Free Read Twist - by Kylie Scott - Twist, Twist When his younger brother loses interest in online dating hot bearded bartender extraordinaire Joe Collins only intends to log into his account and shut it down Until he reads about her Alex Parks
  • Title: Twist
  • Author: Kylie Scott
  • ISBN: 9781250083227
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Twist - by Kylie Scott, Twist, Kylie Scott, Twist When his younger brother loses interest in online dating hot bearded bartender extraordinaire Joe Collins only intends to log into his account and shut it down Until he reads about her Alex Parks is funny friendly and pretty much everything he s been looking for in a woman And in no time at all they re emailing up a storm telling each other their deepest darkestWhen his younger broth Free Read Twist - by Kylie Scott - Twist, Twist When his younger brother loses interest in online dating hot bearded bartender extraordinaire Joe Collins only intends to log into his account and shut it down Until he reads about her Alex Parks

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  • Free Read Twist - by Kylie Scott
    152 Kylie Scott

About Author

  1. New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Australian Romance Writer.

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  1. 4.5 Little Miss Sunshine Stars Twist is the second book in Kylie Scott s new series entitled Dive Bar I am a huge fan of this author and absolutely adore her Stage Dive series I also loved the first book in this series so I pretty much went into this new installment knowing that there was a high likelihood that I would enjoy this book Boy did I ever This book essentially solidified even further the fact that I am whole heartedly a fangirl of this author With light hearted funny and hilarious ant [...]

  2. 4 stars Twist is the second book in Kylie Scott s Dive Bar series I loved it This story was highly entertaining and the characters were completely endearing Joe Collins and Alex Parks meet for the first time when Alex decides to come out of her shell and meet her online pen pal who she met on a dating site months ago You see, Joe and Alex have become very close in these months They get along so well, and everything is supposed to be perfect when they meet but there is one very big problem Alex t [...]

  3. 4 STARSI truly enjoyed this story the twist was cute and the characters were all entertaining The hero Joe and heroine Alex have a well established friendship and their fall into love was very believable The story starts when Alex takes a chance to meet the man she s been chatting with on line in person Though things don t go as she has planned she does decide to stay for a bit If it doesn t work, in a week and half you go your way and I ll go mine We ll be friends at a distance again I loved ho [...]

  4. IT S ALIVE Best to fall in love with a personality than looksI know I talk about my hubby a lot in my reviews and that s because he s my own true love story Well, in this case, reading Twist was a wee bit close to home See, when I first met my hubby he did not look like the guys I had previously gone out with For starters, he had shockingly bad taste in clothes hello, Tazzie Devil tie shudders He also grew his hair past his ears I was a short back and sides type of girl At the time his worst off [...]

  5. NOW LIVE Barnes Noble Alex finally works up the courage to meet the man she s been chatting with online for months so she heads to his bar to surprise him Only the surprise ends up being on her when she learns Eric has no idea who she was, and it wasn t him she was talking to but his brother Joe It all started innocent Joe wanted to try and get his brother interested in his online dating profile again so he took over chatting with Alex Then he just never stopped since he enjoyed their chats Now [...]

  6. 4.5 STARSMy starved libido was well beyond the rough and tumble stage No hiding or denying, sticking to the sidelines of life It was my time to step forward and be brave When it came to Joe Collins, I was than ready to say yes.It s official Kylie Scott has another winning series And here I thought nothing will ever beat her Stage Dive series Well, move over Mal, because I have another blonde beast that I m crushing on He s big, he s bearded, he s broody, and he makes my ovaries sing Joe Happy [...]

  7. Kylie Scott s books have been a hit or miss for me ever since I ve read her Stage Dive series And even Mal from Play love him to bits couldn t save this book for me with his little appearance at the end And this is really purely a personal issue here, a lot of people have and will enjoy this book just fine The writing is great, the story flows well and the pace is good My primary beef, so to speak, is with the characters While I have remained somewhat neutral towards them for the first half of t [...]

  8. 4 When Do We Really Know Anyone Stars Spoiler FreeKylie Scott has a knack a way of telling stories which will hook you right from the startd hold your interest till the very last page She has created characters who work their way into you mind while you are living your day to day life and this book is no different.This is the second entry to the Dive Bar series It is a series where there are Real People populating it then the Rich and Famous There is a gritty feel to it where if you are lucky y [...]

  9. 5 So Not Her Type Stars Review Vanilla Spice BooksKylie Scott, where have you been all my life Going out of her comfort zone and visiting her online crush on his birthday wasn t probably a smart move but Eric hasn t responded to any of Alex mails in a week Turns out, the guy Alex thought she had been talking to for half a year doesn t know her It was his brother, the ruggedly handsome, bearded, long haired and so not her type Joe She is furious and determined to fly back home on the next day A v [...]

  10. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED When his brother loses interest in online dating, hot bearded bartender Joe Collins only intends to log into his account and shut it down Until he reads about herTrue to Kylie Scott s signature style, this was a FUN, SEXY, LIGHT HEARTED romance rounded out by just the right amount of angst and feels There was some seriously hilarious banter, a bit of a love hate romance, and even some surprises that I didn t see coming The hero and heroine were complete opposites in every [...]

  11. 4.5 stars Lumbersexuals were clearly the worst You ever just read the right book at the right time Twist was that book for me I find Kylie s books so easy to slide into, like a vacation for the brain.Alex has been chatting online with Eric Collins for a long time, and decides to show up as a surprise at his birthday party at the bar where he works Except Eric has no idea who Alex was because she wasn t talking to Eric online, she was talking to his brother Joe Joe was supposed to delete Eric s o [...]

  12. 4.5 Twisted Stars Twist is the second book in the Dive Bar Series Although it can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend reading it after Dirty to fully grasp the depth of the relationships between the characters in this series Lumbersexuals were clearly the worst Alex Parks is a successful woman looking for love When she sparks a connection with someone on an online dating site, she takes the plunge, and an online relationship begins Imagine her surprise when she goes to meet her online l [...]

  13. Ms Scott has a knack for creating fun opening scenes I always look forward to seeing what she ll come up with and this story didn t disappoint Our relationship had so far sat entirely at the platonic level of cyber messaging Alex and Joe met through an online dating site and started corresponding through emails for about six months Alex took a chance a flew out to surprise her email pal for his birthday.Now, on a side note over 20 years ago I did something somewhat similar except I didn t go wit [...]

  14. Gah This book started out so great The heroine gets catfished by this guy, Joe, and ends up flying out to surprise some other guy for his birthday Since it was Joe s brother that he used to hook our girl, Joe is there to witness this I liked how she reacted Aw, was the poor asshole embarrassed My heart bled for him.I thought that this girl, Alex, would be my book bestie She was sarcastic, funny, and even used phrases like kill me now which is my thing But then she blows it I m sorry buy I can t [...]

  15. 4 fun stars I really enjoyed Twist, Kylie came with another brilliant and clever story.I love that she always manages to bring her characters to life and make me feel like I m a part of her stories.This is a fun story with the perfect amount of romance,angst,funny and steamy moments.I love the relationship between Joe and Alex.They had a great banter, teasing each other and be friendly.And the sexual tensionwow.Another great book from Kylie Scott If you are looking for a fun read with a hot guy [...]

  16. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum I feel like I need to provide an instant disclaimer before I even start I m not sure there is any way Twist could have earned less than 4 Stars from me simply due to the fact that the meet cute was driven by Catfish is my kryptonite It s the ultimate timesuck and tiny baby Jeebus please help me if a marathon comes on because I ll have a bedsore or die of dehydration before I ever even think about removing my fat ass from the sofa That being said, this was [...]

  17. 3.5 ish stars I LOVED the way this book started It was funny, endearing, and had me hooked right from the start Joe is a sweetheart, a super good guy, and I really liked Alex heroine too Overall, I liked it, I didn t love it like I did Dirty, but I definitely liked it

  18. 5 Stars Alexandra Parks is a 29 yr old graphic designer from Seattle She s sort of been a hermit for years She never puts herself out there or takes chances romantically She avoids intimacy prefers her life uncomplicated She doesn t do relationships, but she s been talking to a gorgeous man on the internet named Eric Collins She s crushing on him hard they seem to share a strong connection They ve been talking for months through emails Even though Alex is somewhat terrified of the outside world, [...]

  19. 3.5 Oww, so sweet This is the kind of book you read when you need something happy It s that story that will put a smile on your face no matter what mood you re in It s like a great chocolate cake after a hard day at work.The bad part is that it s pretty forgettable, the other one was a bit better It s pretty typical as far as the plot goes, the writing style is what makes it special In probably a few weeks months, I ll have no idea what happened in this book, but I ll remember I really liked it. [...]

  20. Almost to the end it was a five stars reading but then Joe, eh Joe Yeah there is some angst, so you don t get bored Still funny, amazing heroine, and after all great reading About the plot Alex Parks met a dream guy on the dating site They talked a lot, so when he go silent, she decided to surprise him for his birthday and visit Coeur d Alene, Idaho What a surprise when it turned out that she did not talk to who she thought she was Behind all the emails, wasn t a well kept Eric, but his lumberja [...]

  21. ARC received for reviewGreat second book with lots of drama, angst, sex and friends family It didn t start the way I thought it would, and I was confused for a couple minutes Joe and Alex were great working out their issues with lots of help from the Dive Bar crew Plus snarky Mal from Stage Dive makes an appearance along with some band members.Here s hoping the next book is Nell bless her heart in this book getting back with Patrick and not brother Eric s HEA.

  22. When Joe Collins answered an email from a certain woman named Alex Parks using his brother s dating profile, he never thought anything would come of it And yet many months later, they re still communicating and unbeknownst to him, she s coming to Idaho to meet him in person There s one huge problem though Alex thought she was talking to Eric, Joe s brother who owned the profile So imagine her surprise when she goes to Dive Bar and sees the guy she s been pouring her heart out to, only to find ou [...]

  23. ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I want a lil of Joe I was dying for of this series after reading Dirty It s was a great start to the series and this book was just as good I luvd how the book started There was no missing at all I was hooked from the first page I was delighted to get of the sexy Joe with all his big hot muscles tattoos long blonde hair and sexy beard God I wanted a piece of him and to top it of he has a great personality He would do a [...]

  24. 5 Worst internet friend ever Stars ITs LIVE US Twist Dive Nov UK Twist Dive B Aus Twist Dive CA Twist Dive NoveiBooks itunesle us artist ky BN barnesandnoble w twist Kobo kobo us en ebook twisAll back to the Dive Bar for the second book from the series of the same name Twist gives us a deeper look into bartender Joe Collins, and wowza did Kylie Scott deliver a great story for him.I absolutely adored Joe, and I loved this book Alexandra Parks turning up at the bar for his brothers Birthday pa [...]

  25. Ever since reading the first book in the Stage Dive series, I have been a huge fan of Kylie Scott I loved all books in that series and so when the Dive Bar series came out, I jumped right into that one too I really liked the first book in this series, so when I received an ARC for book 2, it made my day I have to say that I liked this book at bit than book 1 Reason being the heroine She was extremely funny and sarcasticd I just love me some good sarcasmThis book is about Joe and Alexd no, Alex [...]

  26. 4.5 STARS It s not very often you read a romance which involves a heroine with a phobia of intimacy In many respects Alex Parks goes against the grain with what to expect from a leading lady She can count her friends one of them being a squirrel on one hand, and she s in her element locked away at home with no human contact for days on end It s taken a huge amount of bravery on her part to turn up unannounced to her online love interests birthday party, unfortunately for Alex, the surprise is on [...]

  27. Twist was a little bit of a mixed bag for me, and whilst I loved what lay in the centre, what supported it either side went from from one extreme to another, starting little bit steady, and leading to an implosion of WTF are you doing sized proportions But what I like about Kylie Scott is how she steps away from stereotype and this makes her characters loveable, frustrating and everything in between much attractive all round as far as I m concerned And, although they had their moments, I enjoye [...]

  28. All hail the dude with the beardSeries YesSexy times Most definitely A bit of spice Pretty damned descriptive Plan on reading by the author I cannot stopSynopsis Alex shows up at the Dive Bar thinking she s gonna meet up with Eric who s some kind of metrosexual type hotty ick masquerading as an asshole or perhaps not masquerading But anyway, turns out the man she has been emailing with is E s brother, Joe, a mountain of a bearded man who is most definitely not her type Well, hold on to your pan [...]

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