Free Download Sword - by Da Chen - Sword, Sword On the morning of Miu Miu s fifteenth birthday her mother makes a startling revelation Miu Miu s fate is to travel to the faraway city of Chang an avenge her father s death and find her true love B
  • Title: Sword
  • Author: Da Chen
  • ISBN: 9780061447587
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Sword - by Da Chen, Sword, Da Chen, Sword On the morning of Miu Miu s fifteenth birthday her mother makes a startling revelation Miu Miu s fate is to travel to the faraway city of Chang an avenge her father s death and find her true love But the evil emperor has other plans for her Defeating him will take all of Miu Miu s courage wit and martial arts experience Master storyteller Da Chen paints a vivid porOn the morning of Miu Free Download Sword - by Da Chen - Sword, Sword On the morning of Miu Miu s fifteenth birthday her mother makes a startling revelation Miu Miu s fate is to travel to the faraway city of Chang an avenge her father s death and find her true love B
  • Free Download Sword - by Da Chen
    484 Da Chen

About Author

  1. Da Chen born in 1962 in Fujian, China is a Chinese author whose works include Brothers, China s Son, Sounds of the River, Sword, and Colors of the Mountain A graduate of Beijing Language and Culture University and Columbia Law School, Da Chen lived in the Hudson Valley in New York but has recently moved to Torrance, California with his wife, the paranormal romance author Sunni, and two children Brothers has been awarded best book of 2006 by The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald and Publishers Weekly from

One thought on “Sword

  1. See of my reviews on The YA Kitten ZERO STARS.No Just no.Those are literally the only words I had for this book for the longest time and they sat in my draft for this post for weeks upon weeks, waiting for me to add to them If I could publish a review of just three words, this is the kind of book I d do it for Alas, that s not how I roll Sword sounds like a fascinating novel thanks to its Chinese focus and its roots in a tale the author heard once upon a time in China, but it s not It s an unde [...]

  2. It was an intriguing story overall I liked the theme of the story, which is what this Chinese tale is supposed to convey.

  3. Miu Miu lives in Goose Village in ancient China Before she was born, her father, a master sword maker, was killed by the emperor If Miu Miu had been born a boy, her fate would have been to avenge her father s death, but as a girl, her fate is to marry someone who will have to do the avenging for her She has been engaged since birth to Tong Ting, a boy she has never met, and she has been secretly trained by the local monks in martial arts Her mother makes a deal with the village elders to allow M [...]

  4. This is for all the Kung Fu Panda fans out there, and other kung fu movie fans Miu Miu is told the truth about her father s death on her fifteenth birthday, that he was a legendary swordmaker who made a sword for the emperor, who betrayed him, and killed him so he would never make a better sword Unbenownst to the emperor, Miu Miu s father already had, a blue female sword to balance the red male sword of the emperor, made from the same sky steel Miu Miu is also told of a betrothal to her father s [...]

  5. On the morning of her birthday, Miu Miu s mother reveals some startling information Miu Miu s father was killed by the evil emperor, and now it is her job to seek revenge But wait Girls aren t allowed to officially vow vengeance You would think that Miu Miu could just set out on her quest without this official vow nonsense, but instead, she spends much time convincing her tiny, irrelevant village that she needs to defeat the emperor After she is finally on her way, she is able to combat the empe [...]

  6. Miu Miu sets out to avenge the death of her father at the hands of the emperor with her betrothed she has never meet until they join together in the quest for revenge Beautiful language and stunning cultural details with lots of martial arts action make this a fast paced read But the story is poor and it lacks cohesion It jumps around so fast you feel like your getting whiplash The changes are very hard to follow and they do not give good justification for the characters Also the way the story i [...]

  7. Miu Miu finds out the real truth about her father when she turns fifteen Her father was a sword maker and the emperor killed him after making a special sword for him If he is dead he can make no swords again Her betrothed is supposed to avenge her father s death but instead she decides she is strong enough to take matters into her own hands In the magical, mythical fashion of Kung Fu movies, Miu Miu attempts to avenge her father leading her from one catastrophe to another Readers of this type of [...]

  8. This was a quick read I liked the concept of the story, but I wanted to learn about the characters, to see them grow and feel their love, their pain, their sorrow The entire novel was rushed, especially the ending, and left me wanting Although I only thought this novel was ok, I would recommend it to anyone who likes Kung fu or is looking to learn a little about ancient Chinese culture.

  9. I had high hopes for this book after reading the prologue I really enjoyed the prologue and wonder if Chen s Colors of the Mountain or other non fiction contains stories like that Sadly, the main story of MiuMiu and her quest disappointed.

  10. I am so glad I did not grow up in China This poor girl is damned if she does and damned if she doesn t by either her mother or the emperor or the village This honor thing of revenge, a pledge made upon a child, is ludicrous And because she didn t die, the village is against her and she must die anyway A well written novel that kept me turning the pages.

  11. An interesting world with a compelling main character However, the book seemed like it didn t know exactly what sort of a story it wanted to tell, and the story arc felt kind of off It was an okay read but I found the backstory to it being relayed to the author by an ex prisoner in communist China to be far fascinating.

  12. I think this could be appealing to boys as well as girls, even though the primary character is female Martial arts, sword play and some pretty powerful stuff Discussions about cultural differences between girls and boys, as well as honor, family and revenge I enjoyed this one, it is staying on the list.

  13. A good book for readers who are interested in the martial arts Miu Miu is a clever, brave girl who has been trained as a martial arts fighter There is a touch of romance as well Although this is a short book, there is a lot of detail about life in rural China.

  14. Da Chen is a master storyteller He had me captivated from the very first page I loved the powerful character of Miu Miu and her journey of finding her place in the world Excellent book

  15. I really enjoyed this book I like how it was a very unique story line I also found theyre chinese names funny.

  16. A pretty entertaining Chinese fairy tale I loved the powerful girl heroine and I thought that the fight scenes were very well written.

  17. Unfortunately, the prologue to this book was interesting to me than the story itself I had high hopes for it, but some of the plot transitions were awkward.

  18. kind of pointless plot, not very captivating, and unsatisfying ending also, some of the characters were rather unpleasant and their identities confusing interesting idea though

  19. definitely juvenile fiction was disappointed, felt this had a lot of potential but fans of kung fu will probably enjoy it

  20. It was, ummm, interesting Definitely a cultural look at certain aspects I did like the ending So that is always a bonus.

  21. An okay book, but I probably won t read it again The story took a little too long for me to get into, and all the descriptions of kung fu fighting were confusing for me.

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