The Moon Said No

↠ The Moon Said No × Casey Renee Kiser - The Moon Said No, The Moon Said No Casey s bold blunt and quirky poems in this collection will get under your skin and scratch their way out Her unflinching honesty permeates Visit the dark side of relationships with spitfire simplici
  • Title: The Moon Said No
  • Author: Casey Renee Kiser
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback

↠ The Moon Said No × Casey Renee Kiser, The Moon Said No, Casey Renee Kiser, The Moon Said No Casey s bold blunt and quirky poems in this collection will get under your skin and scratch their way out Her unflinching honesty permeates Visit the dark side of relationships with spitfire simplicity This is NOT a children s book ↠ The Moon Said No × Casey Renee Kiser - The Moon Said No, The Moon Said No Casey s bold blunt and quirky poems in this collection will get under your skin and scratch their way out Her unflinching honesty permeates Visit the dark side of relationships with spitfire simplici
  • ↠ The Moon Said No × Casey Renee Kiser
    358 Casey Renee Kiser
The Moon Said No

About Author

  1. Casey s work strives to expose the distorted mainstream ideas of beauty, while bringing quirkiness to the daring truth of self reflection With dark, abrupt and often unsettling humor, she writes about identity, relationships, depression, mental illness and the human condition Her recent work is full of undertones struggling to overcome the trauma, self loathing, and confusion of parental narcissistic abuse.

One thought on “The Moon Said No

  1. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this book When you think of poetry, you probably automatically think of rhyming or the way it all flows together Well that s not all poetry is Anything can be poetry if you want it to be And Casey takes poetry to a whole new level Sometimes it rhymes, sometimes it doesn t Sometimes it flows, sometimes it doesn t And all of it is great Every poem is like a story it tells you enough to get the idea but then it leaves the rest to your imagination and I lov [...]

  2. In accordance to FTC guidelines, I must state that I received a free copy of this book through the First Reads giveaway program The Moon Said No is a poetry chapbook full of interesting poems and simple, yet beautiful artwork I enjoyed reading the poems, and looking at the art My favorite poem in this book is Mother, May I.

  3. This is the second poetry collection I have read by Casey Renee Kiser This collection was a bit shorter than the last one I read, but it was just as strong, enjoyable and deliciously dark as the first book I read I love the courage that this poet has and her ability to express things that many of us probably feel but hesitate to say aloud A few of my favorite poems from this collection include Mother, May I , People I See Sometimes , Beautiful Life and They I think I related especially to some o [...]

  4. great read i honestly thought i was in the same situation the poem was being based on not to mention word choices will get under your skin

  5. Let me preface this by admitting that I very rarely read works of poetry or seek such writing out.I found this collection to be abrupt and in your face, not pretty poetry And I liked that I was off put by the use of profanity I was not expecting it and personally, I found it out of place at first I came to accept that it conveyed what Kiser meant to say and that it was simply not my style I sometimes felt uncomfortable with the rawness of the words, as though I was witnessing something I shouldn [...]

  6. I received this book from LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review I was really excited when I won this book It is the fourth book of poems I have read by Kiser and I could not wait to consume .The poems were wonderful as I expected they would be The simplicity tied in with unique voice of Kiser makes for a very enjoyable read The chapbook includes 18 poems, which were all well done, but there was something missing from this book that made me pause While all the poems are good, they didn t [...]

  7. The Moon Said No Casey said So She continues to deliver words like arrows from a quiver that never quits Direct To the point Hard Unforgiving If you ever wonder what someone is telling you, whether it s true or deceitful or conniving, you can relax with Casey s words they tell it like it is Two favorites are Mother, May I Who hasn t had a memorable negative experience with their mother The other People I See Sometimes We all wonder about those we see around us Winners Losers Good together Just p [...]

  8. So I don t always do a lot of reviews, but I won this book as part of a First Reads giveaway, so a review is sort of expected.The vulgarity threw me off a bit, which is partly why I didn t give this book a very high rating Strong language can be powerful, but it s used multiple times in this chapbook, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth I did like some of the poems the author has a good sense of rhythm and rhyme, as well as a raw honesty which shines through the poetry.I first read about this b [...]

  9. The Moon Said no is a brave, enjoyable collection of poems and artwork by Casey Renee Kiser Smirk is what I carried away with me but there are 17 other truly delightful and sometimes unforgiving tell it like it is poetry waiting for you here I was grateful to not have to fuss over the fussy and fight through prose none of that superficial stuff is here pick it up and be pleased, friends I received this book from First Reads Thank you, Casey

  10. I really wasn t sure about this book It kinda grows on you I have read it twice in the last twenty four hours and it still is an enigma A really different, quirky enigma Short, and definitely NOT sweet and to the point I like it and I can identify with it I don t know if that s good or bad but I like it

  11. I won this book from The poems in this book are dark and at times depressing They do address issues such as abuse, mental health, and loneliness the writing on some of the poems threw me off while reading them There was only one poem, I Beg You , that I could actually relate to This type of poetry is definitely not my style.

  12. I won this in a giveaway thank you so much I actually really enjoyed it It was the name The moon said no that initially appealed to me, I love it My favourite poem in this collection would have to be Ladylike Skills , that was fantastic, very relatable.

  13. I won this book as part of Giveaways.Very short chapbook of poems They kind of threw me off with the words used in the poems A lot different than the other poetry I ve read unique I m not a huge poetry person but this book was decent

  14. Each poem was blunt and quirky and interesting, but none really stood out Casey Renee Kiser has been through tough times, and she shows that in these poems Each poem was like a tiny glimpse into her life.

  15. A very, very short collection of gritty, hard edged poems expressing the pain, frustration, and misunderstanding of eating disorders and bi polar disorders.

  16. I received this book as part of a giveaway.These poems were bold, unapologetic and emotional.Great to read aloud.

  17. Words murder melike gangster mornings.They just shoot out of my mouthand end me The poetry is quick and uncomplicated.

  18. The Moon Said No by Casey Renee KiserReview written by Diana Iozzia The Moon Said No is a collection of poems that depict depression, sex, suicidal themes, self harm, and alcohol consumption These poems are not for the faint of heart, and to be honest, maybe I am a part of the group of those who do not enjoy these poems They are very raw and sharp, very sassy and sad Some are angry and scary I like happy poems These are not happy poems Some of them are lighter, but they are not light enough for [...]

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