Unlimited Shifters - by Sarah Kay Carter - Shifters, Shifters Claire learned who she truly is and is now a lead guard member All she wants to do is use her skills for her new job but she s being forced to go to college instead When a mission like no other ari
  • Title: Shifters
  • Author: Sarah Kay Carter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Shifters - by Sarah Kay Carter, Shifters, Sarah Kay Carter, Shifters Claire learned who she truly is and is now a lead guard member All she wants to do is use her skills for her new job but she s being forced to go to college instead When a mission like no other arises she is finally able to use her abilities But what Claire isn t expecting is who she encounters How could one person rock her world forever What does this mean for heClaire learned who sh Unlimited Shifters - by Sarah Kay Carter - Shifters, Shifters Claire learned who she truly is and is now a lead guard member All she wants to do is use her skills for her new job but she s being forced to go to college instead When a mission like no other ari

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  • Unlimited Shifters - by Sarah Kay Carter
    324 Sarah Kay Carter

About Author

  1. Sarah Kay Carter is a self published author Sarah writes young adult science fiction, romance, and science fiction romance novels Sarah is supported by her two brothers, father, mother, 2 Heathers, Pene and her 3 dogs She enjoys hearing from her fans Don t be afraid to message She can always be reached on her facebook page facebook AuthorSarahKSarah hopes to publish two books this year Like her facebook page to get previews of future books and bonus chapters

One thought on “Shifters

  1. I loved the first two books This is such a great story This third book was epic I really liked the additional characters the author introduced in this installment Lexi Gah So flipping adorable Damien is a bit of a meany and really annoyed me at times, though There were a lot of interesting twists and the overall, I couldn t take my eyes off the pages This book gets five glittery stars

  2. the blurbs on these books dont do the book any justiceAMAZING what a amazing series i found the blurbs so vague on all three books in this series but I m so glad i gave the books a chance There are so many exciting twists that i cant even begin to explain This is the most exciting book I ve read in a long time cant wait for the next book Check the authors Facebook page there is much details on the books there

  3. I LOVE Shifter series and I Love these especially There is plenty of heated romance and feeling but still enough left to the imagination to not make it dirty or valgure WELL DONE Sarah Carter I LOVE the characters and can t wait for the next book to come out Well written It even made a alien civilization hidden on earth seem plausible As the story continues you see personalities grow and mature Usually I can tell exactly what will happen in a story next but this was full of unexpected surprises [...]

  4. Awesome Wow that was unbelievable, I loved that this one was so detailed and just freaked out when Claire started hearing that voice I didn t know what they were gonna uncover I mean you have a little girl talking to you in your head and she calls you mommy, freaky and all secret surprises they uncover about their planet and different species was awesome I feel in love with lexi to I love all of these books Hope there will be

  5. I loved this book even than the last This author has a gift The book was filled with fun dialogue and new characters Don t worry the series regulars are there too I could not put this book down once I started reading I did not see this book coming The twists were surprising and unexpected If you liked Shift and Shiftless, you will not be disappointed Stop listening to me blab and Just buy the book already I don t regret it

  6. AmazingThis is a excellent story The characters are all young teens to young adults and the can shift into animals There is one who can t shift but she has her own special powers With her powers and friends she rescues younger special children I can t wait to read the next book.

  7. Love itLove all 3 books will recommend to all readers can t wait to read the next book loved it D

  8. Loved this series Can t wait for next one xxThis series was amazing Story line was great and I fell in love with the characters especially Claire Had laugh out loud moments Can t wait for next one know xx

  9. I loved it at first I was a little worried that it might be the last book and was sad But thankfully after reading it I saw that there would be It was an amazing story line I couldn t have seen coming.

  10. ShifterThis is a great series of books you never knew what would happen next ,hard to put down and the ending was awesome I would recommend this book to any age group

  11. Another good oneI really love this books and can t wait for the next one to come out I would give them then five star s if I could

  12. Am amazing seriesParanormal, but different This is a great series that not only keeps you reading and grossing, but laughing and lo ing it,

  13. Okis book series was awesome Not at all what I expected A few things slightly bothered me, what is up with everyone toughing their chest s lol, oh and Lexi constantly talking in third person but that s not a big deal I was frustrated that it skipped 11 years.I feel like I missed out on quite a lot Kayla and Jackson s wedding, Claire and Damien s wedding, them having kids, ok just a lot lol but I have an open mind and am hoping that the next book will give me a little bit lol Either way I am not [...]

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