Undo Me

Free Read Undo Me - by M.Robinson - Undo Me, Undo Me I fell in love with her when I was seventeen She brought me to my knees when I was twenty I loved her against reason I loved her against hope I loved her against all odds Now she s back a constant re
  • Title: Undo Me
  • Author: M.Robinson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Undo Me - by M.Robinson, Undo Me, M.Robinson, Undo Me I fell in love with her when I was seventeen She brought me to my knees when I was twenty I loved her against reason I loved her against hope I loved her against all odds Now she s back a constant reminder of what I lost what could have been I hate her I resent her I still love her Can I forgive herWill she be my end once again or my beginning STANDALONE within a seI fell in love with he Free Read Undo Me - by M.Robinson - Undo Me, Undo Me I fell in love with her when I was seventeen She brought me to my knees when I was twenty I loved her against reason I loved her against hope I loved her against all odds Now she s back a constant re

  • Free Read Undo Me - by M.Robinson
    102 M.Robinson
Undo Me

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  1. Check out of my reviews at bookaddicthavenThe third book in The Good Ol Boys series, Undo Me is the story of Dylan and Aubrey These two had one of the most tragic and complicated stories that I ve ever read Never have I wanted a couple to get their HEA so badly As I listened to their story, I hurt for them They deserved some happiness after everything they went through.While reading Complicate Me , I was sure that I had figured things out between Dylan and Aubrey In fact, I wasn t even sure tha [...]

  2. 3 3.5 stars I have never in my life read about a couple that had a harder road to their HEA than Dylan and Aubrey I ve also not read a book that stressed me out as much as this one in quite some time From the 60% mark on, my poor bestie s phone was getting blown up with text after text from me about this story After reading the first two books in this series, I thought I had Aubrey and Dylan somewhat figured out I couldn t have been wrong M Robinson has this way of writing books that are hard t [...]

  3. 5 heartbreakingly beautiful stars The deeper the love, the deeper the pain For me, Dylan and Aubrey s story is one that has been haunting me All throughout the two previous books, their story was one that gained my attention and held it all the while wondering one question, What happened In true M Robinson form she gives us their past and their future, a complete love story from beginning to end I know, baby I know you re too good for me I know the first time we have sex, make love it s going to [...]

  4. 5 Promise Always stars And i thought that the first book was full of heartbreaking momentsThis one was my undoingOkay, i have to admit that i cried a little bit less than the first one, but i still cried a lot This story brought me down on my kneesIt made me lose my shit than three times It was keeping to surprise me all the time and i was feeling lost Dylan and Aubrey were pawns in an ugly situation and the only thing that i can say is that it was freakin unfair what happened to them Life is s [...]

  5. 4.75 Undone Stars I was done for There would be no coming back from him I was his I am simply blown away by the stunning read Undo Me by M Robinson The third book in The Good Ol Boys Series is the story of Dylan and Aubrey From the first two books in the series, we knew that their story was going to be a special one Well, special just doesn t begin to describe the emotions and gamut of feelings this read evoked from me Instead, I felt moved, broken, and then put back together again Hang on tight [...]

  6. 6 Dylan McGraw Stars Undo Me does justice to its title because it will absolutely build you up to later destroy you, and you will love every single minute of it, in fact, you will beg for I m not going to sugarcoat the fact that the hero in this story is obnoxiously cocky and brutally honest, and some might even call him insensitive But that added to his appeal to me because he was every bit of sexy, rugged and possessive He knew it and didn t apologize for it Dylan will make you want to slap h [...]

  7. Genre Contemporary RomanceType Standalone Book 3 of The Good Ol Boys seriesPOV First Person DualRating From a young age Dylan McGraw was a manwhore With his good looks and charm, he never had a problem getting into a girl s panties When a new girl came into town and called him out, he started to feel something he never had before.Aubrey Owens was a lonely new girl, until he befriended Dylan She gained not only him, but also the rest of his close friends Knowing his reputation, she made him work [...]

  8. This is the third book in the Good Ol Boy Series, but all the books feature different couples and can be read as a standalones M Robinson has a way of ending her books in such a way you cannot wait to read the next Naturally I couldn t wait to read Undo Me after getting a preview of what happens with Dylan and Aubrey.Dylan and Aubrey were high school sweethearts, but there was such a strong connection between them As I have read the series and seen moments of them interacting you knew their conn [...]

  9. 4.75 Promise Always StarsWhen it comes to high angst and deep, soul felt love, M Robinson s Good Ol Boys series is one of the best I was an instant fan just 20 pages into book one but it is with this 3rd installment, the story of Dylan and Aubrey that I became than a fan This book was so much than I even could have imagined and over 10 hours later, I still can t gather my thoughts.Undo Me is one of those books that grabs your attention first with its story and then toys with your emotions from [...]

  10. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author M Robinson in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE Undo Me SERIES The Good Ol Boys, 3 AUTHOR M Robinson GENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE 16th February, 2016MY RATINGWARNING Just be aware that this goes slightly dark, darker than this author has gone before, it s not sugar coated at all, there is no escaping it, it s violent, sick, and may be a trigger for some You re all I ever wanted but never knew I needed This is one of my most highly an [...]

  11. 5 SUGA RY STARSOMG, I freakin loved this book It kept me on edge and stress levels so high I wish I could give it than 5 stars because it s just that good Keeping things spoiler free, Dylan is a teenage manwhore, sleeping around with girls and avoiding committed relationships Except for this one girl Aubrey, who puts him through hell and who doesn t want to jump in the bed with him like all the other girls Dylan finds her intriguing, and sees her as sort of a challenge Aubrey gets him to change [...]

  12. Holy heck this book destroyed me Absolutely 110% gutted me I was blinded, so surprised at the story I read, completely wasn t expecting, at all, what happened to Dylan Aubrey Gosh the intensity of this story, the electricity that sizzles the pages You read about this couple and the struggles they go through in the previous two books in this series, but you have no clue exactly what they are really going through until you read their book My god it s sad, it s frustrating, it s so heartbreaking Bu [...]

  13. Undo Me is the third in The Good Ol Boys Series and although each of these can be read as a standalone, my personal preference is always to read in order of release Although not all of the prior secrets are revealed, it can often reduce the tension of what will happen next while reading them out of order.We are finally getting all of the pieces of Dylan Aubrey s story I could not wait to start this book To know what happened from them sharing those sweet moments at Alex s parents restaurant in C [...]

  14. 4.5 Stars Oh man, this book absolutely gutted me It is 230 in the morning here and I just finished emotions are raw right now, and believe me when I say that this author seems to raise the bar with each book she writes Just when I thought that this series could not get better, she went and proved me wrong and wrote an amazing third book in the Good Ol Boys series Undo Me is about Dylan and Aubrey, they meet in high school and become a couple for three years These two were absolutely unbreakabled [...]

  15. You are going to undo me And I m going to let you Honestly, I would have never read this book if I had known what it entailed It is a good book as far as the writing goes but the content in it is too painful to the level of self torture because the events happening to the characters are unbearable Sad, too sad and too frustrating And the happy end comes 20 years later, if you can call it a happy end, being it so late after so much suffering During those 20 years, lots of traumatic events occur T [...]

  16. 2.5 StarsOverall Opinion This was a little less than just ok for me I really loved the first part of their story I wish we could ve kept on that track I wasn t expecting the twist at all and most of the time I don t mind twists at all, but this one made me not like the h after really liking her before I also ended up having issues with the H too Both of them became people that I really didn t care for any where at the beginning I loved them Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Aubrey and Dylan [...]

  17. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review She was perfect She came into my life like a riptide, taking down everything in her path and dragging me right along with her I couldn t remember the last time I came up for air, took a second to breathe, a moment to catch my bearings and try to fight against her pull Her current was strong and growing every time I was with her I was lost in the waves of everything she had to offer I never expected to fall for her I wasn t even looking for [...]

  18. I can t even begin to write my review yet because my heart is sill pounding out of my chest but here are a couple of gif I found to make you see how I feel.Oh did they ever Until one day the first twist happens Yes I saw the first twist because from that twist it was a snow ball effect It just sucked you in Bringing in another twist, and then another and then the biggest twist of all I can t even begin to process it It was just BECAUSE THE BEST LOVE STORIES ARE THE ONES THAT FIGHT FOR IT

  19. Okay, so I actually finished this amazeballs book before release but the book hangover I was left with wouldn t let me write a decent review You make life, Aubrey, it doesn t make you I played the games I set the match I made the rules Fine by me, Dylan I knew right away that I wanted you to love me like that My heart 3 You re all I ever wanted but never knew I needed, No one said that love was easy She didn t falter Yeah But no one said it was going to be this hard either So this book stole my [...]

  20. 4 stars This book just undid meSo far, this is the best book in this series Before reading it, I had a feeling I was going to like this book a lot, and I wasnt disappointed DIt really messed with my feelings Im still not sure I like Aubery though, I dont know why, but she makes me angryBut I still LOVE it

  21. Really good book There s a lot of heartache and violence but you knew it was coming from reading Forbid Me.

  22. Just when I thought she couldn t get any better, M Robinson delivers with Undo Me, the third installment of the Good Ol Boys series The journey of Aubrey and Dylan had me smiling, crying, cheering, and frustrated as hell I loved every single page.

  23. I really have a problem with this author She claims to like sexwell, so do we all Unfortunately it s tainted in this book Must the women be so poorly treated every single fucking time A woman got beaten, check A woman got raped, you got it A woman sells her body, comming right up I mean ugh I didn t even know this was the same author of VIP and when I found out, I was like okkes sense Jeez This book sucksDon t know why so many 5 star reviews oh well must be me.

  24. THREE UNDONE STARS I struggled with this Boy, did I struggle.Within this series, I m really appreciative of the way they take us back to the specific individual s youth growing up Then it just all comes together with each chacters, filling in the blank spaces you never got from a different perspective.I was eager to see what had Aubrey changing the way she did Each time I read a part where she shut down, I d wonder if that was the punch line But then, to get to the big thing My heart went out to [...]

  25. The Good Ol Boys series is a standalone series that tells us the story of childhood friends, from their earliest moments together to current time Although the good ol boys each share a common bond of friendship, honor, and camaraderie each character and their tribulations through life are all completely unique Forbid Me left readers with a jaw dropping cliffhanger of sorts that led into Undo Me Dylan and Aubrey s story The reader can simply assume the plight behind that scene why was Dylan arres [...]

  26. I wanna just cut to the chase first Before my full review for this book I wanna make somethings clear why I gave 3 star to this one I absolutely read this in one sitting I couldn t keep my hands off of it My heart was beating so hard and my tears were falling all through the book BUT The first half of the book, I cried because of their strong feelings and what came between them yeah for that first bad thing happened but not last and my heart beating so fast like Im living with them and watching [...]

  27. 5 StarsHoly Rollercoaster RideTalk about an emotional rollercoaster ride of a lifetime I actually had to put this down right around the 50 55% mark because it just got to be so much for me And when a book can make me feel that hard, that says a lot You re going to undo me And I m going to let you We knew coming into this book, that Aubrey and Dylan s story was going to be a rough one There were many times I found myself laughing and smiling but I also found my heart being ripped out and torn to [...]

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