Bread and Roses, Too

Unlimited Bread and Roses, Too - by Katherine Paterson - Bread and Roses, Too, Bread and Roses Too Laura Ingalls Wilder AwardRosa s mother is singing again for the first time since Papa died in an accident in the mills But instead of filling their cramped tenement apartment with Italian lulla
  • Title: Bread and Roses, Too
  • Author: Katherine Paterson
  • ISBN: 9780618654796
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Bread and Roses, Too - by Katherine Paterson, Bread and Roses, Too, Katherine Paterson, Bread and Roses Too Laura Ingalls Wilder AwardRosa s mother is singing again for the first time since Papa died in an accident in the mills But instead of filling their cramped tenement apartment with Italian lullabies Mamma is out on the streets singing union songs and Rosa is terrified that her mother and older sister Anna are endangering their lives by marching against the corru Unlimited Bread and Roses, Too - by Katherine Paterson - Bread and Roses, Too, Bread and Roses Too Laura Ingalls Wilder AwardRosa s mother is singing again for the first time since Papa died in an accident in the mills But instead of filling their cramped tenement apartment with Italian lulla

  • Unlimited Bread and Roses, Too - by Katherine Paterson
    371 Katherine Paterson
Bread and Roses, Too

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  1. From author s website People are always asking me questions I don t have answers for One is, When did you first know that you wanted to become a writer The fact is that I never wanted to be a writer, at least not when I was a child, or even a young woman Today I want very much to be a writer But when I was ten, I wanted to be either a movie star or a missionary When I was twenty, I wanted to get married and have lots of children.Another question I can t answer is, When did you begin writing I can t remember I know I began reading when I was four or five, because I couldn t stand not being able to I must have tried writing soon afterward Fortunately, very few samples of my early writing survived the eighteen moves I made before I was eighteen years old I say fortunately, because the samples that did manage to survive are terrible, with the single exception of a rather nice letter I wrote to my father when I was seven We were living in Shanghai, and my father was working in our old home territory, which at the time was across various battle lines I missed him very much, and in telling him so, I managed a piece of writing I am not ashamed of to this day.A lot has happened to me since I wrote that letter The following year, we had to refugee a second time because war between Japan and the United States seemed inevitable During World War II, we lived in Virginia and North Carolina, and when our family s return to China was indefinitely postponed, we moved to various towns in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, before my parents settled in Winchester, Virginia.By that time, I was ready to begin college I spent four years at King College in Bristol, Tennessee, doing what I loved best reading English and American literature and avoiding math whenever possible.My dream of becoming a movie star never came true, but I did a lot of acting all through school, and the first writing for which I got any applause consisted of plays I wrote for my sixth grade friends to act out.On the way to becoming a missionary, I spent a year teaching in a rural school in northern Virginia, where almost all my children were like Jesse Aarons I ll never forget that wonderful class A teacher I once met at a meeting in Virginia told me that when she read Bridge to Terabithia to her class, one of the girls told her that her mother had been in that Lovettsville sixth grade I am very happy that those children, now grown up with children of their own, know about the book I hope they can tell by reading it how much they meant to me.After Lovettsville, I spent two years in graduate school in Richmond, Virginia, studying Bible and Christian education then I went to Japan My childhood dream was, of course, to be a missionary to China and eat Chinese food three times a day But China was closed to Americans in 1957, and a Japanese friend urged me to go to Japan instead I remembered the Japanese as the enemy They were the ones who dropped the bombs and then occupied the towns where I had lived as a child I was afraid of the Japanese, and so I hated them But my friend persuaded me to put aside those childish feelings and give myself a chance to view the Japanese in a new way.If you ve read my early books, you must know that I came to love Japan and feel very much at home there I went to language school, and lived and worked in that country for four years I had every intention of spending the rest of my life among the Japanese But when I returned to the States for a year of study in New York, I met a young Presbyterian pastor who changed the direction of my life once again We were married in 1962.I suppose my life as a writer really began in 1964 The Presbyterian church asked me to write some curriculum materials for fifth and sixth graders Since the church had given me a scholarship to study and I had married instead of going back to work in Japan, I felt I owed them something for their m

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  1. This is a lovely story that deals with the Lawrence Massachusetts mill workers strike in 1912 that is associated with the song Bread and Roses I ve always found the song very stirring especially as sung by Judy Collins I was surprised to find a novel written from the perspective of two children about this event I found the viewpoints of Jake and Rosa very believable.It s a book that isn t just about the strike It s about the role of education, ethnic identity and the meaning of family.Some would [...]

  2. This book is a good book to read because its based on a large strike for money and the girls mom is on strike and she is mad because they are poor with 5 people liveing in her house with her dad just passing away and she finds out her mom is sending her away.

  3. This was a very good YA historical novel It tells about the Lawrence Strike of 1912 Factories cut the work week back two hours, depriving already hungry and cold families of a couple of badly needed loaves of bread We see both sides of the fence so to speak Rosa is against the strike even tho her mother and sister are a part of it Her teacher is partly to blame for Rosa s doubts Also, Rosa is worried that her mother will get hurt or worse, murdered because the strike does get out hand a few time [...]

  4. Bread and Roses,Too is a great book about two kids and their different yet very similar lives through the 1912 Lawrence Labor strike This historical fiction novel showed the many hardships and challenges children living in Lawrence, Massachusetts had to overcome The daily struggle of the logistics of the strike, safety, and your life were all things the two main characters, Rosa and Jake had to face.Throughout the book there were some moments I couldn t put it down and other parts through which [...]

  5. Carefully crafted tale about two children caught up in the Lawrence, MA mill workers strike of 1912, based on fact The girl is Rosa, from a struggling Italian immigrant family The other is Jake, a native born who has learned to steal and lie to survive The children are sent to Barre, VT to stay with sympathetic families during the turbulent strike, where each one learns a life lesson about themselves.I loved the two characters and how they represented two victims of the workers strike We could s [...]

  6. If you enjoy historical fiction, this book is really good The two main characters are Jake and Rosa, children who live in Lawrence, MA, during the historical period of the bread and roses mill strikes At first I thought this was a book of different short stories because of the chapter titles such as Shoe Girl and The Best Student and The Beautiful Mrs Gurley Flynn that sounded unrelated However, each chapter provided insight into the lives of the main characters and the trials they went through [...]

  7. I didn t know anything about the Bread and Roses Strike of 1912, so reading this book was a learning experience for me I enjoyed the characters and the way the different ethnic groups were portrayed The ending was a tad predictable, but that s OK.

  8. Yay for children s historical fiction Maybe the kids learned something from this book Frankly, it bored me I was not captivated by this book, yet I gave it two stars because I like the setting in time, and am fascinated by the 1900s strikes Rosa annoyed me.On to the next read

  9. Bread and Roses too was a great book about two young kids with two very different backgrounds Their similarities and differences all make up the unique relationship that these two characters develop This book takes place in the time period of the Bread and Roses Strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts Jake and Rosa, the two main characters, are both living in Lawrence during the time of the strike The strike affects Jake and Rosa in two very different ways but it all works out in the end Rosa is one o [...]

  10. Bread and Roses, Too is about a girl named Rosa and a boy Jake, two different people who met once in an alley where Jake slept They live in a place where many people are going on strike because of the little pay they recieve at the Mills Rosa is a good school girl without a father, who knows better, but is caught up in the strikes Her mother and sister go along with the crowds of people striking Jake, a boy who lives on the street, works at the mills, and gets beaten by his alcoholic father, goe [...]

  11. Jake at 13, use to work in the mills but now there is a strike going on His father who doesn t work, takes Jake s money to buy booze and beats Jake Jake is fed up with the beatings and lives where he can Most of the time, on the streets but also at the shoe girl s house and sometimes in one of the two local Catholic churches where he takes coins from the money box He s tried than once to go back to work but gets stopped by the strikers Rosa lives with her mother, sister, brother and boarders He [...]

  12. I enjoyed this historical fiction for young readers, recommended by my daughter, who chose to write about it for a school assignment Interestingly, she focused on the Italian American and Roman Catholic background of one of the main characters, rather than on the book s recounting of the early 20th century Labor movement N.B I was frustrated by a tantalizing typo within the final paragraphs of this hardcover edition a 3 line paragraph was included twice, and about the same number of lines of a s [...]

  13. This was interesting since I didn t know much about the strike at the Lawrence mills Now that I m an adult, I hardly read young adult books any Harry Potter and Hunger Games don t count so it was a blast from the past to read such a simple book about good and evil.However, now that I m an adult, it would be interesting to read about this in a book written for grown ups I m sure it would be complex.

  14. This is a great book It takes place during the strikes in wool mills in Massachusetts The main character is a young Italian immagrant named Rosa, who lives with her mother, sister, and little brother Her mother sends her to Burre, Vermont on a train with other children, to live with a foster family during the strike.

  15. Classic story of redemption for a young boy stuck in poverty in an early 20th century mill town.Enjoyed reading about the struggles of two hungry children as they lived through lean times during a mill strike Have not read a story like this in a very long time.

  16. This book gives off a radiance of hope and prosperity, that we all need in our lives Just remember a fire always starts with a spark Amazing story, I practically had my hands glued to the book

  17. I hadn t put down that I actually finished this book months ago oops But it honestly might have taken me that long if it weren t a book I had to read for school.The characterization in this book was pretty awful Rosa was also a very flat character, who didn t interest me at all She felt like a Mary Sue, where her one flaw was I don t know, wanting to keep her family safe Is that even a flaw Jake was the only person in this book worth reading about it s a shame that a good two thirds of the book [...]

  18. This pick was totally random, never heard of it before, but it fit a task in a challenge I am participating in This is a perfect example as to why I love doing these challenges so much because you find these wonderful gems that you would never have picked up otherwise This story was passionate and heart breakingly beautiful So much devastation in a time I could not imagine living in Seeing the sacrifices that had to be made to be heard and to fight for what they believed in was really inspiring [...]

  19. Wonderful book about something I was totally unaware of I was so impressed with it that I gave a speech about it at my Toastmasters club VERY well received.

  20. I found this to be well written and interesting, and I really enjoyed the characters and was invested in their stories Also, it includes really good historical notes at the end of the story.

  21. LOVED this book Strong characters story So much about the value of compassion for the marginalized and looking at someone s whole story.

  22. Focus on how labor strikes, this one about Lawrence Massachusetts mills, effected families and specifically children Set in 1912, the action takes place over a few months.

  23. I understand it s YA but it is very immature The subject is good for adolescents but the tone of the story sounds like it was written for preschool.

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