At the Edge of the Universe

At the Edge of the Universe Best Download || [Shaun David Hutchinson] - At the Edge of the Universe, At the Edge of the Universe Tommy and Ozzie have been best friends since second grade and boyfriends since eighth They spent countless days dreaming of escaping their small town and then Tommy vanished More accurately he cease
  • Title: At the Edge of the Universe
  • Author: Shaun David Hutchinson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition

At the Edge of the Universe Best Download || [Shaun David Hutchinson], At the Edge of the Universe, Shaun David Hutchinson, At the Edge of the Universe Tommy and Ozzie have been best friends since second grade and boyfriends since eighth They spent countless days dreaming of escaping their small town and then Tommy vanished More accurately he ceased to exist erased from the minds and memories of everyone who knew him Everyone except Ozzie Ozzie doesn t know how to navigate life without Tommy and soon suspects that At the Edge of the Universe Best Download || [Shaun David Hutchinson] - At the Edge of the Universe, At the Edge of the Universe Tommy and Ozzie have been best friends since second grade and boyfriends since eighth They spent countless days dreaming of escaping their small town and then Tommy vanished More accurately he cease

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  • At the Edge of the Universe Best Download || [Shaun David Hutchinson]
    454 Shaun David Hutchinson
At the Edge of the Universe

About Author

  1. Shaun is a major geek and all about nerdy shenanigans He is the author of We Are the Ants, The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley, The Deathday Letter, fml, and the editor of the anthology Violent Ends Find out information at shaundavidhutchinson He currently lives in South Florida with his dog and watches way too much Doctor Who.

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  1. Did you ever get the feeling you and an author would be great friends or perhaps mortal enemies , simply based on the books they write and the way they tell stories Even if that s irrational as thinking you d be great friends with a television character, I still believe that from time to time.Near the top of my list would be Shaun David Hutchinson, who absolutely slayed me with We Are the Ants see my original review , which was in the top five of the best books I read last year Now he s back wit [...]

  2. I didn t even need to check my phone to know that the universe had shrunk again, and the stars had vanished.No They hadn t vanished I d given them away to someone who hadn t deserved them, and I d never get them back trigger warnings in this book for rape, statutory rape, racism, child abuse, graphic violence, self harm, drugs, homophobia, ableismI don t think its any secret I was a massive fan of Shaun David Hutchinson s 2016 release, We Are the Ants, so his newest release was high on my 2017 a [...]

  3. So instead of aliens trying to blow up the human homeland, the universe is now shrinking With most authors I d be skeptical, but after We Are the Ants, Shaun David Hutchinson could write about rockette monkeys performing Chicago on Mars and I d read it After Actually Reading the Book Don t get so focused on where you re going that you forget the people yo re travelling with There s no point reaching a destination if you arrive alone After the god send known as We Are the Ants, I was so excited f [...]

  4. I m in PAIN trying to decide what I think about this one There were some parts I loved so much I can actually feel my soul crumpling But I wasn t a fan of a the overall message, or b how selfish the narrator was And like I get the point was that he was selfish, but it all just ended and I felt really BLEH Which is frustrating because I truly would say THIS IS A GOOD BOOK and then I d definitely recommend it So I just am torn It s the end of the year ok I m tired I have not eaten enough fruit min [...]

  5. The universe is shrinking which is a central theme in this story, but the science fiction never dominates the deeper issues and personal growth Shaun David Hutchinson is brilliant at the way he maneuvers huge life situations while keeping a causal perspective quality in his writing at the same time Wonderful characters Ozzie and Tommy are gaybut it s never their gayness that stands out Again I can t say enough about Shaun David Hutchinson His focus is on Ozzie s and Tommy s feelings toward each [...]

  6. it was good and it was gay and that should be enough to get you to read italso can Shaun David Hutchinson STOP DAMAGING ME.

  7. i gotta say, this is my second book by shaun david hutchinson and the ideas this guy comes up with just blows my mind, i think i want to live in his mind because it would just be so cool i will admit one thing, i wish i had read this book before we are the ants because all i was doing throughout the story was comparing at the edge of the universe to we are the ants and obviously i loved we are the ants and for me this book wasn t as good i think if i had read this book first it would have been a [...]

  8. 2 Stars It s impossible to let go of the people we love Pieces of them remain embedded inside of us like shrapnel Every breath causes those fragments to burrow through our muscles, nearer to our hearts And we think the pain will kill us, but it won t eventually scar tissue forms around those twisted splinters like cocoons They remain part of us, bus slowly hurt less At least, I hoped they would Ozzie s boyfriend, Tommy disappeared two months ago No one looking for him, not the police and not eve [...]

  9. This was my first book by SDH and I ve been so hyped about his work that this could have easily gone the it didn t live up to my expectations way But It didn t I have no idea what I expected from this in terms of plot and characters but I can say that it was definitely worth the hype I say hype but how come only around 1800 people have rated this on How Anyway, I don t have a copy of this any because I read it on Riveted, so this is a short review with no quotes or anything, but you should defin [...]

  10. It definitely is no secret that At The Edge Of The Universe was probably my most anticipated book of the year After reading We Are The Ants last year and completely falling in love with it, I was ready to read absolutely everything ever written by Shaun David Hutchinson What I LikedThe writing Shaun David Hutchinson just has this way of completely pulling you in with his writing There s just something so beautiful and magical about it For those of you who know me, you know that my attention span [...]

  11. Don t get so focused on where you re going that you forget the people you re travelling with There s no point reaching a destination if you arrive alone 4.5 I don t even know what to say this book was incredibly painful and beautiful and why has not people read this already This is amazing Shaun David Hutchinson is amazing I loved the main character Ozzie and I loved seeing the story develop around him, seeing him grew up and master his anxiety and his fears He s a deeply unperfect and relatabl [...]

  12. JUST POSTED MY FULL REVIEW this is a first omg y all better appreciate my efforts this was my first book by shaun david hutchinson and holy shit, i wasn t ready.i found myself being able to relate to the characters a lot especially calvin and reading this book was a very heavy and emotional experience for me because it dealt with things that i went go through as wellntent warnings for depression, self harm, drugs, rape, domestic violence and child abuse.i never expected to like or relate to this [...]

  13. hmm you know, i thought i was gonna mull over my emotions and take my sweet time making a decision about this i considered that this book might longer on my mind for a good while and whisper little delights in my ear but the that i think about it, the i realize that 4 stars is as good at it s gonna get with this book that s not to say this wasn t good oh boy, was it good jam packed with all that shaun david hutchinsoney goodness filled with YA contemporary awesome and a little splash of sci fi [...]

  14. Esse o terceiro livro do Shaun David Hutchinson que eu leio e foi o primeiro que eu AMEI DO COME O AO FIM Eu sei que n o existe nenhum livro perfeito mas, sinceramente, eu n o consigo encontrar nada em ATEOTU que eu n o tenha gostado Tudo que colocado aqui, cada di logo, cada caracter stica de personagem, cada flashback, tudo t o necess rio O livro fala sobre temas fortes disturbios mentais, self harm e abuso e a hist ria me acertou com um impacto que eu n o estava esperando Na hist ria, o unive [...]

  15. 4 5 starsI started reading this book without any expectations and I didn t really think I would like it much But this book really surprised me and I liked it way than I thought I would This book handles some hard topics in a very good way and I think it was very beautifully written I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of this book also Ozzie, the main character, was very selfish and that kind of bugged me sometimes, but I also think he was very funny at times I really liked Lua and I thi [...]

  16. I don t know if I loved this or We Are the Ants Absolutely incredible Weird and romantic Literally bawled the last 20 pages Check out my full review on my booktube channel at youtube peterlikesbooks

  17. this will be a very rambling review because i can t think clearly when i think about this bookst year in january i read We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson and i thought it was one of the most amazing books i ever read when i heard he was publishing another kind of sci fi realistic novel i was screaming with joy.i have to say i was very surprised to find myself loving this even than his other perfect novelsrst of all, i love the idea of the book the universe is shrinking and people are di [...]

  18. You claim that the world used to be much bigger than it is, but did you explore it Did you take advantage of it How is your life all that different now than it was before

  19. Happy Valentines Day to me This is the story of how this book came to my life There was this guy who was always scrolling through his wishlist One day, he suddenly saw some tiny black letters which said sale As curious as he was, he decided to go check it outHe found his Valentine s date.

  20. 4.5 5 I ll add Shaun David Hutchinson to my list of favourite authors, I guess.He always seems to write such powerful stories You laugh You cry You have no idea what s going on or what s going to happen, but you stay tuned all the way because he has a way of writing such beautiful, realisticly flawed but understandable characters living in worlds that are so cleverly created.And this is exactly what this book did I laughed and I cried and I was confused but I loved it.I loved the little moments [...]

  21. up a notch to 2 because the lower ranking of recent books in the same genre has altered my perspective on this one Until At the Edge of the Universe I was still debating if Shaun David Hutchinson was my guy With The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley, I felt that the plot wasn t slammed down onto paper in a way that could max its potential The idea of a kid in a hospital, with the staff unaware of a gent wandering around, seemed unrealistic, as did the way he connected with his environment and with e [...]

  22. After the glory that was We Are the Ants, I will read anything that Shaun David Hutchinson writes This is gonna be great, AND it already has a cover

  23. 4.5 stars I don t even understand how Shaun David Hutchinson manages to put so much love and emotion in his books Reading them is almost like intruding his mind, they feel so damn personal rtc

  24. I received a free e ARC of this book from Simon and Schuster in exchange for participating in a study with Jellybooks.I liked this book, but I m not going to lie, I m disappointed We Are the Ants is my favorite book of 2016 and one of my favorite books of all time so it s safe to say I probably had way too high of expectations, but this book just kind of fell short for me This book follows a boy named Ozzie who s boyfriend Tommy disappears, and he s the only one who remembers him After Tommy dis [...]

  25. Coming from someone who hasn t yet read WE ARE THE ANTS, I m not sure how similar it is to UNIVERSE Perhaps since this is my first Shaun David Hutchinson book I have an advantage going in blindly because I m not familiar with any of his other plots.

  26. I really wanted to read Hutchinson s books in order, but for blogging reasons I had to read this one while I m still in the very early chapters of We Are the Ants Which sucks, because I m definitely interested in how the two books work together, since the premises seem to have kinda common thematic elements, but alas BloggerLifeAnyway, I though this was a cool book sort of like self centeredness personified, as the world closes in and acutely on Ozzie, but a necessary and realistic kind, as he [...]

  27. This book was absolutely amazing I loved it to death The beginning was slightly slow, so I found myself not really reading it, since my favorite book last year was We Are the Ants, I didn t want to not like this one However, once I picked it up again, I didn t want to put it down This was so amazing and there were so many plot twists that kept me wanting Plus, the characters felt so real I could see a little bit of myself in each and everyone of them This was so well written and such a beautifu [...]

  28. yikes is currently april and i read this book in february and i am just now writing my review oops anyway, it s been such a long time since i read this but i am the queen of procrastination so this review is going to suck because i don t remember like every single detail about it.but that being said i loved this so so so so much i think i would give it like a 4.8 or something and i hate myself for being so specific but like the ending just wasn t what i wanted and i was very confused but maybe t [...]

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