The Camera My Mother Gave Me

The Camera My Mother Gave Me Best Download || [Susanna Kaysen] - The Camera My Mother Gave Me, The Camera My Mother Gave Me The Camera My Mother Gave Me takes us through Susanna Kaysen s often comic sometimes surreal encounters with all kinds of doctors internists gynecologists alternative health experts as well as with
  • Title: The Camera My Mother Gave Me
  • Author: Susanna Kaysen
  • ISBN: 9780679763437
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback

The Camera My Mother Gave Me Best Download || [Susanna Kaysen], The Camera My Mother Gave Me, Susanna Kaysen, The Camera My Mother Gave Me The Camera My Mother Gave Me takes us through Susanna Kaysen s often comic sometimes surreal encounters with all kinds of doctors internists gynecologists alternative health experts as well as with her boyfriend and her friends when suddenly inexplicably something went wrong with her vagina Spare frank and altogether original The Camera My Mother Gave Me The C The Camera My Mother Gave Me Best Download || [Susanna Kaysen] - The Camera My Mother Gave Me, The Camera My Mother Gave Me The Camera My Mother Gave Me takes us through Susanna Kaysen s often comic sometimes surreal encounters with all kinds of doctors internists gynecologists alternative health experts as well as with

  • The Camera My Mother Gave Me Best Download || [Susanna Kaysen]
    313 Susanna Kaysen
The Camera My Mother Gave Me

About Author

  1. Susanna Kaysen is an American author.Kaysen was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts Kaysen attended high school at the Commonwealth School in Boston and the Cambridge School before being sent to McLean Hospital in 1967 to undergo psychiatric treatment for depression It was there she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder She was released after eighteen months She later drew on this experience for her 1993 memoir Girl, Interrupted, which was made into a film in 1999, her role being played by Winona Ryder.She is the daughter of the economist Carl Kaysen, a professor at MIT and former advisor to President John F Kennedy Her mother, deceased, was sister of architect Richard Neutra Kaysen also has one sister and has been divorced at least once She lived for a time in the Faroe Islands, upon which experience her novel Far Afield is based.

One thought on “The Camera My Mother Gave Me

  1. I am trying to remember who suggested I read this book I want to kick them in their vagina.I can handle a short book entirely devoted to a woman s vulva I am completely comfortable with my own and others , and I constantly use words like cunt, pussy, and vulva in a non derogatory context I thought I could handle Susanna Kaysen s vag all up in my face for 150 or so pages WRONG The only reason I finished it was because it was such a quick, short read and I feel I have of a right to slam it if I r [...]

  2. Anyone going into this book expecting it to be simply about a camera is either not very bright, or hasn t done their research This book, indeed, is not about a camera, at least not in a literal sense.The explanation of the title comes from an interview with Kaysen It s a line from a Bu uel movie, Viridiana The movie s about a bunch of hobos and peasant who take over a country mansion that belongs to a rich woman who s been trying to help them There s a scene in which all these drunk, dirty chara [...]

  3. This book is entirely about Susanna Kaysen s vagina Seriously If you re interested, then this is probably a good book for you I was personally not a fan And no, there were no pictures At least not in the edition I read, anyway.

  4. Anyone who has had to deal with this painful issue, as I have will appreciate what we go though to get a proper diagnoses and treatment and it is nice to know you are not alone

  5. If you live with a problem like Kaysen s, this book is very, very important, very much I m not alone Even so, I found it hard to read gruesome, sometimes, even though I ve gone through a lot of what she described.For the reviewers who brushed aside or made fun of this book, how female forward Vulvodynia is a common problem 15% of women experience some kind of pelvic pain, according to the volumes and volumes of info I ve read and it is NOT a middle aged woman s disease mine started at 26.May you [...]

  6. The book is about Kaysen s vagina Seriously, that s it her vagina It hurts And hurts And hurts some No one knows what s wrong She tries wacky things like sitting in tea and she tries antidepressants and a million other things Nothing really works The whole book is her complaining about her vagina It was not interesting to me It reminded me of the worst in my opinion monologue in the Vagina Monolgues the my vagina is me one I am than my vagina Kaysen is apparently not I feel for the poor trees [...]

  7. In somewhat of a mystery autobiography, a women relates her experiences with her vagina problems and the many byzantine ways it impacts her life Talks about how illness can effect who we think we are, our relationships, emotions, and our quality of life Despite the U.S s high level of medical technology, the author s experiences show how elusive finding solutions can be.

  8. Susanna Kaysen is the kind of author that I can t help thinking I would like if I were ever to meet her in person I admire her honesty, her dry and often ironic sense of humor, and the concise way she makes a few words say than most authors could manage in a book three times the length.This memoir is sharp, witty, purposeful, full of personality, and short enough that I didn t get tired of it despite what other reviews of it say I can only imagine that it s been a relief and a support to other [...]

  9. This book is about Susanna Kaysen s vagina It is where I learned about the your bladder is healthy if you can pee for at least 7 seconds at a time guideline that literally changed my life High five healthy nether regions

  10. Can someone tell me what The Camera My Mother Gave Me means Is this a part of the secret language that women use don t deny itI know you do Graphic, and rather painful story about Kaysen s Vagina didn t mean to capitalize it, but by the time you re through with this story, you may too I ve never heard of it before, but I pray this is not a common ailment for women The one question I took from this is why would her boyfriend be so insistent on getting in there once he knew there was such a proble [...]

  11. All about Susanna Kaysen s vagina It hurt, she saw a lot of doctors and other experts, nothing helped, her identity was threatened because for her sex is life, her boyfriend kept nagging for sex, they broke up and she missed him, she fell in love with somebody else who didn t love her, she can t get over how her vagina could be mistaken about somebody That s about it.As someone with my own cunt issues I was expecting to like this but it was a meaningless bore.

  12. I cried when I read this book I have the same condition as the author but was diagnosed before my vagina was active,Susanna dares to say things I could only think and not say.She goes through the reality of seeking treatmentI found the book to be honest and challenging and wish I could thank her for writing this book.

  13. If you are uncomfortable reading an entire book about a woman s vagina troubles, this is not the book for you If you ve ever had bemusing medical experiences related to your undercarriage or appreciate comic accounts of vaginal mysteries, then this oddly riveting book IS for you.

  14. For anyone who s ever had an undiagnosable problem that baffles medical authorities and only seems to worsen with treatment I haven t actually experienced that, but if I did I would probably like this book even .

  15. First the title gives you no clue what the book is about It was an interesting look at a woman s relationship with her body, her sexual self, her vagina.

  16. I think we ve all had some pain or condition that no doctors have been able to treat and or diagnose We ve just had to deal with it until it slowly went away In Susanna Kaysen s case, it happens to be her down there region She s frustrated that she has an inexplicable condition and even frustrated that her doctors aren t able to do anything for her On top of all the pain and worrying, she has to deal with a self centered boyfriend that is insensitive to her pain and can only focus on his own ne [...]

  17. I first read this book in high school when I was in a feminist Vagina Monologue phase I initially picked it up because, who wasn t watching Girl Interrupted at every sleepover And it was short and super candid which is everything I love in a memoir I decided to revisit it, because I only remembered it vaguely and it was a little mature for my understanding at the time This reread was very beneficial, however everything I thought I knew was opposite I remembered reading a book about a powerful wo [...]

  18. As someone who has dealt with a couple of chronic illnesses, including a chronic pain condition, this book rang incredibly true The reviewers who are saying that this book is just about Susanna Kaysen s vagina are missing the point it is about her vaginal pain disorder, yes, but it s about the way that you are treated when you have an illness that is not easily diagnosed There s the helpful friends and knowledgable medical professionals, but also the parade of doctors who either dismiss your sy [...]

  19. Gotta love a woman willing to write a memoir about her vagina A little dry at times, but overall I appreciate the boldness of the topic chosen and the exploration of how the psychological and physical illness can be connected than we care to recognize.

  20. Thank goodness this was a freebie from my gym s book exchange I picked it up thinking the author would chronicle her quest to detemine the cause of intense pain in her female organs culminating in the dicovery that it was some rare genetic condition inherited from her mom Guess the title is deceiving The book s description also said it was at times funny They must have left the funny out of my copy.Instead, she spends 160 pages whining about why she doesn t like any of the treatments suggested b [...]

  21. All I really have to say about this book is that it is a very acquired taste which almost made me gag to type that phrase Kaysen is a decent writer but seems like she would be really miserable to know in person, so I ll just continue to be grateful that I only know her through her words.Fair warning to everyone Always read the inside jacket description before you purchase a book This title is very misleading view spoiler It s about her downtown lady parts hide spoiler

  22. It s not about a camera.Susanna has a sick vagina Susanna goes to doctors a lot of doctors, over and over again, seeking a cure for this strange malady.Susanna has a boyfriend who is a beast, and would greatly benefit by an introduction to Lorena Bobbitt.Reading this book is like passing a wreck on the highway you know you shouldn t look, you don t want to look and yet you do.

  23. I picked this book up at a YMCA book fair That is the good news what little I paid for it went to a good cause An entire book about your painful vagina Or is it about your neurosis The other fortunate news is I read the book while waiting for an appointment Rather than reading this painful memoir I should have picked up one of the out of date magazines in the waiting room Do not waste your time.

  24. This is a short, quick read, but very powerful Kaysen definitely pulls no punches She is extrememly critical of her doctors and, to an extent, of herself and her friends Frustratingly, it takes her a while to be as critical of her assholish boyfriend, who plays a major role in this story Not for the squeamish this is an excellently written, blunt, and frightening account of what happens when a part so personal seems to rebel against its own existence.

  25. Unless you suffer from a similar condition I can t imagine this book being very interesting However if you do, it s like a warm understanding hug.

  26. Susanna Kaysen s The Camera My Mother Gave Me is a quick and fascinating read In its 158 pages, the memoir chronicles her struggle with an indefinable and, at the time, undiagnosable vaginal condition that causes sex, and any other vaginal contact, to be excruciatingly painful In her quest to figure out what is wrong, she bounces around from gynecologists to general practitioners to attempts with alternative medicines The prose is simple yet biting in its commentary on how the American medical s [...]

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