[PDF] Download ✓ Shrimp : by Rachel Cohn - Shrimp, Shrimp Sassy Cyd Charisse returns in Shrimp the compelling and light hearted Publishers Weekly starred review sequel to the sharp and funny novel Gingerbread If Cyd Charisse knows one thing it s that Shri
  • Title: Shrimp
  • Author: Rachel Cohn
  • ISBN: 9780689866135
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ✓ Shrimp : by Rachel Cohn, Shrimp, Rachel Cohn, Shrimp Sassy Cyd Charisse returns in Shrimp the compelling and light hearted Publishers Weekly starred review sequel to the sharp and funny novel Gingerbread If Cyd Charisse knows one thing it s that Shrimp is her true love Shrimp the hottest pint size surfer artist in San Francisco That boy as her mother called him who was the primary cause of Cyd being grounded toSassy Cyd Charisse returns [PDF] Download ✓ Shrimp : by Rachel Cohn - Shrimp, Shrimp Sassy Cyd Charisse returns in Shrimp the compelling and light hearted Publishers Weekly starred review sequel to the sharp and funny novel Gingerbread If Cyd Charisse knows one thing it s that Shri

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Shrimp : by Rachel Cohn
    223 Rachel Cohn

About Author

  1. Rachel grew up in the D.C area and graduated from Barnard College with a B.A in Political Science She has written many YA novels, including three that she cowrote with her friend and colleague David Levithan She lives and writes when she s not reading other people s books, organizing her music library or looking for the best cappuccino in New York City.

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  1. The follow up novel to the fun and spunky Gingerbread is even better than expected and it succeeds in drawing the reader deeper into the colorful world of teen Cyd Charisse I would strongly suggest reading the first book to get the full effect of the depth the author has created, after all knowing where Cyd comes from makes her future even interesting Cyd is on the lookout for romance, good food and new friends and finding that perfect cup of coffee someone has her obsessed withGrowing up is ha [...]

  2. The follow up novel to the fun and spunky Gingerbread is even better than expected and it succeeds in drawing the reader deeper into the colorful world of teen Cyd Charisse I would strongly suggest reading the first book to get the full effect of the depth the author has created, after all knowing where Cyd comes from makes her future even interesting Cyd is on the lookout for romance, good food and new friends and finding that perfect cup of coffee someone has her obsessed withGrowing up is ha [...]

  3. Please be aware that Shrimp is the second book in a series In order to give even the briefest synopsis, this review does contain spoilers to the first book.Shrimp basically picks up right where Gingerbread left off Cyd Charisse returns from New York City after getting to know her bio dad Frank and her half sibs Danny and lisBETH Back in San Francisco, Cyd s only goal is to get back with her one true love Shrimp And to avoid her mother s endless stack of college applications CC as she is now know [...]

  4. I read Gingerbread when I was in middle school, and when I found out there was a sequel called Shrimp I couldn t find it anywhere But since I have recently reacquainted myself with my local library, I finally came across it and read it Now, I don t know what the problem was maybe I should have re read Gingerbread first because it was so many years ago that I read it, or maybe I just didn t like the story any the way I did the first time Like, some parts of the book were really great and I liked [...]

  5. I picked this book up because I thought it was a feminine book Reading about women issues can open up many doors to make text to self connections After finishing this book, I realized it was a sequel to Gingerbread This book was not as good as I expected to be when I first picked it up The protagonist, Cyd Charisse, comes back from NYC after meeting her biological father In this book, she goes on a journey where she tries to get her boyfriend, Shrimp, back, whom she broke up with before she wen [...]

  6. The book was really funny and realistic I can see some of that happening in real life I love Danny hes my favorite character In this book you see different sides of the characters compared to the sides of the characters you saw in the first book They all grew up in a way which made the book possible, because we are all growing up everyday we dont always stay the same I really liked this book it was so funny, realistic, and I enjoyed reading it

  7. There are only a few books a year that leave such an impression that you want to read as much as you can by that particular author John Green, Barry Lyga, A.S King Last year, the cat was completely enchanted by the Cohn Levithan collaboration Dash and Lily s Book of Dares The result was first checking out what David Levithan was capable of all on his own The result Boy Meets Boy, the perfect antidote to doom, gloom and vampire books Rachel Cohn s solo efforts were a little harder to come by for [...]

  8. The book I am reviewing is Shrimp by Rachel Cohn This book is fiction but it could also call it realistic fiction This book is the second in its 3 book series Shrimp is about an already developed character named Cyd Charisse who just returned from New York, where the last book left off In this book Cyd charisse returns from New York and is ready to get the love of her life back Shrimp To briefly summarize this book, a girl named Cyd Charisse nicknamed CC is trying to get whom she believes is the [...]

  9. WARNINGThis may contain spoilers because it is part of a series and it is kind of hard to discuss this book without referring to the previous novels in the series Cyd Charisse is back in San Francisco for her senior year This time around she is totally looking forward to her partial attendance of school Sid Dad hooked her up with a work experience program and she s also looking forward to getting back together with Shrimp her true love.Things aren t all that simple for CC because she is a teenag [...]

  10. In spite of her motley past, Cyd Charisse, recovering hellion, is such a mixture of naivet and wistfulness that you can t help but be in her corner In her first book, Gingerbread, Cyd backslid a few times too often and was shipped off to New York City to spend time with her bio dad In Shrimp, Cyd is back home in San Francisco and beginning her senior year at her alternative high school She is in a hurry to reclaim her lost love and soul mate, Shrimp With this mission in mind, Cyd Charisse can t [...]

  11. Cyd Charisse s complicated life continues in book two, with a focus on Shrimp and the mixed up feelings CC has for him He is her soulmate Her one and only, or just her first true love There s confusion with the relationships CC has with her half siblings and parents I m really glad I read this novel and will most definitely pick up the last one in the series, but I must say that this novel left me feeling really churned up Seriously, these are really messed up people Mistakes are repeated, love [...]

  12. I never read Gingerbread, even though it s the first in the series trilogy I started with Shrimp And I have to say, I wasn t lost one bit Cohn makes it so you don t feel as though you re missing out on anything important and MUST start with Gingerbread, and that s a plus for me As far as characters go, Cyd is very likeable I love her voice it s relatable, edgy, spunky And Shrimp he s adorable At first the two of them seem shallow and underdeveloped, but then their personalities expand and go dee [...]

  13. Auch das zweite Buch um Cyd Charisse und ihre Familie und Freunde hat mich sehr gefallen Es hatte Herz, Charme und Witz Ich mag es, dass Cyd nicht als perfekte junge Dame dargestellt wird, sondern oft auch als naiver Teenager Sie ist nicht bl d, aber sie verf llt auch schnell dem Gef hl der gro en Liebe oder gro en Ungerechtigkeit , das man je lter man wird gern mal bel chelt Im Endeffekt holt sie ihre Cleverness aber auch immer wieder ein und sie erkennt, was die wirklich richtigen Entscheidung [...]

  14. Cyd Charisse, or CC as she now wants to be called, is back from her summer with bio dad in New York and ready to get it on again with Shrimp The only problem is she can t find him Off visiting his parents in some country, Shrimp is MIA so CC does the unthinkable become friends with girls Gasp Starting senior year isn t all that thrilling to CC except that it s the last year of torture finally But the real problem she s facing is how to maintain the truce with Nancy and how to get back with her o [...]

  15. This book was a sequel of sorts to Gingerbread which I actually have an amusing story about I worked at a library for years and was familiar with alot of the books here We had a teenager come in one day wearing black and white striped tights just like the girl on the cover of Gingerbread I immediately ran and found the book and pressed it into the girl s hands to borrow I didn t see her again, but I like to think she loved the book and related to it specifically Perhaps I changed her life I ll n [...]

  16. So far, this book is got my attention It really keeps me reading It s about this young girl, Cyd Charisse, The Little Hellion, who is a 17 year old girl in love with a boy named Shrimp She s not an ordinary girl, she s into her own things The opra music, coffee, into surfer guys, lives in San Francisco, and she s got 2 younger siblings, and 2 older siblings, a mom and a step dad who she lives with, and her bio dad lives in New York She recently just got back from being kicked out of a boarding s [...]

  17. Shrimp at first was not recommended to me A friend was reading it and she told me she did not like it I decided to give it a try to figure it out myself Looking at the title was kind of weird Shrimp Shrimp is one of the characters in the book The main character CC was in love with Shrimp and needed to get him back This book really interested me as I was reading because first of all it was about love My favorite subject to read and write about Second reason why I really liked it was because it wa [...]

  18. After her summer in NYC, Cyd Charisse has a slightly different outlook on life arriving back in California Happy to have her freedom, she s lookingg forward to the year, which she plans to make the year of Shrimp.Much to her dismay, Shrimp is MIA, and rumors abound about his whereabouts and whether he ll be back or not After running into his brother s girlfriend, Cyd finds out that he will indeed be back, but with a slight change his parents.As it turns out, that will be only the first of many s [...]

  19. I want to say I really liked this book, but compared to Gingerbread it was just okay I re read Gingerbread to prep for this sequel only to be surprised that Cohn takes you through all the important events of the previous book much in the beginning I still adore the main character, Cyd Charisse, now referred to as CC, and really liked the introduction of some new characters like the Wonderwoman drawing, punk asian Helen, but the storyline in this one wasn t as special The next book in the series [...]

  20. I really loved this series of books Cyd Charisse is a lovable and relateable character which is what really made me stay with the series She is a character that goes through all the trials and tribulations of being a teenager Misunderstood, feeling like she doesn t belong anywhere not even with her own family and falling in love for the first time Granted CC is quite the wild child, but it was as if I, the reader, reformed with her throughout the series I think Shrimp and Cupcake are definitely [...]

  21. What can I say I tried to like this book The writing is well done, most of the characters were interesting, GREAT setting San Francisco , it just didn t work for me Maybe because I really didn t care about the main character and her one true love I found them both to be navel gazers to such a degree that they were no longer believable Maybe it would ve been better if I d read the first two books in the series, Gingerbread and Cupcake I don t know, but I can tell you right now, I have too many ot [...]

  22. 3 1 2 stars This is the second book in the trilogy about CeeCee It picks up where the first book left off after she returns to San Francisco to live with her mother, stepfather, and younger half siblings She resumes her relationship with her artist surfer boyfriend, Shrimp, and she makes some girl friends for the first time We get the sense that CeeCee is ready to grow up and become the person we, the readers, know she can be.I enjoyed this book very much and again have to acknowledge the author [...]

  23. I swear, this is the best book ever Well, besides the Vampire Academy series I read this book non stop for two days D I still kept reading when my mom calls me in for lunch dinner I only do this with really great books, like this I don t like drama, but I love reading books about them, because the way the author wrote it caught me attention I was a bit sad coming to the end of this book because our school doesn t have the follow up book for this series Overall, it was a great book and I think gi [...]

  24. In this sequel to Gingerbread, Cyd Charisse and love of her life Shrimp have decided to take a break so Shrimp can travel halfway around the world to surf Meanwhile, Cyd is torn Between her New York family and her San Fransisco family, between who she is and who her parents expect her to be, between wanting Shrimp back and being angry with him Quite possibly even better than the first book in the series

  25. Really liked this continuation of the Cyd Shrimp relationship Cyd s forced to make some tough decisions but she finds some good friends along the way which I liked It was a quick read but the narrative voice really comes through, making it memorable Definitely recommend, but only if you read Gingerbread first

  26. Finally read this on my Kindle after NEVER being able to find a real copy that matches my Gingerbread and Cupcake covers It was cool to read about CC and get to know Shrimp a little better He s definitely hot um, sort of reminds me of my boyfriend, actually , but not the perfect boy, which I guess is a good thing I m looking forward to Cupcake.

  27. This book was very good CC wanted her true love to come back She grew up over the summer very fast, when she went to her bio dad s house in New York There she meet her step brother Danny who became her best friend She was planning on what to do with her life after high school CC ended up getting Shrimp back, but soon realized in order to go on her in life that she has to leave him.

  28. i loved this book i thought that it was better than the first onee only thing that i didnt like about it was that cyd and shrimp went their seperate ways when she realized that she didnt want to leave the united states it was a letdown to me beacause the author made it seem as if cyd and shrimp were going to get married

  29. Cyd Charrise is everyone s dream best friend A story that tracks her life, I felt as if I watched her mature from Gingerbread to Shrimp to the final book Cupcake.I learned from my friend CC and I know what I want to do with my future CC is vibrant as well as Rachel Cohan s well written trilogy I love you Ditto.

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