Dark Magic

Unlimited Dark Magic - by Christine Feehan - Dark Magic, Dark Magic They were masters of the darkness searching through eternity for a mistress of the lightWould she find magic or madness in his dark embrace Young Savannah Dubrinsky is a mistress of illusion a world
  • Title: Dark Magic
  • Author: Christine Feehan
  • ISBN: 9780505523891
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Unlimited Dark Magic - by Christine Feehan, Dark Magic, Christine Feehan, Dark Magic They were masters of the darkness searching through eternity for a mistress of the lightWould she find magic or madness in his dark embrace Young Savannah Dubrinsky is a mistress of illusion a world famous magician capable of mesmerizing millions But there is one Gregori the Dark One who holds her in terrifying thrall Whose cold silver eyes and heated sensuality seThey were masters o Unlimited Dark Magic - by Christine Feehan - Dark Magic, Dark Magic They were masters of the darkness searching through eternity for a mistress of the lightWould she find magic or madness in his dark embrace Young Savannah Dubrinsky is a mistress of illusion a world

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  • Unlimited Dark Magic - by Christine Feehan
    469 Christine Feehan
Dark Magic

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  1. Christine Feehan is a 1 New York Times bestselling author multiple times over with her portfolio including over 50 published novels, including five series Dark Series, Ghostwalker Series, Leopard Series, Drake Sisters Series, the Sisters of the Heart Series All five series hit the 1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list as well Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature PEARL in 1999 Since then she has been published by various publishing houses including Leisure Books, Pocket Books, and currently is writing for Berkley Jove She also has earned 7 PEARL awards since Dark Prince HER WORDS I ve been a writer all of my life it is who I am I write for myself and always have The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is such a miracle to me I read everything I mean everything All kinds of books, even encyclopedias I am fascinated by the written word and I love storytellers It is a great privilege to be counted one myself christinefeehan

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  1. 5 Her dark one Stars The five years I allotted you your freedom have been hell for me and dangerous to anyone I came into contact with I am very close to turning, and it is too late for me to seek the dawn It was necessary for the safety of all concerned that I come for you now GregoriFirst read June 2012 reread January 14 2016Reread January 23 2017 Spoilers And just for the record, your mind needs to be washed out with soap Half the things you think we re going to do are never going to happen I [...]

  2. Gregori is the Ultimate Alpha Male He gets 2.5 Arrogant Alpha Stars Gregori is a hunter of rogue vampires He is all powerful and known among his people as The Dark One He serves nothing but justice to Carpathian males that have turned evil The only thing that prevents Carpathian males from turning rogue, is a Lifemate Their Lifemate becomes their anchor and keeps them sane.For years Gregori has known that he is losing touch with his humanity He no longer sees the world in color, but in black and [...]

  3. Imagine waiting long centuries for your mate, on the very edge of madness That is the fate of Gregori I really loved his character I loved that he was an incredible hero but also a destroyer of their enemy, the Carpathians that lose their soul and become evil, soulless killers Gregori might be too much for some romance fans He is an intense guy and he is obsessed with Savannah in a way that might be scary in a real live guy But it worked for this book If you don t like uber possessive, aka stalk [...]

  4. At last, we get Gregori s book Most readers who started the Carpathian series at the beginning with Dark Prince, have been waiting for our ancient warrior to get his happily ever after and with Dark Magic, the wait is over We only had to wait four books And for me, the wait was worth it Gregori is one of the oldest and the deadliest of Carpathian men As with all the men of his kind, he lost the ability to feel emotions and see in color when he turned 200 He s nearly a thousand now And he is dang [...]

  5. UUUUGH Ok, this is the worst I had seen this series floating around, SO popular, and I decided to give it a whirl, got 2 books I try not to be critical but these Carpathian dudes are too much to tolerate I mean, Alpha is one thing, but they re controlling, condescending and borderline abusive NOT FOR ME Ugh She writes a pretty good racy scene and that s the best I can say about it I wanted to punch the dudes in these books

  6. 4.5 stars I was so excited to read Grigori s book but worried it would be a let down I am happy to report that I was not let down I loved watching Grigori fall head over heals for Savannah and do exactly the things he often mocked Mikail and Aidan over with their women Their first sexual experience did not go well Thank goodness Savannah did not turn completely crazy and he managed to make up for it I loved Savannah She was independent and fierce Yet once she got over her short lived meltdown ov [...]

  7. This book is so good I loved it It is very well written, interesting, and the reader really gets to know the characters Gregori is an awesome hero He was so sweet in his own way He started out gruff and cold, but it wasn t long until he was joking, laughing and being tender Savannah was a spitfire I understood how she felt, but I didn t like that she hurt Gregori s feelings when she kept saying she wanted to live on her own I liked her a lot when she went all in with him and became the lifemate [...]

  8. This is the fourth book in the series, and I have to say it s wearing a little thin Well, I don t expect great things from it, and they re enjoyable for what they are, but Feehan s writing is very unimpressive and starts to get annoying pretty quickly.This is Gregori s story One of the ancients, the second oldest Carpathian alive , he is revered and feared among his own kind for the ruthless hunter that he is No Carpathian is powerful or knowledgable If he turns, nothing will be able to stop h [...]

  9. This was difficult to rate my reaction than a review.The first 30% was somewhat disturbing I worry how Savannah s response to the dubious consensual scene could be upsetting triggering to some even though it made sense in the context of the Dark Carpathian culture in which neither lifemate party really has a choice.I did like how Savannah quickly came to accept her lot quickly compared to heroines in previous books and worked her way almost into a side kick role by the end of the story She is t [...]

  10. I thought the first book was bad Nothing compared to the forth one Rape, pedophiles, domination and not in bed choose your pick And all of it boring to death yes, sex too sigh I know I prefer heroines who kick, rather than kiss, ass Still I enjoy pararomance and their domineering males I may appreciate soulmates, but not lifemates when this means no choice whatsoever, a woman turned into a slave forced even in her mind nope, no way.

  11. My review is based mostly on the series itself and not 2 much on Dark Magic.I have read the first five books in Feehan s Dark Series Once u ve read one of these books u have read them all They are EXTREMELY repetitive Everything is described as being velvet All the women are the same long hair velvet hair mind you past their hips, narrow ribcages and small waist which empahsize their full breast They are all petite and fragileme characteristics personalities u name it The only thing Feehan does [...]

  12. Oh, this one was outstanding I d been anxious for Gregori s story, and it didn t disappoint He s the ultimate bad boy and, though it isn t very P.C of me, I loved the depth of Gregori s love for his lifemate, his passion, his extreme protectiveness and even his jealousy The unexpected touches of humor and the humans you will come to know are just icing on this delicious cake Now, I m looking ahead to Julian

  13. Another great read by Feehan It gives me immense pleasure to read a Hero who had not succumbed to other womenhe was emotionless inside and only his mate would cure him, hence, he would only wait for her How exceptional Absolutely safe read

  14. Okay, I m addicted to this world despite all the repetition in the writing and overuse of phrases I think part of it is the actually interesting world building that s going on A lot of paranormal romance doesn t bother much with that It s ALL about the romance sex and the surrounding myths and supporting rules of the world are skimmed over This is heavily skewed toward the romance, but there is also world building as well.Obviously I m a fan of romance, but I m also a big horror novel fan and kn [...]

  15. I read this book when it was 1st released This was the book that stopped me from reading CF for years because I hated the H I thought he was a jackass He basically view spoiler rapes the h the 1st time they have sex This stops him from turning into a vampire hide spoiler I thought he was cold to the h.Years later I re read liked it Lol I liked the H but the h annoyed me On the 2nd read I understood emphasized with the H about the above spoiler He literally was losing his soul had no idea what w [...]

  16. 4 starsThis was a very good addition to the series Savannah annoyed me during the first part of the book but she was much likable once she merged with Gregori a few times and got her head on straight Gregori was pretty much what you d expect from seeing him in previous books.Savannah is the daughter of Mikhail and Raven, The prince and princess of the Carpathian people Raven was a human that was turned Carpathian when she mated with Mikhail Unfortunately, this book makes it seem like Raven neve [...]

  17. I tried, I really did This is book 4 in a long series Read book 1, enjoyed it Read book 2, thought it was ok Skipped book 3 because I didn t care about the main characterwhat I was really interested in was Gregori, the hero of this story.Christine Feehan created a very enigmatic character in Gregori and I really wanted this story to redeem the series for me, but I quit reading on page 21 I can t take it any.Feehan is a gifted story teller, but I grow tired of the following Characters are always [...]

  18. DNF on page 25, because Gregori is an obnoxious, possessive, creepy, stalking alpha I get the fantasy, but not in the mood for this BYE.

  19. Con este libro tuve sentimientos encontrados por la personalidad del prota pero igual ha terminado gustandome la historia Ya en una rese a les contar m s

  20. I really looked forward to reading Gregori s story after him popping in and out of the previous Dark Series Novels He was portrayed as one of the strongest, fiercest, darkest of the cast of characters He operated by a different set of rules He was an unknown, mystery, ancient force H e was the boogie man to Carpathian children Even grown men were a little uncomfortable around him at times He reminded me of Controlled Power In Dark Desire I especially loved the parts where he interacts with Savan [...]

  21. I might need a breather from from this series It never takes me over a week to read a book I loved this hero I just kept getting so bored and it seemed like so much repetitive stuff that I just couldn t stay engaged Liked this heroine a lot and honestly there were so many beautiful parts that I highlighted quite a lot But so many times I would get just tired And bored and would have to go read something else for a while I would have liked to see romance at the end It ended abruptly after dragg [...]

  22. Dark Magic is the story of Gregori and Savannah.We know from book one that the healer Gregori, The dark one was reaching the end of his life, until he decides he will find his mate in Raven s daughter who would be his redemption a progression we see in book 2 and 3.In this book, Savannah is all grown up and a magician illusionist living in USA, until she finds her closest friend Peter murdered and back in the arms of her soulmate Gregori They both deal with their intense passion for each other, [...]

  23. While the writing was good, and the characters compelling, the story could not keep my attention It picked up once they got to New Orleans, but it still wasn t enough to make me feel like I really enjoyed this book 3 stars

  24. If you ve read any of this woman s supernatural romance, then you know how this book reads I lost count how many times she used the word velvet I m really not a romance reader, so by the end of the book I was skipping the sex scenes skimming the repetitive bits about how perfect they were for each other, yadda yadda yadda, and was trying to finish reading the bits with some actual plot in it.I think what really bothered me were the inacuracies about NOLA I ve never lived there myself, but I ve v [...]

  25. This is the story of the Carpathian healer Gregori and his lifemate Savannah, the daughter of Mikhail and Raven Savannah is 23 and faced with the daunting prospect of what is the equivalent to an arranged marriage with a much older and very scary man Unbelievably, it doesn t take her long to overcome her fears and accept Gregori for what he is What is it with the Carpathian males, thinking they are so special that a woman must do as they demand every time Gregori is not just an alpha male, he is [...]

  26. I think i have officially lost my patience with this author.Everything about this series is hopelessly repetitive From the plot Uber Alpha male finds his lifemate The chosen woman always whines about being bossed around initially, but that aspect is usually quickly forgotten Someone threatens the couple s happiness safety Again, that is usually quickly and far too easily resolved Lifemates have their HEA e phrasing, and in the case of this book, Dark Magic, even the actual dialogue, and descript [...]

  27. How s about half a star I know many people love Feehan, but I just cannot bring myself to like her writing The novels I ve read so far, Dark Magic included, seem best summed up by the phrase all talk, no action Feehan favors exhaustive exposition as opposed to furthering a plot If you prefer to remain inside the characters heads for the duration and relish flowery, over the top emotional tangents, this series is for you We spend the entire novel focusing on the characters feelings and doubts and [...]

  28. Summary Savannah Dubrinsky, is the daughter of Raven and Mikhail, the prince of the Carpathian people When she learns that Gregori, the infamous Dark One is her intented lifemate, known as the boogie man of their people, the most respected and feared of their kind, she knows at eighteen years old she is not ready to tie herself to such a creature So she pleads for time, five years in the states Gregori has lived for centuries, one of the oldest of their kind, he knows he will not be a easy mate, [...]

  29. This is the book I ve been waiting for since the first book From the beginning Gregori was such a mesmerizing character But what really made me give this book five stars, was Savannah s character Feehan has written a strong female, who stands on her own and who is so much than just an accessory to the leading male as it usually is in this male dominant genre.There are parts in this book view spoiler especially when Gregori loses his selfcontrol with Savannah after waiting for his mate for all t [...]

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