The Tower of Ravens

[PDF] The Tower of Ravens | by ☆ Kate Forsyth - The Tower of Ravens, The Tower of Ravens Bestselling author Kate Forsyth s mesmerizing return to the magical land of Eileanan Condemned for lacking the horns so prized by her people One Horn s daughter must escape by riding one of the legen
  • Title: The Tower of Ravens
  • Author: Kate Forsyth
  • ISBN: 9780451460325
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] The Tower of Ravens | by ☆ Kate Forsyth, The Tower of Ravens, Kate Forsyth, The Tower of Ravens Bestselling author Kate Forsyth s mesmerizing return to the magical land of Eileanan Condemned for lacking the horns so prized by her people One Horn s daughter must escape by riding one of the legendary flying horses to freedom if she can stay on its back long enough But to save a land where the dead walk and ghosts haunt the living this strange feral girl renamed RBestsell [PDF] The Tower of Ravens | by ☆ Kate Forsyth - The Tower of Ravens, The Tower of Ravens Bestselling author Kate Forsyth s mesmerizing return to the magical land of Eileanan Condemned for lacking the horns so prized by her people One Horn s daughter must escape by riding one of the legen

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  • [PDF] The Tower of Ravens | by ☆ Kate Forsyth
    315 Kate Forsyth
The Tower of Ravens

About Author

  1. Kate Forsyth wrote her first novel at the age of seven, and is now the internationally bestselling author of 40 books for both adults and children Her books for adults include Beauty in Thorns , the true love story behind a famous painting of Sleeping Beauty The Beast s Garden , a retelling of the Grimm version of Beauty the Beast , set in the German underground resistance to Hitler in WWII The Wild Girl , the love story of Wilhelm Grimm and Dortchen Wild, the young woman who told him many of the world s most famous fairy tales Bitter Greens , a retelling of the Rapunzel fairytale and the bestselling fantasy series Witches of Eileanan Her books for children include The Impossible Quest , The Gypsy Crown , The Puzzle Ring , and The Starkin Crown Kate has a doctorate in fairytale studies, a Masters of Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, and is an accredited master storyteller.

One thought on “The Tower of Ravens

  1. I enjoyed this fantasy set in Eileanan some 25 years after the events of The Witches of Eileanan Under the rule of Lachlan the Winged, the witches are slowly rebuilding their towers and schools and restoring peace and prosperity to the land Talented youngsters with magical abilities are brought into the capital Lucescere to be apprentice witches and trained in the magic arts One such caravan escorting a group of apprentices comes across a wild girl, Rhiannon who has captured a flying horse to es [...]

  2. Review in sch nerer Form auf neylakunta.wordpress 2016Fakten ber das Buch Verlag BlanvaletSeitenzahl 577ISBN 978 3 641 16829 2Preis 6,99 Lesezeitraum 7 7 16 10 7 16Kurzbeschreibung Rhiannon geh rt zu einem Stamm von Satyricorns Wesen, die auch als Geh rnte bezeichnet werden, die meist weit abgeschieden der St dte und D rfner, in den Bergen Eileanns leben Schlecht ist nur, wenn einem keine H rner wachsen, weil der Vater kein Geh rnter war F r die meisten Kein Horns sieht es schlecht aus, sie habe [...]

  3. This book could have been simply phenomenal if it had done various things differently The plot was good, the characters were good, and the author is wonderful at descriptions.Sadly, however, it drags on far too much, concentrating on particularly uninteresting things within the dialogue like how everyone is faring at court, and histories involving too many long names The dialogue is by far the author s weakest point The characters are nearly all inconsistent or flat, which doesn t help either Th [...]

  4. California Vacation Read 4 The last of a disastrous selection of books brought with me for the trip, the only one I bothered to bring back, and that only because I needed a book for the flight home The single worst disappointment of the lot.The short version of this review is I didn t like it.This book was recommended to me with universal praise on all sides, and I was terribly eager to read it because, hey, there are flying horses And the title character Rhiannon is great I loved her inhumanity [...]

  5. I wanted to read some of Kate Forsyth s work after hearing her speak at a writer s conference She is a great teacher and knew a lot about the craft.This is the first book of her s I ve actually read It is a lot better written than a lot of fantasy, but I found the climax a bit irritating, as the main characters did not do the really obvious things they should have to right the situation, and there was no clear reason why Also, while I appreciate a female main character who isn t sickly sweet, th [...]

  6. Ughhhhh.Now I vaguely remember disliking this book when I first read it Figures.The Tower of Ravens does not get much better on the reread the first one being yeeaarrrsss ago when it first came out I found myself growing massively irritated by pretty much all of the characters and the plot, not to mention the romance that made me want to bash my head against something.So let s tackle this in order First the characters You have Rhiannon, who has tamed a winged horse through magic, essentially , a [...]

  7. InhaltRhiannon geh rt zum Volk der Satyricorns Tief in den Bergen lebt sie versteckt mit ihrem Stamm Doch sie ist anders als alle anderen Sie hat weder H rner noch Hufe, was sie zur Au enseiterin macht Nicht nur das, sie ist eine Schande f r den Stamm und es kann immer passieren das sie get tet wird An einem Tag sieht Rhiannon eine Herde gefl gelter Pferde und entwickelt einen Fluchtplan Ungewollt kommt ihr dabei ein Mensch zu Hilfe, der von ihrem Stamm gefangen wurde.Nach einem tragischen Kampf [...]

  8. Very rarely does a fantasy novel manage to take you into its world from the first page and refuse to let you go until the ending More often than not, stories in a series get you hooked into its magical world, then leave you hanging as you breathlessly await the next installment Not so with Kate Forsyth s THE TOWER OF THE RAVENS For those who have never visited her world of Eileanan in books such as THE POOL OF TWO MOONS or THE CURSED TOWERS, never fear THE TOWER OF THE RAVENS is a fantasy epic t [...]

  9. Looking at the other reviews, I m apparently not the only one that started this series without reading her previous books, The Witches of Eileanan This trilogy jumps about 25 years into the future, if I read it correctly Really good, really enjoyable I was a bit slower in the reading, since the week has been gorgeous out and I ve been busy outside, but I can t wait for a quiet day to continue on.

  10. I want to start off saying that I really liked this specific book I thought the world was interesting and beautiful, and I really enjoyed the complexity and the perspectives of the main characters That being said this book is no where near a stand alone novel and I have to view it in it s complete form There trilogy itself i find extremely frustrating, because as beautiful as the world is and as much as I truly wanted to learn and follow Rhiannon and her adventures and with her discover this wo [...]

  11. The Tower of Ravens reintroduces the magical world of Eileanan, some 25 odd yearsafter the end of the Bright Wars In that time, peace has reined under the rule of Lachlan the Winged, the witches are slowly rebuilding their towers and schools, and both witches and Faerie are finding acceptance amongst the populace, who had once participated in the witch hunts that had decimated their kind.The Tower of Ravens begins high in the mountain ranges that are home to some of the wilder faerie and to Rhia [...]

  12. Kate Forsyth is best known for her last series the Witches of Eileanan which I haven t read This book is the first book in her latest series Rhiannon s Ride Rhiannon s Ride is a trilogy Overall this was an excellent and very solid fantasy For me it fell somewhere between and epic type of fantasy and an adventure fantasy The first book is of an adventure fantasy.This book starts out with No Horn a half satrycorn girl who is in danger on being killed by the satrycorn tribe because she has not yet [...]

  13. And with this book, I have officially hit 50 books before December 31st and it leaves me in time to maybe squeeze in a few So hah HAH Victory over the book mound Actually completing a NYE resolution for once is so sweet Oh You were wondering about the book So there s a girl named Rhiannon, who s kind of cool, but the narrative raises her on a holy bed in the sense that the only girl with the temerity to dislike her is painted as a total bitch, despite the fact that our protagonist, being raised [...]

  14. This is the first book in a follow on trilogy from Forsyth s first series, The Witches of Eileanan, which I haven t read The characters from that first series are older and largely in the background here, with the spotlight going to Rhiannon A satyricorn girl who didn t grow her horns, Rhiannon escapes her herd by taming a winged horse, but not before she is forced to kill a man She falls in with some travelling witch apprentices on their way to the Theurgia, the witch school, in the capital Luc [...]

  15. I had no idea what I was to expect when I picked up the Tower of Raven s at my school s library I had mixed feelings since I had trouble even getting half way through the slow moving fantasy book I had tried to read before it It was starred less than the Tower of Raven s on but I didn t bother checking before I started The Tower of Raven s did not disappoint The dialogue amongst characters and the expressions of both Rhiannon and Lewen were rather amusing that at times I couldn t at all help lau [...]

  16. Der erste Teil der neuen Trilogie einer meiner Lieblingsautorinnen spielt in der Welt Eileanan, die ich bereits in der 9 teiligen Reihe Der magische Schl ssel lieben gelernt habe Und schnell erlag ich wieder der faszinierenden Kombination aus vielen verschiedenen Wesen und diesem besonderen Stil von Kate Forsyth Detailliert, ruhig und liebevoll beschreibt sie Eileanan und die Figuren, so dass ich mir ber einen schweren Zugang oder fehlende N he keinerlei Sorgen machen muss.Man trifft einige alte [...]

  17. I started reading this series after finishing the Witches of Eileanan, my favourite book series EVER, because I liked the idea of this series continuing on from the Witches of Eileanan 20 years in the future and I was happy to find that many of the characters from the previous series were included I certainly enjoyed this book and will be reading the next two but something I have noticed about Kate Forsyth s writing style is that she includes far too much romance, maybe it s because I m not a fe [...]

  18. I haven t read any of Kate Forsyth s long running Witches of Eileanan series, and this trilogy of books is set sometime after the events in that series It doesn t really hinder a new reader, but there s clearly a lot of backstory and history for some of the characters which is brushed over or awkwardly articulated in little mental monologues In The Tower of Ravens, a half satyricorn kind of horned fairies girl, called Rhiannon, who escapes her herd, on a winged horse, and discovers the world of [...]

  19. I originally read this and the second book when it first came out, but for some reason never finished the trilogy I ve finally bought the third one, so I am re reading the first two I ll add to this review once I m done Edit After re reading this book, I changed my rating to five stars I d forgotten how much I love Forsyth s style, I think her descriptions are vivid without labouring the point, and the way she writes the dialogue is evocative too Scottish without being inteligible The other thin [...]

  20. Nina and Iven service the crown by finding and escorting prospective Theurgia students to Lucescere On this particular journey, they are accompanied by the chief protagonists of the series Lewen, son of Lilanthe and Niall, returning from a visit home and Rhiannon, a feral, half satyricorn thigearna, who recently escaped execution at the hands of her herd for failing to develop horns on maturity News of the murder of a Yeoman causes the group to take a shortcut through lands rud to be haunted by [...]

  21. The first time I read it I had not read the Witches of Eileanen series I liked it then, but felt there was something I was missing, and boy was I right Having now read the entire witches of Eileanan series the experience of reading this book is much much richer Kate says theoretically, you should be able to read the Rhiannon s Ride Trilogy without having read the Witches Series what ever the classification for 6 books is However I would not recommend it Kate is an AWSOME character creator and I [...]

  22. I really loved the beginning of this book Rihannon was forceful and fidgety but strong and magical in her way Her loyalty is fierce and her need for freedom wonderful I loved the parts with her and Blackthorn and how they bond Even travelling with the witches was fun for a bit until we entered a world with intrigue and courtly ways Her crush on Lewen was even cute and then it just became not fun I don t want to spoil it because it was great with ghosts and evil people she could stop but looking [...]

  23. This book is a very well rounded story about a girl who is misunderstood and isolated by her own people people used loosely Forsyth seems to know exactly when to put certain elements into the plot and when not to If flows so well And the story has everything in it fantasy, adventure, suspense, romance, drama, a little horror if you ask me I really could nt put it down The Tower of Ravens is unlike anything I ve ever read and it has given me a new respect for adult fantasy It reached levels of in [...]

  24. I loved this series so much that I went out and bought it after reading it twice in a row It helps if you read the Witches of Eileanan first before you read this series, but the first time I read this series I wasn t totally lost and I really enjoyed it Kate Forsyth writes in a Celtic accent, it is really different from anything I ve read before, but it made it all the intriguing and fun to read The story was good and the characters are well developed It s really original, I ve read a lot of bo [...]

  25. A wild, beautiful, strange young woman who is half Satyricon escapes from her herd after she kills a human man Stealing his effects since doing so is a right of conquest, Rhiannon then bravely manages to tame a winged horse enough to ride it away over the mountains She meets Lewen, whose family takes her in Rhiannon joins Lewen and his friends on their way back to the Tower of the Two Moons, where Lewen is studying to be a full fledged witch Because they are pressed for time the group travels th [...]

  26. I m a few chapters in, and I m a bith I m hoping it picks up, but so far I m having trouble engaging with the characters Maybe it s that the two protagonists backgrounds are so black and white, and it doesn t engage me Pushing on.Still so on the fence Some things I want to find out about, and some parts of this drive me nuts Maybe it s the tenuous situation of the female protagonist Maybe it s not.November update had to go back through interlibrary loan I was not invested enough to try to skim [...]

  27. This series was a tragedy I kept reading because the writing and accents were really different than what I m used to Also the many races brought out were pretty neat It certainly had grip, but not in the right way There are my two stars.I m not opposed to corniness, but beware there is an abundance of it.I wasn t moved by the characters, or their highschool drama If you like to read vampire fanfiction yet are tired of vampires and would like the story to be complete, then this may be for you If [...]

  28. The first in a trilogy set in Eileanan It is many years after the events in the Witches of Eileanan series There are still some of the same characters, but they play a secondary role This series focuses on Rhiannon, a satyricorn girl who leaves her herd to save her life and goes to try to live among humans Adventures and love ensue I actually read this trilogy before I read the Witches of Eileanan It was my first exposure to Kate Forsyth, and she made a lifelong reader out of me with this.

  29. REALLY loved this final book in the series and am very sad the saga has ended.I love discovering an writer and then finding all their previous writings bc if its a series like this you get to read the back to back and you dont forget the plot lines bc its been so long bw books.The characters were well fleshed out and I didnt see a few twists coming although the happy ending was predictable but only to a certain degree.The accents didnt jar like they did in the very first book and you can now cal [...]

  30. Nah, not going to finish this one It s a pretty standard plot, which wouldn t be bad, but she writes in acccent Augh, the Scots brogue is driving me crazy I got 70 some pages in and just had to say no, no .

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