The Justice Brothers Box Set

Ô The Justice Brothers Box Set ↠ Suzanne Halliday - The Justice Brothers Box Set, The Justice Brothers Box Set The Justice Brothers Box Set Three extraordinary men and the women who love them How much distance do you need from your past before the dust settles Broken Justice Cameron Justice was a throwaway kid
  • Title: The Justice Brothers Box Set
  • Author: Suzanne Halliday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Ô The Justice Brothers Box Set ↠ Suzanne Halliday, The Justice Brothers Box Set, Suzanne Halliday, The Justice Brothers Box Set The Justice Brothers Box Set Three extraordinary men and the women who love them How much distance do you need from your past before the dust settles Broken Justice Cameron Justice was a throwaway kid heading for trouble He found a sense of purpose on the battlefield in the Special Forces but will it be enough to wipe out his painful past Abused and neglected Lacey M Ô The Justice Brothers Box Set ↠ Suzanne Halliday - The Justice Brothers Box Set, The Justice Brothers Box Set The Justice Brothers Box Set Three extraordinary men and the women who love them How much distance do you need from your past before the dust settles Broken Justice Cameron Justice was a throwaway kid

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  • Ô The Justice Brothers Box Set ↠ Suzanne Halliday
    271 Suzanne Halliday
The Justice Brothers Box Set

About Author

  1. Suzanne Halliday writes what she knows and what she loves sexy adult contemporary romance with strong men and spirited women Her love of creating short stories for friends and family developed into a passion for writing romantic fiction with a sensual edge No longer wandering, she and her family dropped anchor in the middle of the desert southwest Most of the time you can find her in the kitchen, 80 s hair band music playing in the background, kids running in and out, laptop on with way too many screens open, something awesome in the oven, and a mug of hot tea clutched in one hand.Suzanne is the proud mother of USA Today Bestselling Author, Ella Fox.

One thought on “The Justice Brothers Box Set

  1. Absolutely magnificent How could I pass up the chance to buy three books for the price of one Suzanne Halliday has written three beautiful stories of struggle, pain desire and love.The Justice Brothers is three stories about three MAGNIFICENT men and the women who enter their lives and shake them up.Having left the Special Forces, the three men have joined together to form a company Justice Brothers Security.Book One BROKEN JUSTICEJason Cameron Cam , is a broken man His past has left him gunshy [...]

  2. The Justice Brothers Series a must read.This three book set tells the story of Cam, Draegyn, and Alex They are the three partners who own the Justice Security company Their bond was forged in Afghanistan and while not being related their bond is stronger than real brothers would be They survived the horrors of the war but came back broken in their own way The women who take on the task of loving these men and repairing their broken souls are Lacey, Victoria, and Meghan Each book is a stand alone [...]

  3. A Beautiful Roller Coaster Ride What an incredible box setThe emotional and beautiful rides that Cameron, Draegyn and Alexander take us on were worth the purchase.Love how the Justice Brothers always stuck up for each and when needed they gave each other that kick in the butt when one of them acted like an idiote women that came into their lives and turn it upside down those three women were just what the brothers needed to get out of that funk they were in for years.The turmoil and the aftermat [...]

  4. Talk about a change o f pace WOWHeart throb Three handsome, tough, honorable heroes Their stories so different in their search for happiness, yet they are tied at the heart by war trauma , closer than brothers, sharing honor, each needing to have their hearts unlocked, if they were to have a future life Of course it takes a very special gal to convince each they needed a change in their life,and each story meets the needs that particular hero is hungry for A triple hitter Thanks

  5. love all three here sAll three of these stories and the leading men are wonderful in their alpha ness , but especially in their frailty and human weakness The second story, featuring Drae, got to be too much I mean really How many times can one many pull the same BS and have his woman still take him back Come on Otherwise the three book set was very well written, and extremely engaging I m sure if you enjoy this genre, this will be high on your list.

  6. Just finished reading this box set Wow First books I have read by this author, an d now have plans to read Loved all the hot alpha males, even though they can be dumber than dirt The women that love them are something special I laughed, cried, and banged my iPad on the chair after some of the stupid things these brothers did But, it all worked out in the end Thank you Ms Halliday for a wonderful story Loved every minute of it

  7. Definitely A Must Read Oh boy am I happy I saw a post about the Justice Brothers box set on Facebook This is the first time I have read any of Suzanne s books and believe me it won t be the last either She is wonderful Who could not fall in love with the alpha male, Special Forces Justice Brothers I loved all three books but have to say Can and ponytail was my Favorite with Alex and Irish right up thereAbsolutely wonderful

  8. True love takes workEach of the men in these books have had a hard time War is he ll on everyone The ladies who fall for these men are what dreams are made of They fight for their men with everything they have and in everyway they can You will laugh and sigh and cry You will hate to read the last chapter because you know this will be over This is a trip that was so wonderful to follow I wish I could read it age for the first time

  9. Not for the faint at heart These books come out with strong language and sexual references from the very beginning Each book is about three Marine buddies who have a shared tragedy in Afghanistan and come home to start a business Of course, they are all kinds of jacked up, both from the war and their previous lives, so the women who encounter them are in for a hard ride Throw in some seriously fine dudes with arrogance to spare, and this makes for a nice few hours of reading.

  10. I love Justice BrosThey each have a special place in my heart Bright me to tears at some point but also made me laugh Some how I knew the Major would be the hardest to crack, his commanding officer ways even through civilian life gave it away He s the true epitome of the saying Once a soldier, always a soldier I also love how the 3 girls came in to make the Justice family even stronger

  11. Buckle Yourself InThere are three dramatic stories contained within these pages I doubt you can complete this book in a single day, but you could try The Justice brothers is about three Marines who have comeback from war and combat, and still struggle to survive A great read, and I enjoyed every page.

  12. Not a bad purchase for the box set Three brothers in arms who served in the military and then run a security firm afterwards and the women who end of changing their lives This was very raw from a sex standpoint good lord But it definitely made me want to check out what else this author has written.

  13. You rock Suzanne I love every single character in this amazing book The justice brothers are sexy ass men, wow I want one of them You picked the perfect woman for each of them, you have such an amazing writing talent Every emotion was displayed Funny as well, I laughed so hard at douche nozzle

  14. I found this boxed set on and decided to give it a go When first introduced to the all alpha force that was Alex, Cam and Drae I knew I would never be the same lol Omg this series is the SHIT I loved each story and their struggles Who wouldn t love Ponytail lol I love how much of a family they are and look forward to stories

  15. Couldn t put it downI loved this book, this my first S Holliday, and I was not disappointed I loved the realness of the book and it s content, I loved the way these alpha men yielded to their women The way it is highlighted how they were bothers in arm The love scenes were smoking hotd well played out.

  16. I loved these books, talk about hot heroes I have to admit however, that I found the final story a little on the irritating side which was disappointing, considering I had loved the first two Having said that, I read them one after the other and maybe if I had paced myself, I may have enjoyed the last story as much as the others

  17. Love me some JUSTICE BROTHERS I absolutely adored all three of these Justice Brothers stories Each one was different and unique with lots of emotions, back stories, steamy steamy sex, angst Each heroine was sassy and strong and really put their men in their places

  18. I loved this book It s very well written and the characters are very well developed I couldn t help but feel very connected to the characters I loved that I didn t have to wait to read the next book in this series.

  19. OMG what a series Three alpha males and three straight talking women Three HOT sexy ex soldiers coming to terms with life after war And three powerful women bringing them to their knees This is a MUST read Loved it from start to finish.

  20. Oh God what great stories, I loved all the three it was great that they got their happy Ever After After going through so much Three Bad Ass guys taken down by three Bad Ass Women 5 Stars I can t wait to read the next book.

  21. I completely loved this sete brothers mm sooo hotteir wives are so amazing and strong the challenges and lovee issues and heartache.but how they overcame it all loved it so much

  22. Just awesomeThis was a box set and it was simply awesome, each book left me eager to read the next Now I see there is another in the Justice family and I m gonna read it now I hope Ms Halliday continues on with this incredible series

  23. I 3 the justice brothersI really enjoyed all 3 stories The author does great job writing about these Sexy Alphas and the cheeky women who love them.While they could have used a bit drama, they were mostly a push pull drama, they were each sweeter then the next

  24. What a great series Each of the brothers have their demons, but they stick together and eventually earn their Happily Ever After I d happily recommend this series

  25. The reviews have been great on these books, and I was really hoping to like them I just couldn t get into the characters or the author s writing style Just didn t work for me.

  26. amazing series Loved the Justice Brothers Hot alpha males with a soft side for the women they love Can t wait to read from this author

  27. I really liked the characters in this book I really felt like the story didn t have enough dialogue and way to much detail.

  28. Great trilogy Loved all three books Loved the romance and the conflict will all of the characters Would read it again and again.

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