The Clothes They Stood Up In

☆ The Clothes They Stood Up In Ù Alan Bennett - The Clothes They Stood Up In, The Clothes They Stood Up In The Ransomes had been burgled Robbed Mrs Ransome said Burgled Mr Ransome corrected Premises were burgled persons were robbed Mr Ransome was a solicitor by profession and thought words mattered Thoug
  • Title: The Clothes They Stood Up In
  • Author: Alan Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780375503061
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ The Clothes They Stood Up In Ù Alan Bennett, The Clothes They Stood Up In, Alan Bennett, The Clothes They Stood Up In The Ransomes had been burgled Robbed Mrs Ransome said Burgled Mr Ransome corrected Premises were burgled persons were robbed Mr Ransome was a solicitor by profession and thought words mattered Though burgled was the wrong word too Burglars select they pick they remove one item and ignore others There is a limit to what burglars can take they seldom taThe Ransomes had ☆ The Clothes They Stood Up In Ù Alan Bennett - The Clothes They Stood Up In, The Clothes They Stood Up In The Ransomes had been burgled Robbed Mrs Ransome said Burgled Mr Ransome corrected Premises were burgled persons were robbed Mr Ransome was a solicitor by profession and thought words mattered Thoug

  • ☆ The Clothes They Stood Up In Ù Alan Bennett
    385 Alan Bennett
The Clothes They Stood Up In

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  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Alan Bennett is an English author and Tony Award winning playwright Bennett s first stage play, Forty Years On, was produced in 1968 Many television, stage and radio plays followed, along with screenplays, short stories, novellas, a large body of non fictional prose and broadcasting, and many appearances as an actor Bennett s lugubrious yet expressive voice which still bears a slight Leeds accent and the sharp humour and evident humanity of his writing have made his readings of his own work especially his autobiographical writing very popular His readings of the Winnie the Pooh stories are also widely enjoyed.

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  1. Had I not seen a friend add this recently I might have missed this little gem Something about the cover and title drew me in, but when I saw its cute, compact size I couldn t resist This author is so funny Some parts I found downright hysterical, but the humor is so dry you could almost miss it And the characters, namely Mrs Ransome, were a hoot An English couple goes out to an opera one evening and comes home to find they ve been completely stripped of their belongings Everything As the mystery [...]

  2. I m fascinated by all of the deceit and lies that long term relationships often accumulate around them Not the big lies You know, I ve been having an affair for twenty years, darling but the little things that hardly matter, but we still try to keep hidden anyway I m also fascinated when both people know the other knows, but go on with the game anyway Perhaps some relationships end because there are not enough little lies Hard to tell.So, there was little question I would like this There is an h [...]

  3. 3.5Sono pochi gli autori che riescono a strapparmi facilmente una risata genuina e fra di essi sicuramente c Alan Bennett In questo racconto lungo, o romanzo breve che dir si voglia, Bennett ci presenta una situazione rocambolesca e paradossale, due anziani coniugi londinesi rientrando da una noisa serata passata e teatro scoprono di aver subito un furto in casa, ma stavolta i ladri non hanno portato via solo i beni preziosi, soldi e gioielli, ma si sono portati via tutto, compresi divani, foto, [...]

  4. 4.5 stars Mr and Mrs Ransome arrive home from the opera to find that everything they own, aside from the clothes on their back, has been stolen While Mr Ransome is irritated and angry, Mrs Ransome reacts unexpectedly To have the carpet almost literally pulled from under her should, she felt, induce salutary thoughts about the way she had lived her life was up to her to make of it what she could She would go to museums, she thought, art galleries, learn about the history of London there were clas [...]

  5. Un furto stravolge due viteIl primo capitolo con il suo humor inglese mi ha strappato pi di un sorriso Battute dette come verit ci sono gli esseri umani e ci sono gli avvocati il graffiare acido della personalit del signor Ransome controbilanciato dall acqua cheta che Bennet assegna alla sua dolce met , la signora Ransome.Purtroppo l estenuante elenco di descrizioni e la morale finale spiattellata in faccia senza un vero artificio narrativo annichiliscono la vena ironica e l originalit di questo [...]

  6. February 2012In this tiny, tiny book, Mr and Mrs Ransome return from the opera to find they ve beenbbed Burgled Sacked and pillaged is like it, since the burglars thieves Viking raiders, perhaps took everything furniture, clothing, jewelry, even as Mr Ransome learns a bit loo late the toilet paper Everything is insured, of course, and replacing their belongings won t be too much trouble But the Ransomes soon discover that replacing everything isn t as easy as losing it all.ough it s certainly [...]

  7. I picked this book up because I loved Alan Bennett s book The Uncommon Reader This is a charming British novella involving a bizarre robbery and a befuddled middle aged English couple It doesn t have the payoff that Uncommon Reader does, but it s still a pleasant read.

  8. Divertente, sottile, acuto e leggiadro Una coppia inglese ingessata e benestante si ritrova la casa nuda Dopo lo schock iniziale, la moglie intravede la possibilit di un nuovo inizio la suddetta signora Ransome una delizia

  9. La tua fine il mio inizioPer una curiosa coincidenza, dopo trent anni di matrimonio a due coniugi viene svaligiata la casa e i due rimangono privati di tutte le loro cose La casa deserta mette la coppia di fronte alla loro vita passata ma mentre lui non in grado di cogliere spunti per cambiare Siamo tutti esseri umani Io sono un avvocato , la moglie prende l incidente come una opportunit e scopre il piacere di trasgredire gli schemi in cui fino a quel momento era stata imbrigliata.Sottili le con [...]

  10. A Christmas read, in one day In fact I was listening to Bennett earlier in the day on Radio4 as I ironed The Lady in the Van He is a delightful writer, charming, funny and every word counts Here a middle aged, middle class couple come back from the opera to find everything in their house gone Not a normal burglary even the toilet roll holder has been taken Of course this sets off a chain of events that peels back the layers of the couple s marriage I was captivated mostly all through, an unusual [...]

  11. A delightful novella that I listened to read by the author which doesn t always mean it will be good but in this case it was perfect There is a lot packed into this tiny book I laughed out loud several times I am a sucker for the scatological I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy and yet, the story also made me think about bigger things How easy it is to get into a rut and not even see it, how quickly your possessions become your life if you let them What would you do if you didn t have [...]

  12. Recensione completa feliceconunlibro Leggere Alan Bennett esilarante come conversare con qualcuno che sa come farlo, qualcuno con una grossa capacit comunicativa, che racconta senza l intento di far ridere, e proprio per questo motivo scatena le risate del pubblico Quello che mi ha stupito di pi per l enorme quantit di spunti di riflessione presenti in questa breve storia.Il furto diventa metafora di rottura, cambiamento quell avvenimento che spezza improvvisamente la vita monotona e sempre ugua [...]

  13. Book blurb When the sedate Ransomes return from the opera to find their Notting Hill flat stripped absolutely bare down to the toilet paper off the roll, they face a dilemma Who are they without the things they ve spent a lifetime accumulating Suddenly the world is full of unlimited and frightening possibility.The physical book is a delight to hold so tiny that it could fit into your pocket it reminded me of books for little hands It is hard not to be drawn in by the premise of this story, and t [...]

  14. Aprire gli occhi e dispiegare i sensi solo ad un punto inoltrato della propria vita e iniziare infine a vedere e sentire, avere la consapevolezza di non poter pi recuperare il tempo perduto, deve essere agghiacciante, quasi da desiderare di poter tornare ad essere cieco

  15. Troppo inglese ma nel senso buono, esilarante come pochie composto come solo gli inglesi, quando ci si mettono, sanno essere

  16. This was an enjoyable, coming of age story, which was both touching and humorous simultaneously I would recommend it to a friend.

  17. Mr and Mrs Ransome have been robbed, no burgled, robbed happens to a person, burgled to a premise Of course this couldn t have been normal thieves, because they took everything Stove with dinner in it, to toilet paper Nothing is left and the Ransome s do not know what to do They spent their life accumulating stuff that never was really enjoyed or served much purpose, except for Mr Ransome s music equipment that he used to listen to Mozart, which his wife wasn t privy to due to the large headphon [...]

  18. It s a 4.5 really Bennett writes wonderful, interesting characters They are strange, almost caricature like people I can t describe, them perhaps a distilled middle class, childless couple in their fifties Mr and Mrs Ransome are the sort of people who have net curtains and lace table cloths The basic premise and main plot device of this book is fascinating to behold If YOU arrived home one day to find your home completely emptied, down to the bare floor boards how would you cope How would you fe [...]

  19. We gain a lot of our identity from the things we surround us with, especially the things in our homes If suddenly all our possessions are taken from us, what then This is what happens to the Ransoms, a middleage couple, who when arriving home from the opera discover that all they have is the clothes they wore that night everything in their appartment is gone.Mrs Ransom comes to view this as a chance for a new beginning she starts to feel that all the old stuff was holding her back Mr Ransom take [...]

  20. I picked up this book at the library based in it s diminutive size the cover art I wanted a quick, funny read it served that purpose But it was also It was clever, insightful, very readable at the same time Having never read Alan Bennett, I m so glad I picked up another of his The Uncommon Reader at the same time.

  21. Metti una sera a teatro E poiChe fai quando torni da una serata a teatro e trovi la casa vuota, completamente vuota Niente mobili, niente cucina, ma nemmeno l arrosto che avevi lasciato nel forno, la moquette, n la carta igienica e lo scopinetto del bagno Solo chi ha provato un furto in casa propria sa cosa si prova la rabbia per l intrusione nel proprio spazio privato, la sensazione che quella non sia pi la tua stessa casa di prima, il dolore per la perdita degli oggetti amati fonte di ricordi [...]

  22. Un bel gioco di coincidenze, con spietata analisi di coppia un po datata, la coppia Come un Barney in 16imo un ideuzza che non si ha avuto voglia di sviluppare per un romanzo.

  23. My mother gave me this book many years ago after she read it It might be a small book, but the story inside of it is far complex than you might think I enjoyed reading it near two decades ago I recently took it down from the shelf and decided to give it another read It might be the passage of years, but I took in the book a completely different way While I expect that from longer books I didn t expect it from this compact little book I enjoyed reading it just as much as I did the first time I w [...]

  24. I mean, this is just one liners galore But it s than that, it s a satisfying short story at the same time This is my first Alan Bennett book, but I adored it It was funny, gripping and just generally entertaining The story line was quirky a couple comes home to find that literally everything in their house has been stolen and while the writing style was almost cliche, it worked perfectly alongside Bennet s witticisms and humorous dialogue Easy to read, and plenty of fun too.

  25. Nelle rare occasioni in cui Mrs Ransome incontrava qualcuno e provava a descrivere la loro terribile esperienza, rimaneva sorpresa dal fatto che tutti avevano la loro storia di ladri da raccontare Nessuna vicenda le sembrava mai brutale e scioccante quanto la loro, che francamente avrebbe dovuto sbaragliare quei furtarelli poco eclatanti Ma non era questione di proporzioni gli amici sopportavano il suo racconto solo in quanto inevitabile preludio al loro.

  26. Ein ganz normales Ehepaar wird ausgeraubt Alles ist weg, sogar das Toilettenpapier Wie geht man mit dem Verlust der Vergangenheit und aller gewohnten Gegenst nde um Von der geringen Seitenzahl sollte man sich nicht t uschen lassen, vor dem Leser wird eine interessante Story ausgerollt Brillant und mit spitzer Feder l sst der Autor den pedantischen Mr Ransome und seine stille Gattin Mrs Ransome, mit ihren kleinen und gro en Geheimnissen zum Leben erwachen So grotesk das Ganze im ersten Moment wir [...]

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