The Shooting Gallery

à The Shooting Gallery ✓ Yūko Tsushima Geraldine Harcourt - The Shooting Gallery, The Shooting Gallery Eight stories by one of Japan s most important women authors concern the struggles of women in a repressive society An unwed mother introduces her children to their father A woman confronts the other
  • Title: The Shooting Gallery
  • Author: Yūko Tsushima Geraldine Harcourt
  • ISBN: 9780811213561
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

à The Shooting Gallery ✓ Yūko Tsushima Geraldine Harcourt, The Shooting Gallery, Yūko Tsushima Geraldine Harcourt, The Shooting Gallery Eight stories by one of Japan s most important women authors concern the struggles of women in a repressive society An unwed mother introduces her children to their father A woman confronts the other woman A young single mother resents her children These stories touch on universal themes of passion and jealousy motherhood s joys and sorrows and the tuEight stories by one of à The Shooting Gallery ✓ Yūko Tsushima Geraldine Harcourt - The Shooting Gallery, The Shooting Gallery Eight stories by one of Japan s most important women authors concern the struggles of women in a repressive society An unwed mother introduces her children to their father A woman confronts the other

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  • Ã The Shooting Gallery ✓ Yūko Tsushima Geraldine Harcourt
    262 Yūko Tsushima Geraldine Harcourt
The Shooting Gallery

About Author

  1. Y ko Tsushima is the pen name of Satoko Tsushima, a contemporary Japanese fiction writer, essayist and critic She is the daughter of famed novelist Osamu Dazai, who died when she was one year old She is considered one of the most important Japanese writers of her generation The New York Times.She has won many major literary prizes, including the Kawabata for The Silent Traders, one of the stories in The Shooting Gallery, and the Tanizaki for Mountain of Fire Her early fiction, from which The Shooting Gallery is drawn, was largely based on her experience as a single mother.Her multilayered narrative techniques have increasingly taken inspiration from the Ainu oral epics yukar and the tales of premodern Japan When invited to teach Japanese literature to graduate students in Paris, she taught the yukar, and her seminar led to the publication of Tombent, tombent les gouttes d argent Chants du peuple a nou 1996 , the first French edition of the epic poems.Tsushima is active in networks such as the Japan India Writers Caravans and dialogues with Korean and Chinese writers Recent novels have been set in Taiwan during Japanese colonial rule, among the Kyrgyz, in medieval Nara, and in post 3 11 Tokyo Her work has been translated into a dozen languages.

One thought on “The Shooting Gallery

  1. Quiet, reflective, sad She could no longer bring herself to apologise She was convinced that the chance she d missed had been her very last, and once she d convinced herself, that was what, in effect, it became.

  2. The Shooting Gallery is a collection of eight short stories about modern women and the difficulties they experience in the face of divorce or family pressures Tsushima Y ko portrays single mothers and separated women with a generous sympathy.The eight stories display a diversity of approaches that are hard to categorize into a single style They are mostly about the aftermaths of a divorce and they reveal a writer concerned with gender disparities and a woman s search for freedom Tsushima s femal [...]

  3. Everybody is sad, single, and raising children that were the result of an affair But overall a breezy and ethereal read I would recommend.

  4. Tsushima has a clear eye for detail and psychology, particularly concerning women and children her mostly female protagonists, and their interrelationships mother and daughter, daughter and child are reflective, thought provoking and insightful However, her portrayals of male characters are rather two dimensional perhaps this is because of the female perspective, but it s disheartening to see them interested in nothing than sex, devising excuses for their own eccentricities and foibles, and bla [...]

  5. Well written accounts about the daily lives and Japanese women, many of whom are single parents with children because of death of husbands or divorce I decided against the use of stories , as in most instances little plot is involved Slices of lives would be a better description I never really felt all that involved in the goings on, but kept reading, as the scenes were described differently than is customary in Western prose.

  6. I m a fan of Japanese literature, and was rather disturbed to find that this collection left me cold A reviewer called Tsushima the leading Japanese woman writer today, and I was enthused about venturing into her world But her world was disjointed, unconvincing and not at all compelling to me I m not sure if this is a cultural issue I like lots of Japanese authors, so I doubt it or something else Should I try other works by Tsushima, I wonder

  7. I enjoyed the last two stories much than the earlier ones in this book by the daughter of author Osamu Dazai It s interesting to remember that Tsushima s father committed suicide when reading the last story in particular, but I was glad not to have known Dazai was her father until after I read the story.

  8. Very bleak set of short stories about women suffering in Japan Some of the stories were better than others but came across as pretentious and didactic.

  9. I thought the first story was really well written, but when after reading several of them, the themes main characters seemed a bit repetitive.

  10. really kind of great stories, each as far as i remember about japanese women i like the way she writes at least in translation.

  11. Could not get into this I finished a couple of the stories, but ended up skipping skimming the majority of them.

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