✓ Breakthrough ↠ Ken Grimwood - Breakthrough, Breakthrough Twenty six year old Elizabeth Austin has been cured of epilepsy by a new and daring experimental treatment Tiny electrodes implanted in her brain control her seizures and restore her to a normal life
  • Title: Breakthrough
  • Author: Ken Grimwood
  • ISBN: 9780345254702
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

✓ Breakthrough ↠ Ken Grimwood, Breakthrough, Ken Grimwood, Breakthrough Twenty six year old Elizabeth Austin has been cured of epilepsy by a new and daring experimental treatment Tiny electrodes implanted in her brain control her seizures and restore her to a normal life free to repair a troubled marriage and resume an abandoned career But as part of her operation Elizabeth had agreed to have other electrodes implanted in the so calledTwenty six year ol ✓ Breakthrough ↠ Ken Grimwood - Breakthrough, Breakthrough Twenty six year old Elizabeth Austin has been cured of epilepsy by a new and daring experimental treatment Tiny electrodes implanted in her brain control her seizures and restore her to a normal life

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  • ✓ Breakthrough ↠ Ken Grimwood
    353 Ken Grimwood

About Author

  1. Ken Grimwood 1944 2003 worked in broadcast journalism for a number of years before retiring in 1988 to write full time He wrote five novels, including the award winning Replay, Breakthrough, and The Voice Outside.

One thought on “Breakthrough

  1. My third Grimwood book and I d say it s definitely my least favorite, though it s still good Has a very slow start before it really gets going in the middle and near the end I couldn t put it down This was his first book and it shows, but as always Grimwood has a knack for making a very believable character feel alive and real As for the plot itself, it felt a lot like an extended Twilight Zone episode Great atmosphere.

  2. Breakthrough was apparently Grimwood s debut novel In some ways I can tell there are times where I wanted to rush him through some of the details and the medical talk It s not that it was not enjoyable, but I was anxious to get to the good stuff In other ways I can see the same intriguing sci fi thriller that I loved so much in Replay Elizabeth has had epilepsy her whole life and has her brain implanted with electrodes that help her control her seizures with the help of a remote control transmit [...]

  3. 3 3,5 Ba lar s kt beni a k as Konu olarak g zel Epilepsi tedavisi yan nda Elizabeth beynin sessiz b lgeleriyle ilgili bir deneye g n ll oluyor Bu deney esnas nda kendini ba ka bir insan n zihninde buluyor ve o d nemde ya amak daha cazip geliyor kad na inde ya ad beyni ve bedeni ele ge irmeye al yor T bb bilgiler falan bo du beni bir ara Ama sonu ok rk t c yd K zd m o u yerde Elizabeth e Sanki kendi ya am gibi davrand e sana ne ki Tabi b yle bir sonu hak etti de diyemeyece im.

  4. Kaybolu istedi imi vermese de g zel bir kitapt , m kemmel de ildi ancak okunabilir bir roman zellikle sonu a rt c ve garipti, h l hislerim kesinle medi bu konuda ve hi de kesinle meyecek galiba lk b l mler epilepsi hastalar n z anlaman z ve empati kurman z sa l yor, bu k s mlar ok be endim, fark ndal m z artt rmam z gerekti ini bir kez daha g rm oldum.Konusu ve hikayesi ile g zel bir kitap olsa i leni ini ve Elizabeth in tav rlar n sevemedim ben, yine de g zel bir kitapt Ayr nt l yorum i in yoru [...]

  5. The first half of this book dragged for me I didn t really care about Elizabeth s childhood as an epileptic, I didn t really care about the doctor s scenes, and there was a lot of doctor character explains epilepsy surgery other medical things to layperson character that I could have done without But then Elizabeth starts to discover Jenny And it started to get good I d have liked a lot time with Jenny and Phillip If Elizabeth was in fact falling in love with Phillip, I d have liked to see of [...]

  6. Yazar n T rk eye evirilmi t m kitaplar n okudum Umar m di erleri de evirilir Grimwood hala ya asayd da daha fazla yazsayd , 70 ve 80lerde m thi kurgular yapm Hayalg c inan lmaz.

  7. What would it be like if Michael Crichton had teamed up with Nora Roberts to write a science thriller set just a couple of years in the future, and then brought in Ray Bradbury to tweak the ending I suspect the by product of that collaboration might be very much like this book.The late Ken Grimwood is not a household name I ve had his third novel, Replay, on my to read list for a while That one won a World Fantasy Award for best novel in 1988, and has a pretty strong cult following Diehard Repla [...]

  8. I was amused reading this, because I ve read Replay twice, a book I consider among my very favorites You can see that Grimwood had been playing with the idea of living other lives from the very beginning, in this, his first novel My only criticism is that Grimwood deserved a better editor, there s a lot of bloated stream consciousness and extra details that don t serve to further the plot along this would have been better as a novella I did guess at the ending, but that didn t make it less enjoy [...]

  9. Kaybolu , ergenli inden beri n betlerle bo u an epilepsi hastas 26 ya ndaki Elizabeth Austin in, yeni ve hen z deneysel a amadaki bir tedaviyi kabul etmesiyle ba l yor K z n beyninin epilepsi n betleri ge irmesine neden olan b lgelerine mikro elektrotlar yerle tiriliyor ve eline, d mesine bast nda o frekansa ak m g nderecek bir cihaz tutu turuluyor Elizabeth her krizden nce g l kokusu ald ndan, bu kokuyu duyar duymaz d meye bas yor ve y llard r hayat n kontrol eden bu krizleri ge irmekten kurtul [...]

  10. El re encuentro con esta historia fue fascinante el libro pobrecito esta con algunas hojas despegadas pero la historia que lei cuando estaba en la secundaria sigue igual de atrapante como la primera vez se trata de la historia de una mujer, que sufre de epilepsia y le hacen una operaci n experimental, donde le implantan electrodos en el cerebro para frenar los ataques pero tambi n le implantan electrodos en las zonas silenciosas del cerebro y le dan una especie de control manual, para frenar los [...]

  11. benim okudu um ilk Grimwood kitabiydi ve yazar sevdim Anlat m , olaylar aras nda kurdu u baglantilar gayet basariliydi.Heyecan hep aktifti ve s rekli bir merak icerisindeydim bu da kitab daha k sa s rede okumami ve zevk almam sa lad Kitab n sonu ile ilgili bir takim tahminler yurutebilmis ve baz lar isabetli olmu olsada en sondaki ey etkiledi beni Bu kitabin bir devami var mi bilmiyorum ama olsayd al p okumak isterdim ki bence devami gelebilecek bir sonla bitti kitap Okunabilecek zevk ve tat ald [...]

  12. This is Ken Grimwood s first novel I understand why it didn t reach the success of his most famous book Replay , however being a true Grimwood fan it was a must read My sister found this copy for me and now I am on the hunt for the remaining four books, including the one he wrote under the name of Alan Cochran And so continues my search of second hand book stalls.P.S I thought I should add that this cover is not the cover on my book Mine is a hard cover and not a mass market paperback.

  13. The story shows its age, but it isn t terribly outdated for the time it was published 1976 I liked the story, it kept me reading view spoiler I knew it wasn t going to end well, even though a part of me had hoped it would It easily symbolizes the car crash that most addictions become, if you think about it If you don t break the addiction, it can WILL be the end of you hide spoiler

  14. Olmam.Psikolojik gerilim alanda u ana kadar okudu um en anlams z kitaplardan biriydi.Hani Ken Grimwood un zihniyetini sevemedim pek, baz yerlerde midem bile buland ve ayn yerde d n p durmu gibi geldi bana Ha belki sonu kafa kar t r c yd , ama ne yaz k ki t m bir kitab kurtaracak kadar de il.

  15. The story develops slowly, but is riveting, intriguing and even a little bit horrifying all the way through Another gem from Ken Grimwood, which dates well now to track down an elusive copy of Elise.

  16. If you hate someone called Elizabeth then you would enjoy this book because author gets revenge from Elizabeth.I have never seen ending as slack as this book showever book is so excited at first.Completely disapointing

  17. Great concept Not very well written It started off slowly, but when it started to build, it was great There were some really amazing sections Not nearly as good as Replay though However, this was Grimwood s first book, so I m inclined to cut him some slack Well worth reading.

  18. I have read Replay before, and i noticed the similarity There is a coming back in time like in Replay but in a different way I am impatient to read Elise

  19. lgin bir hikaye diye d n lebilir ama ayni zamanda ciddi bir zaman kayb ok fazla t bb terimler var ve insan irite ediyor okuduk a Ben sevemedim, tavsiye de etmem.

  20. Another amazing book by the most underrated master himself Great concept, totally captivating If a talented movie director ever finds this script he s sure to see the double exposure aspect of it.

  21. Fiction books and gave lectures taking you into feeling that you live the events I think that everyone should read the book

  22. Breakthrough a Novel of a Woman in Another Time and Place 1976 a Reincarnation fantasy in which a woman cured of epilepsy develops the ability to see her past life two centuries before.

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