The Misfits

[PDF] Read ✓ The Misfits : by James Howe - The Misfits, The Misfits Kids who get called the worst names oftentimes find each other That s how it was with us Skeezie Tookis and Addie Carle and Joe Bunch and me We call ourselves the Gang of Five but there are only four
  • Title: The Misfits
  • Author: James Howe
  • ISBN: 9780689839566
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ✓ The Misfits : by James Howe, The Misfits, James Howe, The Misfits Kids who get called the worst names oftentimes find each other That s how it was with us Skeezie Tookis and Addie Carle and Joe Bunch and me We call ourselves the Gang of Five but there are only four of us We do it to keep people on their toes Make em wonder Or maybe we do it because we figure that there s one kid out there who s going to need a gang to be a pKids who get called the w [PDF] Read ✓ The Misfits : by James Howe - The Misfits, The Misfits Kids who get called the worst names oftentimes find each other That s how it was with us Skeezie Tookis and Addie Carle and Joe Bunch and me We call ourselves the Gang of Five but there are only four

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  • [PDF] Read ✓ The Misfits : by James Howe
    224 James Howe
The Misfits

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  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name See this thread for information.James Howe has written than eighty books in the thirty plus years he s been writing for young readers It sometimes confuses people that the author of the humorous Bunnicula series also wrote the dark young adult novel, The Watcher, or such beginning reader series as Pinky and Rex and the E.B White Read Aloud Award winning Houndsley and Catina and its sequels But from the beginning of his career which came about somewhat by accident after asking himself what kind of vampire a rabbit might make , he has been most interested in letting his imagination take him in whatever direction it cared to So far, his imagination has led him to picture books, such as I Wish I Were a Butterfly and Brontorina about a dinosaur who dreams of being a ballerina , mysteries, poetry in the upcoming Addie on the Inside , and fiction that deals with issues that matter deeply to him He is especially proud of The Misfits, which inspired national No Name Calling Week nonamecallingweek and its sequel Totally Joe He does not know where his imagination will take him in the next thirty plus years, but he is looking forward to finding out.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

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  1. Kids who get called the worst names oftentimes find each other That s how it was with us Skeezie Tookis and Addie Carle and Joe Bunch and me We call ourselves the Gang of Five, but there are only four of us We do it to keep people on their toes Make em wonder Or maybe we do it because we figure that there s one kid out there who s going to need a gang to be a part of A misfit, like us I do not want you thinking that I or Addie or Joe or Skeezie feel sorry for ourselves We do not Other people ma [...]

  2. By James Howe total pages 288 Misfits by James Howe is about a group of middle school students who are best friends who have been teased by many people over the years the main characters in this story are Addie, Bobby, Joe, Skeezy Bobby used to be picked on because he is over weight Addie was teased because of her height and because she was very shy Skeezy was teased because he dresses differently then most other people do Joe was always teased because he is gay These students found each other a [...]

  3. This is a wonderful book on many levels The dialogue cracks me up James Howe s characterizations are strong He is realistic about the difficulties of school social life, but avoids scaring the will to live out of the reader He is realistic, but not overly dramatic.What I love most about this book is how Bobby s thoughts are elucidated He s growing into a manhood born of the strength of character it takes to consider others something that requires a bravery rarely discussed I would be fortunate t [...]

  4. Bobby is a 12 year old tie salesman who is part of a group at his school They are not the most popular kids and people always call them names, but they don t care what other people think The gang of five consists of 4 kids Addie, Bobby, Joe and Skeezie Skeezie is the cool person of the group, hair slicked back and leather jackets Addie is the independent person, and stands for her own opinion Joe is the girly one of the group, always having one fingernail painted Finally bobby is the laid back o [...]

  5. Kids who get called the worst names oftentimes find each other That s how it was with us Skeezie Tookis and Addie Carle and Joe Bunch and me We call ourselves the Gang of Five, but there are only four of us We do it to keep people on their toes Make em wonder Or maybe we do it because we figure that there s one kid out there who s going to need a gang to be a part of A misfit, like us.Skeezie, Addie, Joe, and Bobby they ve been friends forever They laugh together, have lunch together, and get t [...]

  6. A look at the need for tolerance toward people with differences in middle school age kids A group of misfits one tough guy, one brainiac girl, one fat boy, and one boy who comes out of the closet decide to run a candidate for student class president and institute changes in the school to bring about greater tolerance for all kinds of minorities.The rating on this one would be a lot higher, probably a five, but for the irritating way Howe deals with the character Joe Joe is twelve and has already [...]

  7. In this book, Bobby, Addie, Skeezie, and Joe are the Gang of Five, a group of 4 bullying victims They all use each other to stay strong, and away from bully s They want to get rid of bullying and enforce freedom So, to do that, they come up with the Freedom Party in their school election The party represents minority s When the party is told that they can t participate in the election, they come up with the No Name Party The No Name Party represents everyone ever called a name So they are in the [...]

  8. I know that preachy, bullying is bad books are popular at the moment, but this is the worst one I ve ever read The moral of the book is supposedly that you should get to know your classmates as unique individuals rather than stereotyping them into categories like nerd and jock, but the author has hypocritically thrown together every stereotype he could think of instead of creating interesting, dynamic characters This book is insulting to every type of teenager.

  9. I read this overnight in order to help my seventh grade Godson with his back to school ELA assignment The I read it, the annoyed I got This book is rated as being age appropriate for 10 14 year olds, yet there is absolutely no way that children this age could wade through the tremendous amount of agenda driven BS that makes up the majority of the first half of the book Touted as a book about anti bullying, the book touches on homophobia, racism, police brutality, and a number of other contempo [...]

  10. In The Misfits by James Howe I found out that Joe is gay, and that he likes Colin Addie also likes Colin Skeezie is the go betweener for Addie Or in other words, he puts notes in his locker for her The teachers made them stop the Freedom party They came up with the no name party It s to stop students from being called names and being bullied any The only thing different is that DuShawn dropped out from being President Now Addie is president and Joe is vice president I wonder if the teachers woul [...]

  11. I thought this book was really important because it relates to the world now Freedom The key to anything Freedom is what makes a happy ending says bobby This book is teaching us how a label doesn t show who you are name calling is what the gang of five wants to put an end to A lot of words have been called to a lot of kids They are also showing how this election can impact the people who call the names overall, this book was sending as really good life lesson message.

  12. This book didn t get any supergreat critical response when it came out, but I found it hilarious, engaging, and full of truly sympathetic if not totally realistic characters Especially now that we re back in an election year, I bet it d work pretty great for group discussion, and there are scenes in there that d make for some killer Readers Theater probably best for middle school age kids Rock on, Howe.

  13. In chapter 18, Bobby talks to his dad about him liking a girl At the end they end up talking about his mom When this happened, it showed a lot about bobby and his dad as characters Bobby says that he doesn t want to be like his dad when he s older and that shows that he wants to be better than what is dad is making him do like work for his family and live in a trailer.

  14. I won t ever let my kids read this book I don t want my kids to be told that being gay is okay when they are so impressionable.

  15. A must read for Middle Schoolers Great Grade 6 book with lots to say about fitting in and tolerance Thoughtful, compassionate and one of those great books that leaves you hopeful.

  16. In other words people who are misfits because they re just who they are instead of fits who are like everybody else Because when you get down to it, thinking of somebody as 100% human seriously gets in the way of hating them Some people get a royal flush and some get a pair of deuces And some people get nothing but a string of cards that no matter how they re played will never add up to a winning hand The business of really knowing people, deep down, including your own self, it is not something [...]

  17. I really liked this book and the diversity of the characters in it It went into student government which I m normally not interested in, however this book kept me entertained I enjoyed it and would recommend it to a friend.

  18. This is one of the best coming of age novels I have ever read I felt connected to some of the characters, specifically Addie, and I was intrigued by the idea of approaching the topic of name calling through a middle school election Both of these things made The Misfits hard to put down.

  19. In The Misfits , which takes place in Paintbrush Falls, New York, present time, the protagonist Bobby is in middle school and is an outcast because of his weight He stays with his group of friends and other outcasts Skeezie, the down to earth and mellow Elvis lover, Addie, a tall and very smart girl, and Joe, who is so creative and flamboyant that bullies follow him everywhere Together, they call themselves the Gang of Five, and hold forums every Friday to talk about there issues.Addie protests [...]

  20. The Sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt me statement is one of the most inaccurate sayings of all time Words do hurt in any way, shape or form The Misfits was one of the greatest books I ve ever read It was very inspiring, encouraging and amazing The main character, Bobby, is an overweight boy in the seventh grade who has been bullied for years from name calling Although he has been called all of those names, he has three incredibly, great friends Addie, Joe and Skeez [...]

  21. The same criticisms that could be leveled at Howe s Bunnicula books apply to The Misfits, I suppose But one person s corny and saccharine can be another s funny and sweet The Misfits broadened my appreciation for Howe, with its sophisticated plot and themes aimed at the middle school audience, and its style, which alters between the first person narration of seventh grader Bobby Godspeed and the stage format minutes of the meetings of his ousider group at Paintbrush Falls Middle School, known as [...]

  22. PARTIAL SPOILERThings that turned me off at first 1 I had to read it for schoold you never know with that.2 It apparently was for ages 8 12, and I thought that that would make it utterly stupid.3 The name itselfThe Misfits Just sounds like something that I wouldn t want to read, I don t know why.4 James Howe wrote the Bunicula series and wasn t that for kinda younger people Well, I love this book SO NOT WHAT I EXPECTED.It got me thinking about things took place in my grade, so I could relate I m [...]

  23. The Misfits by James Howe is a book about a group of seventh grade students who are labeled as misfits, and constantly bullied with foul names, but do not let it deter them from enjoying life The plot of this novel revolves around a group of five friends who decide to run for student body council together on a freedom ticket, meaning they create their own political party This newly organized party runs on the assumption that everyone is sick and tired of being labeled and taunted with hurtful ni [...]

  24. This book started out very good, but the ending was so unrealistic that it ruined the end of the book I think that it gives false hope to kids who are having a hard time in middle school that once you grow up all of your dreams and even will come true This book was well written and got you very connected, but still had many flaws Overall, this book was pretty good, but I wouldn t recommend it for someone else to read This book is about four kids who call themselves the gang of five They are als [...]

  25. This book is one that I found at the thrift shop and I chose it based off of the description and author I ve read Howe s Bunnicula books, but I didn t know that he wrote young adult books as well This one might technically be considered middle grade fiction since the characters are 12 and in middle school.The book is written from the perspective of Bobby Goodspeed and it s about him reflecting on the time in seventh grade when him and his friends Addie, Joe and Skeezie ran for student council as [...]

  26. I felt that the book, The Misfits, was good It had a good message I thought that the main section of the book started a little too late I thought that the book was bad at first because nothing really happened until near the end of the book Besides that I thought that it was good In the book, Bobby, the narrator, is in the Gang of Five His friends, Joe, Addie and Skeezie, are bullied a lot throughout the book The Gang of Five has always tried to ignore the bullying, but they decided to put an end [...]

  27. I loved this book We read it in my English class It made me laugh in some situations, and it made me cry in other situations It was a real page turner It was funny, it was upsetting, and I loved it The misfits is about four kids that are being made fun of in school Their names are Bobby Goodspeed narrator main character , Addie Carle leader like, likes a popular boy , Joe Bunch homosexual, likes the same boy as Addie , and Skeezie Tookis, eats like a pig,greaser The plot is that Bobby and his fr [...]

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