Living Dead Girl

[PDF] Living Dead Girl | by Ý Elizabeth Scott - Living Dead Girl, Living Dead Girl Once upon a time I was a little girl who disappeared Once upon a time my name was not Alice Once upon a time I didn t know how lucky I was When Alice was ten Ray took her away from her family her
  • Title: Living Dead Girl
  • Author: Elizabeth Scott
  • ISBN: 9781416960591
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Living Dead Girl | by Ý Elizabeth Scott, Living Dead Girl, Elizabeth Scott, Living Dead Girl Once upon a time I was a little girl who disappeared Once upon a time my name was not Alice Once upon a time I didn t know how lucky I was When Alice was ten Ray took her away from her family her friends her life She learned to give up all power to endure all pain She waited for the nightmare to be over Now Alice is fifteen and Ray still has her but heOnce upon a time I wa [PDF] Living Dead Girl | by Ý Elizabeth Scott - Living Dead Girl, Living Dead Girl Once upon a time I was a little girl who disappeared Once upon a time my name was not Alice Once upon a time I didn t know how lucky I was When Alice was ten Ray took her away from her family her

  • [PDF] Living Dead Girl | by Ý Elizabeth Scott
    323 Elizabeth Scott
Living Dead Girl

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  1. Hey there, I m Elizabeth I write young adult novels I live just outside Washington DC with my husband and dog, and am unable to pass a bookstore without stopping and going inside.All right, and I can t leave without buying at least one book.Usually two Or My website and blog are at elizabethwrites, and I m also on twitter, tumblr, and facebook

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  1. I probably would have liked this book if i were a teenager or a pedophile I mostly just read this for science it came up in my collection development class when we were talking about challenged books that doesn t mean that they are handicapped, but that they have been rarrred at by angry parents and other scared concerned types , but when i heard what it was about i pretty much had to read it to see how an author handled this situation, because it seemed rough stuff for teen fiction the basic p [...]

  2. Is it possible to write a story about a child being imprisoned and make it gut wrenching and relevant After the disappointment of various different books I ve read recently involving kidnapping and child endangerment, I wasn t sure, particularly when it comes to the YA genre But after reading Living Dead Girl, I have my answer it s yes Resoundingly, unequivocally, yes.15 year old Alice has lived with Ray since she was 10 Kidnapped from a school field trip and taken to Shady Pines Apartments, she [...]

  3. Well, the book leaves scars I can definitely tell you that much I didn t know quite what to expect from this book, all I d heard about it previously was that it s a story about abuse and a very short read 170 pages, large writing in my edition I d heard reviewers describe it as disturbing , but I didn t dwell on that too much, I assumed that when you ve read a couple of Stephen King s books namely It, Misery, etc you d pretty much got your heard around disturbing.I was wrong The author draws you [...]

  4. Elizabeth Scott is a genius A literary genius I ve read some of Elizabeth s other titles, and I find myself wondering, how can these be written by the same person And I don t mean that in a Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn way To have that kind of diverse talent, it is simply effing amazing I read this book in one setting It is truly powerful The emotion sadness, despair it s so apparent it s freaky How can I say that I loved a book about abduction, sexual abuse, and suffering Why do you look out y [...]

  5. I look wrong I look dead I m not, though I m only partway there, a living dead girl I have been for five years Alice is a 15 years old girl who was kidnapped when she was 10 and taken to Shady Pines Apartments She lives with her captor, Ray, who pretends they are father and daughter But Ray doesn t treat Alice like a daughter He abuses her in every way possible, calling her his little girl , demanding to be a good girl for her daddy Alice learnt the hard way that she s alone in all this Her neig [...]

  6. This book is amazing I picked it up on a whim, one of the few YA books we had enough copies of at work for me to borrow Living Dead Girl tells a chilling story from the perspective of Alice, a 15 year old who was abducted at age 10 by a man named Ray, who proceeds to spend 5 years molding her into the perfect object of his desire, both physically and mentally.The book is incredibly disturbing as it should be I wanted the entire time to just run to where she was, break the door down and get her o [...]

  7. Well, people who have told me that Living Dead Girl was a horrifying book were absolutely correct This is definitely one of the most depressing and scary stories I have ever read Basically every sentence of this novel is a painful assault on your psyche The descriptions of daily physical, psychological and sexual abuse are almost impossible to bear.I have to give Elizabeth Scott kudos for creating a very realistic in its atrociousness story that won t leave anyone untouched The despicable routin [...]

  8. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum I decide everything Remember that God and monster all in one, and mine to worship.First of all Well, minus the crying This was rough, but it takes than a brutal storyline to get me to squirt some tears specifically, my period Living Dead Girl is about here I ll just let the book tell you Once upon a time, I did not live in Shady Pines Once upon a time, my name was not Alice Once upon a time, I didn t know how lucky I was When Alice was 10 years old, her [...]

  9. UGH I never had any intention of reading this book until Bitch Magazine posted a list of Feminist YA books on their website this weekend and, much to my surprise, this was on it I questioned its place on the list, a staffer said they d look into it, and I second guessed myself Turns out I was right the first time this isn t feminist at all What s , I d say that this is the literary equivalent of torture porn, except worse than anything you ll actually ever see on the big screen this book has no [...]

  10. I struggled with how to rate this book from 1 star, to 5 stars, to no stars There is a part of me that regrets ever having picked up this book, and definitely a part of me that for better or worse will never forget reading it My first visceral reaction to it was that Scott had penned an outrageously exploitative, gratuitous book, one so gruesome in parts, and so fully realized, that I felt like an accomplice, aiding and abetting Alice s abductor The book left me reeling from shock and revulsion [...]

  11. Here s what I d like to know What made Elizabeth Scott go from Sarah Dessen to Ellen Hopkins and back again Scott s fourth YA offering, Living Dead Girl, is so far removed from her other works that I m finding it hard to believe they re even written by the same author Living Dead Girl is raw and repulsive, whereas all of Scott s other stories are sunshine and butterflies swirling over romantic heads.When an author begins writing, they usually decide what sort of stories they will write most ofte [...]

  12. Reading this book was a terribly shocking experience How the author boldly recounts a story of a young girl that is a victim of pedophilia is so vivid and blatant, I was truly horrified It was horrible to know what Alice whose real name is Kyla went through in the hands of the creepy perverted psychopath, Ray whose actions were also motivated by the same dark past in the hands of a pedophilic mother and it was painful to see Kyla s life slip away at 15 The story being short and direct, I think h [...]

  13. I can recognize quality writing when I see it and I have to admit that while I did not like or enjoy if that is even possible this book it is well written This review is not a criticism of the author s writing, she is an excellent writer I am usually pretty liberal when it comes to teen books I understand that teen books are often on the cutting edge and pushing the boundaries of comfort for their readers to introduce them to the world we live in The reasons for which I gave this book only one s [...]

  14. It s hard to say that I liked this book I am still mulling over it and find it remarkably disturbing A fictional account of a 15 year old girl, Alice , who was not always Alice She used to be a sheltered, spoiled girl until days before her 10th birthday when she is abducted by a sexual predator named Ray And she is not Ray s first victim she is terrified into staying with him, despite the fact that he leaves her alone every day to go to work, because he threatens to kill her family if she leaves [...]

  15. OK DNFI love twisted, I love dark, I love a mind melt But not like this.r ever like thisARENTLY THIS IS YA WHAT THE FUH WORLD WHY My face reading thisI actually enjoyed the writing and I wasn t bored or anything, I kind of want to finish it but I feel too much like a sicko not a judgment of people who have read it at all I just feel like a voyeur and in this context I have NO DESIRE to read it.I have kids and maybe this is why.I am used to warnings and usually this makes me want to read it .But [...]

  16. This is the most satisfaction I ve gotten from 170 pages The story follows Alice, a teenage girl who was abducted at the age of ten She now lives with a pedophile, and this story is the journey of her escape Living Dead Girl explores the true nature of abduction and the helplessness and desperation of the protagonist I absolutely loved the honest and lyrical writing style and I particularly enjoyed the ugly, gritty sentences, they helped to convince me that Alice had seen the world Alice kept dr [...]

  17. This is one of the most gripping and brutal novels for teens I have ever read It is the story of Alice, who was abducted as a 10 year old by Ray, who has sexually and emotionally abused her for five years Alice knows that if she tries to escape, her entire family will be killed Now Ray has started starving her to try to maintain her childlike body, not allowing her to get over 100 pounds His violence is also increasing as are his death threats Alice has long wanted to die, but death eludes her t [...]

  18. This is truly a horrific book one that I want to forget, but probably never will.The writing is superb, but the content is beyond my cognitive comprehension truly disturbing, haunting and poignant that propelled me to a level of angst I wasn t prepared to experience I was warned to proceed with caution on this book and being the curious person that I am, I didn t listen BIG.MISTAKE The story was about a 10 year old girl that was abducted from a school trip by a sexual predator After five years o [...]

  19. I had to update this review after reading comments by other people about the book I hated, hated, hated the ending of this book I would have given it 3 stars if the ending didn t make me so angry I haven t been this pissed off at a book in a long time I realize that a lot of people disagree, and they re welcome to their own opinions I just did not like it Does that mean it s not worth reading No I liked it up until the end, and it does provoke interesting discussions, so I m not going to tell an [...]

  20. Living Dead Girl is one of the most disturbing books I ve ever read It s memorable in its scariness and in its realness The protagonist has been the victim of sexual abuse by a much older man for years Her only hope is to draw another girl into her fate and await her own murder The author draws you in with an interesting writing style and suspenseful tone, keeping you hooked to the end Her usage of a dry narrative style with less punctuation really added emotion here But this isn t just a cheap [...]

  21. no one would listen I could have screamed a million times in a million voices and no one would have ever heard me I did,every time I left the apartment, with every step I took out in the world All those cries, and no one ever heard them Alice

  22. Some books entertain Some amaze Some scare Some bore The lines are always clear We almost always know what kind of books we had in hand We have many ways to help us define them Genres.Publisher Author Reviews Star ratings.This book,however,transcends lines It s the kind that tears The kind that gnaws at your subconscious in the middle of the night On one hand,the writing is excellent and so very effective The world built solidly The characters so real you won t be surprised if they grabbed you b [...]

  23. A difficult book for a mother of three little girls to read Frightening Devastating Heartbreaking I hate this book because it made me feel so much, too much Reduced me to genuine sobs, as if I was mourning the passing of a loved one This story will haunt me forever I am able appreciate Living Dead Girl for these reasons.Regardless of the content, the subject matter, Living Dead Girl is well crafted Every word has a purpose, every sentence deliberate The imagery is in your face, brazen, yet at th [...]

  24. LIVING DEAD GIRL is amazing, heartbreaking, and beautiful I was terrified and intrigued I had to carve a dark place in my heart to store this book, and I will be haunted for weeks.

  25. That was so horrifying and heartbreaking And it s so sad that these things do happen in real life and some of those criminals getaway with it T T

  26. Hubiese podido ser un buen libro Me gust pero no me encant Esperaba mucho m s Tan corto como ver un episodio de Law Order Tan predecible como un libro infantil.

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