The Year We Fell Down

[PDF] Read ☆ The Year We Fell Down : by Sarina Bowen - The Year We Fell Down, The Year We Fell Down Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ASIN B J YNE The sport she loves is out of reach The boy she loves has someone else What now She expected to start Harkness College as a varsity ice hock
  • Title: The Year We Fell Down
  • Author: Sarina Bowen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ☆ The Year We Fell Down : by Sarina Bowen, The Year We Fell Down, Sarina Bowen, The Year We Fell Down Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ASIN B J YNE The sport she loves is out of reach The boy she loves has someone else What now She expected to start Harkness College as a varsity ice hockey player But a serious accident means that Corey Callahan will start school in a wheelchair instead Across the hall in the other handicapped accessible dorm room lives tLibrar [PDF] Read ☆ The Year We Fell Down : by Sarina Bowen - The Year We Fell Down, The Year We Fell Down Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ASIN B J YNE The sport she loves is out of reach The boy she loves has someone else What now She expected to start Harkness College as a varsity ice hock

  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Year We Fell Down : by Sarina Bowen
    281 Sarina Bowen
The Year We Fell Down

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  1. Sarina Bowen is the USA Today bestselling author of many things, including the True North series, Him Us and the WAGs series with Elle Kennedy, The Ivy Years series and the Brooklyn Bruisers And Are you looking for a friends to lovers story or maybe even a secret baby book You can read a list of Sarina s books broken out by trope and style.Need to know what s coming next Get all the latest news on Sarina s website, and sign up for her newsletter so you don t miss a book or a deal.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book It was so good, I thought about plagiarizing it, but then I thought, Nah Better not.

  2. 4.5 stars The sport she loves is out of reach The boy she loves has someone else.What now The Year We Fell Down is the first book in Sarina Bowen s The Ivy Years series It s also the first Sarina Bowen book I ve read After reading, I can say for certain I m a fan I absolutely adored this friends to lovers college romance Corey and Hartley were fantastic characters and their story touched me Corey Callahan s entire life changed after a hockey accident left her in a wheelchair This is not how she [...]

  3. Update May 2016This was the start of my love affair with Sarina Bowen s writing and series As you will see, it had a major impact on me with how our gal handled life and growth through adversity We read so much and some books are for pleasure, for introspection, for things we don t even know whyThis is a book to read for all of those things Do it and I promise you won t be sorry.May 15, 20154.5 NA Gold, Pause to Make You Think Stars 1 2Everyday we have moments it is up to us to pay attention We [...]

  4. 2.5 StarsMy problem with The Year We Fell Down is, I couldn t connect with the romantic aspect The characters are actually likeable and I have no problem with that, but the way the romance was delivered, it was kinda off I love friends to lovers tropes, unfortunately this one didn t get me Perhaps it s just me but I feel no chemistry between the two.The story centers around Corey Callahan, a college girl who became handicapped after an ice hockey accident She met the gorgeous ice hockey player A [...]

  5. RATING 4.5 Sweet HEARTS 3 DThe Year We Fell Down is a delightful friends to lovers romance, taking all of us on a journey full of laughter and heat without weighing us down with unnecessary drama and conflict The thing is, we re all fragile It s just that most of our friends are lucky enough not to know it yet Corey is a young woman who continually inspires throughout with her ability to handle herself both emotionally and physically despite being paralyzed from the knees down Though she has mom [...]

  6. 4.25 stars Everybody has their shit to shovel, Callahan Everybody Now, yours is right up front where everybody can see it I don t envy you that But everybody has some, whether you can see it or not After losing mobility in her legs after a tragic hockey accident college freshman Corey starts college in a wheel chair While she isn t completely paralyzed, she uses a wheel chair and has been taking physical therapy to slowly start walking again Corey and her roommate are placed across the hall from [...]

  7. 4.5 Uplifting Stars The sport she loves is out of reach The boy she loves has someone else.What now This was a very sweet friends to lovers read Very uplifting, very inspiring Callahan Corey is a hockey player It s in her blood It s her life, it s her love Until one day, it s not A tragic accident on the ice leaves her unable to feel her legs Corey is starting her freshman year of college, moving in to the wheelchair accessible dorms when she meets her neighbor Hartley Adam Corey and Adam bond o [...]

  8. 4.5 stars Why oh why did it take me so long to read this one The blurb alone has my name written on it I loved the heroine, loved the hero, loved their friendship, the banter, Harkness many things about this book worked for me After a devastating accident, Corey is starting her freshman year at Harkness in a wheelchair She was a varsity hockey player in high school but an accident during one of her games left her paraplegic During her first day at Harkness, she meets Adam Hartley, star player of [...]

  9. The Year We Fell Down was a unique story about two college students trying to navigate college life with their injuries For Adam his injury is just a temporary thing, but for Corey it s now her life and she has been trying to come to terms with the fact her life will always be different now.I did enjoy this book but I honestly liked Adam and Corey way better as just friends I didn t see any connection between them other than one of friendship and there wasn t enough of them together in a relatio [...]

  10. 4,5 Hell and damn stars from me This was a very beautiful and tender story It touched something deeply inside me and many times i thought that something get caught in my eyes This was a story about fighting and courage and braveryBecause you have to be brave to succeed to have this kind of life that had our heroes and especially, Corey Well, Corey Callahan several months ago had an accident on ice that stucked her in a wheelchair She used to be a hockey player and now, she is about to start a ne [...]

  11. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED I love New Adult romance but I also love books that have really unique storylines so when I first heard about this one and saw that it fell into both those categories, I knew I had to read it I never dreamed I d show up for college in a wheelchair The heroine of this story, Corey, expected to start college as a varsity hockey player but an unfortunate, life changing accident had her starting school in a wheelchair instead Determined not to let anything pull her down though [...]

  12. Spoilers Alert This book was very painful to read I could not enjoy this book as much as I wanted to, because the author left for too long at about 75% for the hero to realized how bid of a mistake he was making by sticking out with his girlfriend I waited and waited for him to WAKE UP ASSHOLE but I never got that sense from him showing the reader his true affections for his best friend heroineAt a very crucial points where heroes POV was to be expected to have some clarification of what was he [...]

  13. 4 4.5 Stars The sport she loves is out of reach The boy she loves has someone else.What now Corey Callahan is embarking on her first year of college after an accident leaves this former girl hockey player in a wheel chair Corey not only is gifted with a terrific dorm room but a wonderful roommate and across the hall is the guy s hockey team player Adam Hartley Corey is in lust Hartley has had surgery which has left him out for the season as well as maneuvering the campus on crutches he makes a f [...]

  14. 3 Grow A Pair Stars 8 D that s a symbol penis fyi Hartley, Hartley, Hartley, how would I describe you Oh yeah.Let me digress for a bit So this story is set in college Corey had a horrible accident leaving her partially paralyzed, and we start off by her moving to her wheelchair accessible dorm There, across the hall, she meets Hartley, a hockey hottie who injured his leg She is immediately enamoured with Hartley, but he is taken Taken by a rachety ass beotch that is named Stacia Stacia is off in [...]

  15. The thing is, we re all fragile It s just that most of our friends are lucky enough not to know it yet The Year We Fell Down is a unique friends to lovers new adult romance Corey Callahan, had planned on starting college as a part of the hockey team, but things don t go as planned An accident during her senior year of high school changes everything.Some people say that after a life threatening event, they learn to enjoy life That they stop taking everything for granted Sometimes I felt like pun [...]

  16. 4.5 Love Sarina Bowen Reads StarsI love Sarina Bowen I will admit, I am late to reading her books, but I m slowly making my way through them and the Ivy Years series is slowly becoming one of my favorite NA college series I m reading the books out of order, but I m making my way through them.The Year we Fell Down has mixed reviews and because of that I didn t want to read it I think the reviews are valid and truthful, but it didn t affect me like the way I thought it would I thought I would be f [...]

  17. I liked this one, but I ve read better from Sarina Bowen I m hopeful that the series continues to improve It was a little bland for me, but I saw potential there The narrators were good, especially the male narrator, but I thought the female narrator sounded a little old for new adult I still think that they did a very nice job, especially with the voices for other genders All in all, worth the money.

  18. 3 StarsOverall Opinion I ve had this in my tbr pile for a long time, and thought why not I m glad I read it, but I m also not going to be putting on my favorites shelf I understood many readers frustration with how long it took for them to get together, but all in all that really didn t bother me that much this time I think my biggest frustration was the lack of significant time with them as an official couple We waited a long time to get to this little bit that was mainly focused on family dram [...]

  19. 3.5 starsQuick and interesting read Still, Adam s story isah, unbelievable for me Corey is cool, though I don t know what else to say about this book it was an entertaining read Yes, it had its drama llama moments and some really weird relationships but I still enjoyed it This is definitely one of those rare occasions when I don t like the hero of the story I am getting a bit tired of the amount of unnecessary drama in NA books to be honest but I am still looking forward to reading the next book [...]

  20. This is such a sweet story It s a different type of sports romance where the sport of hockey is integral to the plot, and yet not a single game is played Corey has some insecurities as a result of being bound to a wheelchair, but she doesn t let her disability stop her from living a full life Her dry sense of humor and spunkiness make her quite endearing I wish I could say the same about Hartley He s a dreamy book boyfriend, and I admire a man who s faithful however, he s loyal to a fault He s s [...]

  21. I really need to start paying closer attention to hockey playersAnother fantastic series filled with good looking hockey players Cory has suffered a horrible accident that has left her a paraplegic, so when she starts college she is given a accessible room With quite an amazing roommate Dana, I needed to give that girl a huge shout out Anyways Across the hall is Adam Hartley The captain of the hockey team that just so happens to have broken his leg and also needs an accessible room, and also has [...]

  22. I m sticking to my 3.5 rating for the audiobook by Nick Podehl Saskia Maarleveld The hope fairy thing was slightly less annoying the second time around but still not my favorite However, I counted to find myself affected by these characters and their story so I m going to round up.Neither of these narrators were outstanding nor do they have a lot of range but they weren t atrocious.3.5The writing in this one isn t as polished as some of the others I ve read by Bowen and I admit the hope fairy bi [...]

  23. This was so very good New Adult college romance with some meat on it s bones This heroine is paralyzed and still dealing with the lifestyle change and paradigm shift her life has taken She becomes close friends with the guy across the hallway who also needs a handicapped accessible dorm room Yes, we kind of know how the story turns out because it s a romance But this story wasn t all hearts and flowers and magic taking away all the bad things in life It was truly a story about dealing with whate [...]

  24. Author pleaseeeeeeeee Need a novella after finishing this, because my heart isn t done with these two characters NEED MORE OF THEM PLEASE sobs and begs I am loving 2k16, another great book in the bag DThis book was a beautiful YA NAA must read, because the story is so unique and fresh and its just lovely how well the author has written the book, the characters and EVERYTHING.My only complaint is, it should have been longer, stretched out towards the end with MORE for us readers, but its cool I [...]

  25. Ever So Mela Bloglovin Google 2.5This could have been great It could have been perfect Heck it was probably gonna get at least 4 stars outta me until it hit that 50% or so Then it just sucked balls But I digress Let s start with the good.Corey At times it was really hard to read this because the main character goes through a lot and it s really difficult to read about her struggles And I mean that in a good way The author conveyed her difficulties perfectly but also showed her strength in spite [...]

  26. 3.5 Solid StarsI admit I read romance mainly because of the male protagonists I want to know their thoughts and feelings, their experiences and motivations hence my almost complete immersion into the wonderful world of M M for the last 3 years However, this is the rare moment where the female was actually the gem of the story and where the male sorta kinda drove me nuts in regards to his unbelievable denial and cluelessness Basically, Corey is handicapped A crazy incident on the ice has left her [...]

  27. I really enjoyed this book It was unique and well written I really loved the heroine Corey She was very strong and had a great personality I loved the relationship development between the characters and really liked the supporting characters as well I also like that this book really doesn t have a bad guy I really debated on what to rate this because I really don t like love triangles but I knew this book had one before going in Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I m so glad the author made [...]

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