my heartstrings, and offers hope This is why I read F [...]

  14. C Streetlights is the sassy, whimsical, courageous aunt big sister godmother who pours us all a cup of tea and reminds us that NO ONE gets to tell us how big, how strong, or how beautiful we are allowed to be Seriously, this book made me feel as though I was spending an afternoon with an old and cherished friend The entries are comprised of both poetry and confessional style essays which have their own brand of lush prose Equal parts sharp wit and brazen vulnerability, this book is the kind of c [...]

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