Little Do We Know

↠ Little Do We Know ↠ Tamara Ireland Stone - Little Do We Know, Little Do We Know Next door neighbors and ex best friends Hannah and Emory haven t spoken in months Not since the fight the one where they said things they couldn t take back Now Emory is fine tuning her UCLA performi
  • Title: Little Do We Know
  • Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
  • ISBN: 9781484768211
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Little Do We Know ↠ Tamara Ireland Stone, Little Do We Know, Tamara Ireland Stone, Little Do We Know Next door neighbors and ex best friends Hannah and Emory haven t spoken in months Not since the fight the one where they said things they couldn t take back Now Emory is fine tuning her UCLA performing arts application and trying to make the most of the months she has left with her boyfriend Luke before they head off to separate colleges Meanwhile Hannah s strong faiNext door ↠ Little Do We Know ↠ Tamara Ireland Stone - Little Do We Know, Little Do We Know Next door neighbors and ex best friends Hannah and Emory haven t spoken in months Not since the fight the one where they said things they couldn t take back Now Emory is fine tuning her UCLA performi

  • ↠ Little Do We Know ↠ Tamara Ireland Stone
    380 Tamara Ireland Stone
Little Do We Know

About Author

  1. TAMARA IRELAND STONE writes young adult and middle grade novels Her New York Times bestseller, Every Last Word, won the Cybils Young Adult Fiction Award, the Georgia Peach Book Award, the Buxtehuder Bulle German Youth Literature Award, and was a YALSA Teens Top Ten pick She is also the author of Time Between Us, which has been published in over twenty countries its sequel, Time After Time and Click d, the first book in her new middle grade series.Before she began writing fiction full time, Tamara spent twenty years in the technology industry She co founded a woman owned marketing strategy firm where she worked with small startups as well as some of the world s largest software companies When she s not writing, she enjoys skiing, seeing live music, watching movies, and spending time with her husband and two children She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area Visit her at TamaraIrelandStone.

One thought on “Little Do We Know

  1. This was amazing and heartbreaking and hopeful and funny and swoony and every emotion ever Excellent characters and a plot that shows how faith and friendship can intersect a person s life This will definitely be a book I will be pushing in 2018 Full review to come.

  2. This story is beautiful and touching and heartbreaking such an amazing read Hannah, Luke and Emory and incredible characters and this story will touch you in so many ways Definitely get this pre ordered now Full review to come

  3. I absolutely love Tamara s books, so when I heard she was coming out with another contemporary, I was thrilled I really enjoyed Little Do We Know, thanks to Disney for sending this to me for review, and this fact does not change my rating or my review.Little Do We know stars two protagonists in alternating chapters We have Hannah, who is a devout Christian, who has never had her faith shaken until now, and Emory, who lives next door These two girls have been best friends their entire lives but o [...]

  4. Liked this one despite it being slow moving and predictable I didn t like Emory since she was self centered, haughty, and dependent Hannah was amazing and so was Luke I liked how the author incorporated a near death experience and moving on with life afterwards into this.I received an ARC through NetGalley.

  5. Oh, man This book about did me in, and days later I am still trying to pinpoint the magic moments that led me down that path The biggest and best thing, in my opinion, that this book has going for it is the overall positivity Stone handled issues like lifelong best friends no longer speaking to each other, and left out all the crap, for lack of a better word There weren t any instances of caddy behavior, backstabbing, name calling, or downright meanness No social media posts, no friends doing th [...]

  6. Actual rating 3.75 starsTamara Ireland Stone is one of my favorite contemporary YA authors Every Last Word was amazing and while this book in my opinion wasn t as good as ELW it was still excellently written and I did very much enjoy it.Pros no stupid love triangle trope waaaay different plot than any YA contemporary I ve ever read thought provoking great characters Luke is my favorite in this story For once we have a high school boy who isn t a douche and isn t an unbelievable Prince Charming H [...]

  7. Thank you to NetGalley and Disney Hyperion for letting me read the eARC in exchange for an honest review I liked this book It was a well crafted story about a friendship that falls apart, which both characters, Emory and Hannah regret There were parts of their falling out, which is revealed late in the book that feel far fetched, though The fight is portrayed as having both Hannah and Emory being at fault throughout the novel, but when the cause is finally revealed, it s so clearly one of the gi [...]

  8. Pretty bummed by this one I thought I was really going to love it, but the search for answers for her faith seemed a little half hearted, the relationship between her teacher and her staying a little secret was also hard for me to swallow Young girls reading this book If your teacher pastor is getting you alone to make out with you TELL SOMEONE I don t care if he is only 3 or 4 years older, it s not okay, and the way this was written made me feel like that was NOT made clear It was also sucky th [...]

  9. Hannah and Emory were best friends for ever so many years that is until they had a tremendous fight and stopped speaking to each other After several months have passed they both start to reconsider their actions but neither quite know the way back to the other Then Emory s boyfriend is severely injured and Hannah is the one who finds him This incident puts both girls on the trajectory back to each other While that may be the short synopsis of the plot line, there is much that happens in the liv [...]

  10. 3 1 2 starsHannah and Emory have been best friends since forever All the reader knows is that there was a big fight, and now their relationship can be divided into before and after Hannah, the daughter of a pastor, and Emory, a spirited burgeoning actress, tell their stories about the tail end of their senior years in high school Hannah s story focuses on her relationship with her father and her faith, and Emory s story focuses on her relationship with her boyfriend, Luke.While I loved the inter [...]

  11. LITTLE DO WE KNOW is an extraordinary story that is full of hope, friendship, family, drama, and heartbreak You will experience a wide range of emotions as you follow along the lives of Hannah, Luke and Emory The story shows you how faith and friendship an intersect a person s life and change the way that people react to unexpected situations that life sometimes sends your way Stone has created vivid characters that are memorable and realistic Together they face the unthinkable and through faith [...]

  12. A coming of age novel about best friends, family imperfections, young love, and faith in God I enjoyed the novel.

  13. Hannah and Emory grew up together as best friends who lived next door to each other They were as close as two friends could be, and shared everything All of that changed, though, when something happened between the two of them Now it has been months since they talked to each other, and it seems like nothing can bring them back together before their senior year ends This book was almost a mystery, as the event that caused trouble between the characters is only hinted at and briefly mentioned thro [...]

  14. More ninth grade than eighth, wasn t sure where the author was going with the religious aspect, I guess ultimately that faith can be a personal thing Questionable choices by adults, but not necessarily in a teenagers can prevail The minor characters were super minor and not fleshed out at all.

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